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    6 days counter apps so you don't miss any events

    Having a day counter app is great for knowing how much time is left for the new year or counting down to important dates like Christmas. These apps are also a good alternative for calculating dating time or counting how much time is left until your vacation.

    To help you not forget anything and better organize your time, has separated the 6 best options of day counters for your mobile.

    1. Counter+

    6 days counter apps so you don't miss any events

    With a simple yet modern interface, Counter+ is an easy-to-use counter. The tool is not specific for counting days, but for adding up whatever you want.

    For example, do you want to know how many days you went to the gym in the month? Whenever it is, open the app, tap on the icon + and it will record the information automatically. The same goes for the days you worked from home office or the times you found your crush.

    The app allows you to enter multiple counts simultaneously. To access them all, just drag the screen to the side or check a table that gathers your multiple counters.

    The app available for Android is from a different developer than the one for iOS. However, the two are quite similar.

    • Counter+ (free): Android | iOS

    2. Data Calculator

    6 days counter apps so you don't miss any events

    The Date Calculator allows you to calculate the range between two specific dates. It is possible to know the result in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and even seconds.

    Another function available is the calculation of days worked. The account is made from the date you started at the company, excluding the days of the week when you did not work.

    The application also offers a working days calculator and is able to give accurate information about a specific date. Want to know which week of the year or day of the quarter did your wedding fall? The program reports accurately.

    • data calculator (free, with in-app purchase options): Android | iOS

    3. Simple Day Counter

    6 days counter apps so you don't miss any events

    Easy to use, Simple Day Counter allows you to check how committed you are to your resolutions, as well as countdown so you don't miss birthdays. Just give the event a name, enter the date and time of the event and let the app work.

    In addition, the program has widgets that can be displayed on the home or lock screen. So you can be reminded about events, important happenings, countdowns and much more. Shortcuts can be customized by choosing background and text color.

    • Simple Day Counter (free): Android

    4. Days Counter

    6 days counter apps so you don't miss any events

    The Days Counter helps you always keep in sight births, birthdays, meetings, among many other daily events. In addition to the countdown feature, it offers time counting after an important event, like your graduation, for example.

    All data can be saved to the cloud thanks to synchronization with your Google account. You can also share special events with your friends. With an intuitive interface, it's easy to find information about a particular day directly on your home screen.

    • Days Counter (free): Android

    5. Days Counter - CloudDroid

    6 days counter apps so you don't miss any events

    Light and attractive, Days Counter keeps a record with all the main events of your life. This goes for counting the days left for your appointment or the days after an important event.

    With the app, the goal is not to miss any more birthdays, parties or days to keep in memory. All entries in the application are highly customizable, with the possibility of choosing your own images or selecting from the dozens of backgrounds available.

    For the home screen, you can create a widget that will show you the most important events every day!

    • Days Counter - CloudDroid (free): Android

    6. Sober Time

    6 days counter apps so you don't miss any events

    Sober Time's proposal is to help people with addiction problems. The app counts how much time someone has spent away from additives like alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

    Very important for those who want to have control over their sober time, the app counts much more than hours and days. It also offers motivational messages, which can make all the difference to anyone struggling with addiction.

    The program also allows you to estimate the amount saved with sobriety. Other interesting details include including objectives and achievements, displaying statistics and sharing your results with friends.

    With a very active community, at Sober Time you can keep track of your success in fighting any kind of addiction, from drug use to nail biting. It is worth knowing and recommending to those who need it.

    • Sober Time (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS


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