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    6 Best Sites to Merge PDF Online and Merge Files for Free

    Joining PDF files natively is not possible in the main readers of the extension. Because it was designed to be compatible with different systems, the format creates closed documents with few or no editing options.

    Although there is more flexibility these days, merging two or more PDFs into one is allowed through a few tricks. To help you, brings together six sites that combine PDF online and for free.

    1. I Love PDF

    6 Best Sites to Merge PDF Online and Merge Files for Free

    One of the most popular format conversion sites, I Love PDF lets you merge and merge files and put them in the order you prefer. You can use documents present on your computer or mobile phone or in Google Drive or Dropbox accounts.

    If you want to use files from the device, click Select PDF files. If you prefer a document hosted in the cloud, go to the service icon and login.

    After adding the first one, just go to the icon of +, in the right corner of the screen, to include the following ones (which can be from different sources, inclusive). To change the order, just drag thumbnails and position them however you like. Or click on the symbol AZ ou ZA to sort them in alphabetical order.

    End the process on the button merge PDF and then in Download the combined PDF. It is also saving to Drive or Dropbox or generating a link or QR code for third parties to download.

    2. Small PDF

    6 Best Sites to Merge PDF Online and Merge Files for Free

    Small PDF's usage and layout is very reminiscent of I Love PDF. The free and online service ensures that documents present on the device or saved in Google Drive or Dropbox are added.

    If after including the first ones, you want to insert more files, just click on add more. The display order in the new document can also be changed by dragging the thumbnails to your preference.

    But not only that. The service is able to display each item individually, rotate or delete it if you give up using it. Once the adjustments are complete, go to the button Merge PDF!. On the next page, the user can download, on the down arrow icon. It can also send by email or generate a sharing link, valid for 14 days.

    In addition, you can save to cloud hosting services, edit the PDF or even reduce its size. According to Small PDF, your documents are permanently deleted from the server within one hour.

    3. Combine PDF (PDF Joiner)

    6 Best Sites to Merge PDF Online and Merge Files for Free

    Another online platform that allows you to join different PDF files, Combine PDF (or PDF Joiner, in English version) is very simple to use. After accessing the site, make sure the tab is selected Merge PDF.

    So go to the button Send to add the documents you want to gather. If you want to change the order in which they appear, drag the thumbnails to order them. Then just end up with Link.

    Then choose where you want to save the document and wait for the download to finish.

    4. Soda PDF

    6 Best Sites to Merge PDF Online and Merge Files for Free

    Soda PDF is another popular free online format converter. Users can choose files present on PC or mobile or hosted on Drive and Dropbox.

    If you want to include more items, just click on the icon of +, in the right side. It also supports changing the display order of PDFs in the new document by dragging thumbnails. Then just confirm merge.

    The service offers two ways to save the document: downloading it through the browser or sending it to your email.

    5. HiPDF

    6 Best Sites to Merge PDF Online and Merge Files for Free

    HiPDF may not be the most popular tool, but it is undoubtedly one of the most complete. In addition to using files from the device, it makes it possible to use those hosted on Drive, Dropbox, Box and One Box.

    If, by any chance, you want to include more documents, just go to Add File or click on the icon of the cloud storage services you want. As with the others, the user can arrange the order in which each PDF will appear in the new document by dragging it.

    Finish by clicking Put together. To download for PC or mobile, go to the button Download. If you prefer to save in the cloud, click on the icon corresponding to the service you are using and log in, if you have not already done so.

    6. Clever PDF

    6 Best Sites to Merge PDF Online and Merge Files for Free

    Best free and online text editors

    Clever PDF works similarly to the other services on this list. The tool allows you to merge PDFs present on the device or located in Drive or Dropbox. You can also adjust the display order by dragging the file thumbnails to your preference.

    To join them, just click on start processing. Once the process is complete, save the new document to your mobile phone or PC or to cloud storage services.

    What is PDF?

    PDF is a file format called Portable Document Format. It was launched in 1992 by Adobe with the differential of sharing content securely.

    Initially, documents saved in this format could not be changed. Currently, they are editable, but only those that are not password protected. Among the changes allowed are highlighting parts of the text, creating notes, including content, among other options.

    Another advantage is the ability to open documents on any operating system, without configuring the content. Saved images also do not lose quality or change.

    According to Adobe, PDF documents support links, buttons, form fields, audio, video, and digital signatures.

    Among the most popular readers of the format are Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, PDFelement, Foxit Reader and SlimPDF Reader.


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