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    6 apps that will help with makeup!

    We all already know that good makeup requires much more, in number of products and steps, than the final result can demonstrate. To help with this step by step, simulate a result, test different styles in a practical way or even just give that “up” to a photo, check out 6 makeup apps.

    1. YouCam Makeup: Beauty Diary

    6 apps that will help with makeup!

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    An app to closely monitor the health and beauty of your face, YouCam Makeup allows you to test makeups in augmented reality and 3D in real time with the feature of Virtual Makeup. The tool provides the user with options for: skin smoothing, eye color, lipstick textures and colors, hair colors and cutting simulation, eyebrow models, in addition to bringing ready-made makeup or allowing one to be created.

    With the Beauty Circle Social Network, the app offers a space to share ready-made ideas and makeup, product news, trends, among others. With the Real-Time Makeup Camera, you can share looks and see tutorials of makeup.

    The Skin Diary is another very useful resource. Age, health, points on the face that need attention, care tips, among other information are available.

    O YouCam Makeup: Beauty Diary is available for Android.

    2. MakeupPlus

    6 apps that will help with makeup!

    Testing lipsticks, foundation, eyelashes, changing hair color and other features are all available in MakeupPlus. The app also provides ready-made makeup styles so that the user can apply them to their photos and check how they would look.

    Very complete, the application also brings the beauty guide, with exclusive makeup tutorial videos made by makeup artists and bloggers. In addition, the tutorials section brings the makeup step-by-step that can be tested in the app.

    With the Retouch tools, it is also possible to equalize skin tone, test contours, among others. Taking selfies through the app is also a good idea, as it offers Multi-Face Recognition (and can make up everyone in the photo). The user can even combine makeup and accessories at the same time.

    O Makeup Plus is available for Android and iOS.

    3. ModiFace

    6 apps that will help with makeup!

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    Want to test makeup features in real time and "on the go", that is, not in a photo? ModiFace applies 3D makeup effects to your videos Live!

    Additionally, makeup tools, eye color change options, teeth whitening and other features make ModiFace a great choice for those looking to spice up a photo.

    There are dozens of combinations and makeups selected by experts in the field, a simple interface, functions to work the skin and optimize texture, shine and tone.

    Want more? With Live Scam, the app is able to scan the makeup of any photo so that the user can test it on a photo of themselves.

    O ModiFace is available for iOS.


    6 apps that will help with makeup!

    A photo editing and virtual makeup app, Perfect365 offers dozens of pre-set makeup templates created based on beauty trends and the styles celebrities are wearing, but which can be customized.

    Different shades of eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush, varied eyelash and eyeliner styles, face contour and other features are available. The technology used in the app still promises a precise editing, with the possibility to adjust key points.

    For photo editing, on the other hand, Perfect365 brings more than 20 tools that make it possible to remove blemishes, smooth skin, erase dark circles, whiten teeth, change eye color, sculpt the eyebrow, among others.

    O Perfect365 is available for Android and iOS.

    5. Mary Kay® Virtual Makeover

    6 apps that will help with makeup!

    Choose a photo from your archive, or take a photo from your smartphone camera or even choose one of the model photos available in the app, and test the countless combinations of makeup and accessories that can be done. Eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliners, blush, hair color, hairstyle, among other elements can be customized to the user's taste.

    One of the app's differentials is the possibility of buy the look chosen online with just a few clicks. The app shows the user the products they need to achieve that chosen result and makes it possible to purchase Mary Kay products right there on their smartphone.

    The tool also offers look suggestions, both based on trends and on specific seasons and special events, such as makeup suggestions for brides.

    O Mary Kay® Virtual Makeover is available for Android and iOS.

    6. Face

    6 apps that will help with makeup!

    Visage aims to be a professional beauty laboratory. To this end, it offers tools to remove pimples and wrinkles, whiten teeth, make the skin smoother and remove oil, fix red eyes, among others.

    In addition to all the skin work, you can also apply eye makeup such as eyelashes, eyeliner, and mascara. The app even offers the option to AutoCorrection, suggesting a result in seconds, which can be customized by the user later. The application also provides filters of different styles.

    O Face care is only available for iOS.

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