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    6 Apps to Put Music on Photo

    To create a more fun and exciting effect on photos, an option can be to insert music in the background, creating a video style with images.

    But if you think you need to be an expert in technology and editing to be able to make these changes, don't worry, because anyone can put a song in a photo.

    Just install a few apps and in a few minutes you'll get what you want. That's why we created this exclusive article, with the best apps to put music on your photos. See our list: 


    • Song app
    • storybeat
    • FotoPlay
    • Lomotif
    • Video maker with photo and music
    • VivaVideo
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    Song app

    Song app is an application developed together to put music in photos, with several resources for social networks, helping influencers.

    To use it, just download the song you want and open it in the app, then you just need to save and share it on Instagram, Facebook, WhatApp status, Tiktok, Youtube and other platforms.

    In addition, its features involve:

    • Create stories and videos with photos and music;
    • Create music with videos from your gallery;
    • Cut and edit the songs to use;
    • Cut and edit the videos you want;
    • Share your edit in various formats and platforms;
    • Save the creation to your gallery;
    • Synchronize the rhythm of your video with music automatically;
    • Sing or talk over your video or photo, containing various voice effects.

    And to improve the experience of each user, the Song app is constantly being updated, that is, there is always some new feature coming to your platform.


    storybeat is considered one of the best apps to put music and audios in your videos or photos.

    In addition to having several sharing models, such as different formats and compatibility with Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat and many other platforms.

    In this way, you can create fun and unusual musical stories, making your photos more interesting and beautiful, as the storybeat It also has filters and advanced features, check it out:

    • Add music to your story, including different styles such as pop, country music, rock, samba, funk and many more;
    • Sync your photos with music automatically;
    • Choose unique designs for your edits;
    • Crop, rotate, zoom and edit your videos or photos with amazing tools;
    • Use filters, gifs, stickers and texts.

    Among the options, the storybeat is one of the most complete, however it is divided between a paid and a free version. Unfortunately, to remove the watermark from your saved edits you have to subscribe to the paid plan.


    FotoPlay is an application that allows you to merge photos with music and videos, creating animated and fun presentations and stories, in addition to providing exclusive effects and stickers for its users.

    This application also allows you to create slideshows, ideal for making your work more beautiful and highlighted.

    Among the features of FotoPlay it is possible to quote:

    • Photo creation with music;
    • Mix photos, audios and videos;
    • Use effects, gifs and stickers in your creations;
    • Edit the design with advanced crop and rotate tools;
    • Multiple aspect ratios supported, such as 1:1, 4:5,16:9;
    • Easy to share and upload to YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.

    And the best part, this platform allows Full Download without watermark, ensuring original and perfect videos and photos to be posted.


    Lomotif is a well-known video editor, which can also be used to add music to photos and create beautiful stories for social networks.

    Being the most used, it has millions of users worldwide and many positive comments.

    O Lomotif has the following features:

    • Various exclusive filters;
    • Lyrics to add to your videos, with cute and fun fonts;
    • Crop, resize and reposition your video clips or photos;
    • Share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Email, Text, FB Messenger, Dropbox, Google Drive and more;
    • More than 10.000 themed video clips;
    • Function to put music in photo.

    To use the Lomotif It's very simple, select a photo or video from your gallery, put some background music from your playlist, make the necessary edits to make the production more beautiful and save it on your device without a watermark.


    Video maker with photo and music

    Video maker with photo and music is a 100% free and watermark-free tool that guarantees the possibility of adding music to your photos, making them perfect for posting on statuses.

    Thus, this is the ideal option for those who want to create musical photographs in a quick and fun way, being able to share with their friends and relatives through social networks or sharing link.

    Thus, the Video maker with photo and music has the function of helping people to keep memories and important moments in a creative and beautiful way.

    With this platform you can:

    • Create photo and music videos in a fun and exciting way;
    • Select appropriate transition time for photos, plus unique effects;
    • Save your creations on your device;
    • Share the productions on any social network.


    VivaVideo is a well-known video editor that, in addition to having several editing tools, also offers the possibility of putting music on photos.

    Among its features, the most outstanding ones are: trim video, merge video, edit video with music, edit video for youtube, add stickers to video, add text to video and so on, put music to video and much more.

    But you can also embellish your productions with different effects, unique transitions, fun gifs and stickers for all occasions.

    Unfortunately, the VivaVideo It has both a paid and a free version, however, to save your videos in the free version, you need to be aware that they will come with a watermark and unlimited resources.

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