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    6 weather apps to not be blindsided by the weather

    Who has never been caught off guard by the weather when leaving home without an umbrella? Or thought it would be cold and caught the biggest sun? For these and others, having a good weather forecast app is important to avoid unforeseen events. After all, the weather is there to help us.

    1. AccuWeather

    AccuWeather is one of the most accurate forecasting apps on the market. Superior accuracy technology provides real-time weather information, but you can also check forecasts for the day or the next two weeks.

    The app alerts you to storms and sudden changes in weather, as well as gathers data on wind, humidity and wind chill.

    • AccuWeather (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    2. Weather

    With Climatempo it is possible to check the weather conditions in real time, in addition to having information by the hour, daily or for the next day. To stay well informed, the user can check weather-related news and stay on top of what's happening in the world.

    The app has a widget, which guarantees access to the data most important to you directly from the home or lock screen. That is, it is not even necessary to open the program to know the forecast of the day of your city, for example.

    The service gathers information on wind speed, visibility, atmospheric pressure, sunrise and sunset times, air humidity, among others. There is also a section dedicated to climatic factors that can interfere with users' health.

    • Weather (free): Android | iOS

    3. Yahoo Tempo

    One of the most used apps when it comes to weather, Yahoo Weather has an intuitive and pleasant design. The service has photos that adjust to the location, time and weather conditions.

    The information is presented in detailed reports, with an overview of the weather for up to the next 10 days. On an interactive map, the user can find out about temperatures in different locations, as well as wind direction and speed.

    Weather alerts help you better plan your day, as do animations, which provide data on sunrise and sunset and atmospheric pressure. The incidence of ultraviolet (UV) rays and the relative humidity rate are also available.

    • Yahoo Time (free): Android | iOS

    4. Weather & Radar

    With an instantaneous weather forecast, with Clima & Radar you can prevent yourself for the temperatures of the next 24 hours or for the next 14 days. It is still possible to check wind speed, visibility, probability of rain, among many information.

    This app can be your greatest companion if you are going to travel to the beach. In addition to the weather conditions, the program informs the water temperature, wave height, thermal sensation and incidence of UV rays.

    • Weather & Radar (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    5. Weather our country

    Weather our country offers realistic animations that help to visualize climate changes in a dynamic and intuitive way. You can find out about the weather up to 10 days in advance.

    The detailed report includes information on rain, wind, ultraviolet ray rates, atmospheric pressure, among others. If you want to access the data without opening the app, you can choose to use its widget on the home screen of your phone or tablet.

    • time our country (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    6. Weather Forecast

    With the Weather Forecast app, you have real-time information about the weather from virtually anywhere in the world. From Rio de Janeiro to London, from New York to Tokyo, you stay tuned for the smallest changes and prepare for a day without any unforeseen events.

    In addition to temperature data, it displays information in a complete report. You can know atmospheric pressure, visibility, air humidity, rain at different points on interactive maps and much more.

    In the widget there is information updated all the time, being possible to check the weather for the next days or weeks.

    • Weather forecast (free): Android


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