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    6 tools and apps to gain followers on Instagram

    With the continued growth of the popularity of Instagram (IG), business profiles seek, often at all costs, to increase the number of their followers. However, because it harms the performance of your account, does not guarantee engagement and jeopardizes credibility with IG and customers, apps that buy followers are not the best way.

    Among the legal and effective actions to attract followers is the search to create a relationship with potential followers. Follow, like and comment on IGs that follow accounts similar to yours or related hashtags, for example.

    The novelty is that there are already tools that make this management in an automated way, however, judiciously, avoiding false profiles and relating to IGs according to filters pre-established by the user. Check out 6 suggestions below.

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    6 tools and apps to gain followers on Instagram

    The proposal from It's simple. If you don't have time to interact with other users to promote your Instagram account, it does it for you. The site offers a service - with paid subscriptions - that automates this interaction.

    In addition to respecting the limits of the social network and not exposing your IG to risks, uses criteria to hit the target audience, such as geolocation filter, Hashtag filter and filter by competing or similar profiles.

    That way, the site likes, follows, unfollows, schedules posts and sends Direct Messages (DMs) automatically. Those followers who choose to follow your profile will do so by choice, out of interest in the work presented there. The site even offers complete reports for performance analysis.

    2. Management

    6 tools and apps to gain followers on Instagram

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    With a similar proposal, Gestorgram promises an increase in followers from 45 to 230 per day. To do so, the platform offers the following features: like and follow automatically, according to profile options, hashtags and locations; scheduling photo and story posts and automatic DM sending.

    In addition, through the tool, it is possible to organize and respond to all comments in a simple way. The site also offers reports with conversion rates and profile growth, and provides VIP Training with guidance to increase user sales.

    For digital marketing professionals and agencies, Gestorgram also offers a differentiated partnership, with services such as: multi-account panel, progressive discounts, exclusive plans and consulting.

    3. Instaeasy

    6 tools and apps to gain followers on Instagram

    Link your profile, choose your audience and wait for the results! Like other tools, Instaeasy offers analysis of profiles, locations, hashtags and other elements as ways to connect with your potential customers.

    The automatic unfollow feature is very important, even so you don't get stuck to the 7500 "following" limit that Instagram imposes. A simple and intuitive panel guides the user to program filters and publications, in addition to reporting the results.

    6 tools and apps to gain followers on Instagram

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    With similar features, is yet another platform that offers targeted and real contact by managing and automating interactions with potential followers. But without buying them and using specific criteria to reach the target audience of the customer account.

    Like the others, it makes it possible to segment the audience based on location, hashtag, competing profiles and other characteristics. It has reports, performance feedback and content analysis.

    5. Environment

    6 tools and apps to gain followers on Instagram

    Increase in the number of engaged followers, from profile automation to organic growth. This is also Bume's proposal. As mentioned above, the site uses target audience segmentation, publication scheduling and automatic interactions.

    The process is simple. Do the register. Connect Instagram account. Define your target audience. And receive reports of the results that Bume will obtain for the user.

    6. Perforgram

    6 tools and apps to gain followers on Instagram

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    Another 24/XNUMX automatic interaction tool. Likes, comments, welcome messages and follow and unfollow actions are also features offered by Perforgram.

    Different criteria for filtering the target audience, real-time statistics and constant support are also among the advantages offered to subscribers of the site's plans.

    How to choose and care

    6 tools and apps to gain followers on Instagram

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    Although automatic, the tools require certain care in their use. Don't think that the site will do everything for you. New followers won't do any good if your account doesn't keep up to date with interesting content, and that's up to you! Also, avoid using more than one of these platforms on the same account.

    But how, then, to choose the tool to be used? Get to know each one of them, see if one or the other offers some resource that will be fundamental to your business proposal. Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of each. See testimonials from other customers.

    Respecting the follower growth rate that each tool indicates is also very important! A recent Instagram get a lot of followers quickly can look suspicious to the social network, which can ban the profile as spam. In addition, take a look at the trainings of the chosen page. The world of social networks has much more important details than you can imagine!


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