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    7 tools and apps to gain followers on Twitter

    Gaining followers on Twitter takes dedication. To get attention on the social network, you need to post frequently, stay on top of the hot topics and interact with other users.

    To help you reach new followers, we've put together 7 tools that will make all the difference. There are options that display metrics with data from your profile, the best hashtags to use, who to follow, and more.


    7 tools and apps to gain followers on Twitter

    Crowdfire is a social media manager that goes beyond the traditional services of scheduling posts and analyzing data about your account. The program also helps you plan the contents of your tweets.

    Articles on the internet are curated based on your interests, and you can filter by sites, relevant topics and even images. There is also an indication of custom hashtags. With all these tips, it will be easier to reach your target audience.

    • Crowdfire (offers free and paid plans): Android | iOS | Web | Chrome

    Twitter Analytics

    7 tools and apps to gain followers on Twitter

    Twitter Analytics is an official social network data analysis tool. The service helps you understand the type of content that works or doesn't work with your audience, with insights into views (impressions) and engagement.

    The site shows featured tweets, replies to posts and helps those who want to make paid publications. You can also check how many new and lost followers and views your profile has had in the last month.

    7 tools and apps to gain followers on Twitter

    One of the key factors to succeeding on your Twitter account is interacting with other users. Thus, it manages to increase profile visibility, which can result in new followers. shows you the best conversations/threads on the social network for you to join. Just type in the hashtag and, through the website itself, decide if you want to reply, share, save or RT.


    7 tools and apps to gain followers on Twitter

    Tweepi uses artificial intelligence for those who want to manage their Twitter profiles without wasting too much time. The algorithm indicates the best users to follow and also those you can unfollow.

    The system also suggests tweets to reply to, like or retweet, as well as the trending hashtags most relevant to you. It is also possible to monitor competitors and add new people through Bio description or words used in posts.


    7 tools and apps to gain followers on Twitter

    RiteTag lets you see important hashtags and filter by those with the potential to get your profile featured. You can check the number of unique tweets published, the reach and the number of retweets in an hour related to each tag.

    The user can see the percentage of posts using the hashtag with links, images and profile tags. The service even suggests hashtags that can accompany the main one to try to boost your post even more.

    • RiteTag (free, but offers other paid services) : Web


    7 tools and apps to gain followers on Twitter

    Twitonomy is a data analysis tool that gathers information regarding your behavior on Twitter. There are statistics on average daily tweets, number of retweets, mentions and replies, as well as publications added as favorites.

    It is also possible to know who you interact with the most, the most used hashtags and what your tweets were with the most responses. Also discover the users you follow but don't follow back and vice versa, and check the times you post frequently.

    • Twitonomy (free, but some features are only available in the paid version): Android | iOS | web

    Mention folder

    7 tools and apps to gain followers on Twitter

    Mentionmapp is a free tool that collects data from your last 200 tweets. The information is displayed on a dynamic map, with the most used hashtags and the people you interacted with the most.

    By clicking on any profile, you can also see its map. In addition, it is possible to check user suggestions to follow according to a certain tag, always presenting a graphically modern and bold look.

    Tips for gaining followers on Twitter

    7 tools and apps to gain followers on Twitter
    Playback / Twitter

    Twitter itself reveals that a few simple actions can make all the difference to reach your audience and increase the number of followers organically. Check out some.

    • Create tweets periodically. If you prefer, organize your posts with the help of a calendar and a publication scheduling tool, such as Crowdfire;
    • Keep up with the trending hashtags and don't abuse the use of this feature. Use a maximum of 2 hashtags per tweet.
    • Be concise: you don't have to use the 280 characters available. Try to keep only one message per tweet and, if you want to complement, create a thread. On Twitter, less can be more;
    • Share photos, video and GIFs: according to the social network itself, 97% of its users focus on visual resources;
    • Always interact. Reply and share tweets, quote other users and make comments;
    • Participate in open threads that have to do with your profile. You can use services like

    Buy followers

    By doing a simple search to gain followers, we can easily find several services that promise thousands at once. Just pay. In the vast majority of cases, the profiles that follow them are fake.

    What does that mean? That the number of followers will really grow, but these supposed users will not interact with your content.

    Low engagement will cause your posts to be considered less relevant by the algorithms and will stop reaching potential new followers. Also, if the practice is discovered, your profile is likely to be banned from Twitter.


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