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    52 15th birthday cake models to rock your party

    52 15th birthday cake models to rock your party

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 22, 2022 | News |

    The fifteenth birthday is a defining moment in the life of any teenager. Planning for this event often begins a year before the celebration date. The anxiety for the big day is so much that time seems not to pass. The debutante needs to think about the guest list, decide which decoration to make, try on the dress, choose her hairstyle and makeup, among other details. A very important part of your party day is the cake. The models of bolus of 15 years have different sizes, colors and styles.

    With so many amazing options, it seems difficult to choose between them. That's why we've selected some ideas for you to get inspired and rock your special day.

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    15 year old bolus models 

    The birthday cake makes up the sweets table on the day of the party and therefore needs to be thought out very carefully. At the time of planning, the debutante may be in doubt about which cake to choose. Check out the 52 models we've separated for you.

    Elegant 15-year-old bolo

    The square fifteenth birthday cake is elegant and modern. It is an easy-to-serve model, as it makes it easier to cut the slices into more uniform pieces. It has several floors, suspended by rods or not.

    Monochromatic tones make your 15th birthday cake more sophisticated. So, start with light shades and continue adding coloring to the icing. The frosting or whipped cream is dyed with warm colors such as pink to cover the cake, but any pastel color can be used which will have the same effect.

    52 15th birthday cake models to rock your party

    Themed 15-year-old bolus

    For girls who want to get away from the traditional, an alternative is to have a themed fifteenth birthday party. The theme is free and varies according to your creativity: travel, series, movies, fairy tale, books or any idea that suits you.

    The themed 15th birthday cake is usually round and multi-tiered. The “Beauty and the Beast” themed cake, for example, can bring several references to history, such as the rose or the castle, and use the blue and yellow palette. 

    52 15th birthday cake models to rock your party

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    Bolus of 15 years minimalist

    The minimalist 15th birthday cake displays a romantic, elegant and harmonious air for the environment. This cake is perfect for people who don't like too many details or prefer a more natural style. It combines with outdoor spaces, such as farms and beaches.

    Use neutral tones such as white or off-white to keep the look clean. For this model, round shapes and a maximum of three floors are perfect. You can also remove the frosting, placing just bunches of flowers on top or bottom of the cake. 

    52 15th birthday cake models to rock your party

    Creative 15th birthday cake

    Creative decorations make the environment more fun and relaxed. The creative 15th birthday cake is bold and further personalizes your party. If the theme is travel, the layers of the cake can be shaped like a suitcase and contain related elements, such as an airplane or a ship. 

    52 15th birthday cake models to rock your party

    Rustic 15-year-old bolus

    It is important that the cake matches the location of the party. If you prefer a more rustic environment, the naked cake is ideal. In addition to being a simpler option, this model has become a trend in recent years. The naked cake is a type of assembly that does not need icing, that is, the layers of dough and filling are visible.

    The top is decorated with red fruits and also bouquets of flowers and macarons. In some models, an acetate plate with a brown string or a delicate satin ribbon is placed around the cake.

    To finish the decoration, chick work and icing sugar are used.

    52 15th birthday cake models to rock your party

    15th birthday cake with fondant

    The 15th birthday cake covered with fondant is one of the most traditional models for a debutante party. The classic candy with fondant has a perfect finish, in addition to not melting in the heat of the environment, as occurs in whipped cream and frosting.

    In addition, this cake allows for a greater wealth of details in the decoration.

    52 15th birthday cake models to rock your party

    15th birthday cake with flowers

    The 15th birthday cake with flowers is a classic, because it expresses delicacy and harmony, as well as being a versatile item for decoration. The flowers can occupy a small space of the structure or extend throughout the entire cake in the most varied positions, such as on the side, in the center, interspersed, among others.

    The most used tone is baby pink with green branches, but other colors also match this occasion. Try white, cream, turquoise, or lavender flowers with golden leaf sprigs. 

    52 15th birthday cake models to rock your party

    Bolus of 15 simple years

    Are you the type of person who prefers more discreet celebrations and with few friends and family? Then get inspired by the simple 15th birthday cake model.

    With a simpler model, it is possible to save on the cake and invest in other parts, such as the dress and makeup. We separate five simple 15th birthday cake models to impress your guests. 

    52 15th birthday cake models to rock your party

    Suspense 15 years bolo

    Do you want to give even more prominence to your party? The suspended 15th birthday cake will impress everyone in the hall. It is a trend for both weddings and debutante parties. The feeling is that the cake floats in the middle of the environment, considered by many to be a great work of art.

    It is an expensive assembly that requires a lot of technique, after all the cake will be exposed for several hours. Thus, it is important to choose a good professional so that the result is satisfactory. However, a scenographic cake can be used in place of the edible. The decoration depends on your style: traditional, elegant, luxurious, rustic, themed, romantic, delicate, among others. 

    52 15th birthday cake models to rock your party

    Color combination for 15th birthday cake

    The mission of choosing the color palette is as important as deciding the shape, type of coverage and style.

    Check out the top 15th birthday cake color combinations.

    Pink and black 15th birthday cake

    Black is a versatile color that goes with everything else. In the pink and black fifteenth birthday cake, the contrast created between the tones is pleasant and beautiful.

    52 15th birthday cake models to rock your party

    Blue and gold 15-year-old bolo

    The blue and gold fifteenth birthday cake combines refinement and sophistication and leaves your cake with more elegance. 

    52 15th birthday cake models to rock your party

    Lilac and white 15th birthday cake

    For girls who like a delicate decoration, the lilac and white fifteenth birthday cake is ideal. In addition to being a beautiful combination, both colors represent subtlety and tranquility. 

    52 15th birthday cake models to rock your party

    Bolo 15 years pink and gold

    The time of the party is a point to be considered when choosing the colors of the cake, as their highlight will depend on the presence or absence of light. The pink and gold fifteenth birthday cake has the advantage of using a combination that works with both day and night shifts.

    So, use more gold if the space is closed and the event takes place at night, as the brightness will highlight the model. While pink will stand out in outdoor environments with natural light.

    52 15th birthday cake models to rock your party

    All these beautiful templates were taken from Pinterest and show different styles to rock your 15th birthday party.

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