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    7 best apps that change hair color in real time

    An app that changes hair color can be useful both to have fun and prank your friends and to help you decide which shade to dye. These apps let you try out a new look before heading to the salon, often realistically. Thus, there is less risk of regret later.

    1. Hair Color

    7 best apps that change hair color in real time

    Hair Color offers different coloring styles such as ombré, sombre, grown out or all over hair. When opening the app, the user is faced with the image from the camera, but it is also possible to use a photo from the cell phone. Just select the colors at the bottom of the screen.

    There are bold options, such as different shades of green, purple, blue, and the most common ones, such as blonde, brunette and red. The app also allows you to split the screen to compare visuals in real time. Although not intuitive, just tap the screen to take a photo or tap and hold to record video.

    • Hair color (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    2. Fabby Look

    Discover what you'd look like with a new hair color in real time

    Fabby Look is an experimental app by Google created specifically to change hair color virtually. The application of the tone happens in real time. Just tap on the hue and see the hour transformation. There are classic options, such as blonde, red, brown and gray, to less conventional ones, such as blue, pink, orange, etc.

    If you like the result, you can take a picture, on the shutter in the center of the screen, and easily share it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, among others. The program does not have complex functionalities, but it also does not have customization or editing features.

    • Fabby look (free): Android | iOS

    3. Instagram

    7 best apps that change hair color in real time

    Instagram is not a specific app for changing hair color, but it has several filters that allow you to apply new tones in real time. To do this, just access Stories, scroll the effects bar from right to left, until the end. Then you will see the option search effects, which you should tap.

    On the screen that appears, go to the magnifying glass icon, located at the top of the screen on the right. In the search field, type terms such as colored hair or hair color and you will see several filter options that offer the functionality.

    Tap on the dee you like and then tap To experiment. You will be taken to the Stories publishing screen, where you can take photos and record videos, just like any other filter.

    The guide Hidden filters and effects in Instagram Stories: here's how to find them explains step by step in detail.

    • Instagram (free): Android | iOS

    4. Hairfit

    K-POP Hairstyle simulator

    Hairfit is inspired by the hair of artists from the South Korean K-Pop music genre. The app allows you to upload a photo from the Gallery or take it right away. First, the user must select a haircut and then go to dyeing to change the tone.

    There are dozens of color options available, including trendy ones like lilac, pink, purple, and green. Both hairstyle and color can be adjusted to look as natural as possible.

    • hairfit (free): Android

    5. YouCam Makeup

    7 best apps that change hair color in real time

    Despite focusing on makeup effects, YouCam Makeup has an advanced feature to change hair color in real time. The user can try on styles with two colors, match their actual tone, or apply just one shade.

    You can adjust the intensity, brightness and coverage of the color or how much to blend it with its original tone. If you like the result, the app not only allows you to take a photo, but also record video with the filter.

    • YouCam Makeup (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    6. Hair Color Dye

    7 best apps that change hair color in real time

    Hair Color Dye allows you to take a photo on the spot or use one available in the Library. Then, the user must select, in the image, the hair area and then tap on the tone he wants to apply. It is possible to choose a color to paint everything and add others in just a few strands.

    If you want, you can even create your own color, through the option Add Color. The result can be saved on mobile or shared in other apps.

    • Hair Color Dye (free, with in-app purchases): iOS

    7. Hair Color Changer

    7 best apps that change hair color in real time

    Hair Color Changer has a proposal very similar to Hair Color Dye for Android. The app allows you to use photos from the Gallery or take them on the spot. Then, just tap on the desired color and apply it over the hair area with your finger. It is possible to apply several tones in the same image and even color other items in the photo.

    Also, the user can change the color intensity, making the effect more realistic. The application offers options for sharing the result on social networks or saving it on the device. You might make a request to give it five stars. It is not necessary to do this to access the resource.

    • Hair Color Changer (free): Android


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