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    27 Google Secrets and Tricks You Need to Know

    Google keeps secrets and tricks hidden in its services, whether in the search engine, Maps or Drive. To find these mysterious functions, also known as Easter Eggs, you have to either type the right term or act in exactly a certain way.

    This guide reveals how to discover Google's main secrets in Portuguese or does not require knowledge of another language. Most of the tips work on both PC and mobile.

    search engine secrets

    1. Upside down

    When searching for Do a barrel roll (Roll a barrel, in free translation), the Google search page does a 360º turn. The same happens when looking for Z or R twice (Z or R twice, in free translation).

    Barrel roll is the name of an aviation maneuver, in which the plane makes a turn in the air. Z and R are buttons on the Nintendo console. Pressing them twice in the game Star Fox, the protagonist's aircraft made the move, which is a "combination of a loop and a roll", according to Wikipedia.

    2. Games

    Google makes several games available online by searching for their names in the search engine. You can play solitaire, snake game, minesweeper, Pac-Man, among others. our guide From Dinosaur to Pac-Man: How to Find Google Hidden Games gathers the links for each of them and explains how to play.

    3. A tiger in your house

    Google's 3D animal feature allows you to view some species in augmented reality. The technology realistically simulates the presence of animals such as tiger, panda and even dinosaurs in the environment where the user is.

    If your smartphone supports the feature, you will have the option See in 3D and then, See in your space. You can find out all about the functionality at Google's 3D Animals: Here's How to Use it on Android and iPhone.

    4. Find out your public IP

    How to locate an IP address geographically in 3 steps

    Google reports the public IP address assigned by the ISP to your device. Just search for What is my IP? (What is my IP, in free translation). The command only works if used in English.

    5. Random number generator

    The feature of generating random numbers is a good choice for making sweepstakes. Just search for random numbers. In the result, a tool will appear in which you must enter the minimum and maximum number that can be included. Then just click on generate and ready!

    6. Tip Calculator

    search by What is the tip for $x (What is the tip for $x, in free translation), replacing the x with the bill amount. The search must be in English and the result shows a tip calculator.

    The currency is the dollar, but what really matters is how easy it is to calculate. The tool allows you to edit the amount of the bill, set the tip percentage and divide everything by the number of people.

    7. Pull out

    Need to make a decision and want to resort to luck? When searching for Heads or tails, the search engine will do the drawing and automatically show the result. If you prefer, you can also ask the data for help by searching for roll dice. This command, however, only works on the PC.

    It is possible to combine dice with different numbers of sides, such as 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20. If you want, you can also choose to always add a number to the draw result by clicking on the +.

    8. Calculator

    You no longer need to do math in your head, count on your fingers or open the calculator app on your computer or cell phone. Just type the math operation in the search bar and do the search.

    In addition to the result, Google provides a calculator. The tool allows you to calculate sine, cosine, tangent, log, among other features. In addition, it saves the accounts made for easy access later, in case you need it.

    9. Flashing HTML

    Search for blink HTML (Blinking HTML, in free translation). All blink and HTML words that are listed in the result will appear blinking.

    10. Pronunciation of long numbers

    Did you come across a huge number that you don't even know how to start talking? Just type it into Google search followed by by extensive. For example: 1234567890 in full and the platform will display the written form.

    If you prefer to listen, enter the number followed by the English word, such as 12345678 English. The translation tool will open. Thus, you can listen to the pronunciation not only in Portuguese, but also in other languages.

    11. Festivus

    This one is for fans of the American TV series Seinfeld. Festivus is the name of a holiday created by the author of the program as a way of demonstrating against the consumerism stimulated during the Christmas period.

    The date, celebrated on December 23, is represented by an aluminum pole, similar to the base of an artificial Christmas tree. Therefore, when searching for Festival, the holiday symbol post appears in the left corner of the search engine.

    12. Find the right tone

    When searching for color picker, Google displays an HTML color picker tool. Click on a color and you will be able to see its codes or values ​​in hexadecimal, RGB, CMYK, HSV and HSL.

    13. Fidget spinner

    A few years ago, fidget spinners became a craze, especially among children. The object, made of metal or plastic, must be balanced on the finger as it rotates. If you want to be part of this craze, even in a virtual way, just search for Fidget spinner on Google.

    The online version of the toy will appear on the screen, being possible to change the speed by clicking on the Spin button.

    14. Inspire. Expire.

    Search for Breathing Exercise and Google will make one available in the search result. Lasting for a minute, it can be a discreet escape from a stressful moment at work. Just follow the directions to inhale and exhale as the circle in the center of the screen expands and contracts.

    15. Animal sounds

    An interesting tool for young children to learn appears on the screen of anyone searching for animal sounds. Below the image with the name, there is a sound icon that, when pressed, reproduces the noise that the animal makes.

    The list brings together dozens of animals, such as mouse, rattlesnake, penguin, butterfly, panda, scorpion and many others. When dragging the horizontal line to the end, the option But sounds, in which you can check all those available.

    16. Speed ​​Test

    You don't have to leave Google search to find out how your network connection speed is. Just search for internet speed test and you will see a button with the option Run speed test. The assessment is carried out in partnership with the M-Lab measurement platform.

    17. Level meter

    The level or leveler is a tool used to measure angles and slopes. It can be used to install shelves, frames and even floors so they don't get crooked. If you don't have one, just search for bubble level on your mobile and Google delivers a virtual version of the instrument.

    18. Metronome

    if you search for Metronome, gets a virtual version of the device in the search result. The device is used to measure the tempo of the music in order to guide the musician in relation to the tempo. The measurement is done in BPM (beats per minute) and Google's ranges from 40 to 218 BPM.

    19. Nutritional value

    Google can also give you a little help when you're on a diet or want to make your diet healthier. Just search for Nutritional value followed by the name of the food. In most cases, nutritional information is displayed on the right side of the screen.

    If you search, for example, for lasagna nutritional value, you will see data such as calories, fat, sodium, carbohydrates, proteins, among other aspects.

    20. Measurement Converter

    Do you need to convert some measure and don't have practice in doing the calculations? Don't worry. Just type into Google search exactly what you want to know and the result will show the answers. For example, 4 tons in grams or 177 liters in CL. It is also possible to check, how much is 1,7 m in feet, among other options.

    21. Currency Converter

    Another conversion tool that Google provides is currency conversion. You can search for exactly the values ​​you want to convert (for example, €39 in reais) or search by Currency converter.

    The result will be a conversion tool, in which you can enter the two currencies involved and the amounts. On the side, there is also a chart showing the price fluctuation in 1 day, 5 days, 1 month, 1 year or 5 years.

    22. Dorothy's Shoes

    who searches for The Wizard of Oz on Google you come across the famous red shoes of the character Dorothy sparkling on the right side of the screen. By clicking on them, the accessories hit three times. At the same time, the phrase There is no place like home sounds.

    Then the magic happens. Curious? Then take the test.

    23 Friends

    Google also has surprises in store for those searching for characters from the TV series Friends. Just type Friends followed by the Character's name, such as, for example, Friends Chandler.

    In all cases, an icon for them appears on the right side of the screen. When you click, you will come across a fun effect that fans of the show will surely understand.

    Secrets in Other Google Tools

    24. Loch Ness Monster

    This trick is quite discreet and only the keenest eye should notice. When searching for Lake Ness on Google Maps and take a closer look at the lake, you will see the little Pegman doll transform into the legendary monster.

    Just like Pegman, you can click on the monster and drag it to the area of ​​the map you want to see more closely and have a 360 degree experience.

    25. Pride Worksheet

    This is a secret hidden in the Google Drive Sheet app as a way of honoring the LGBTQIA+ community. write the word PRIDE (pride, in free translation) in the first line of the worksheet, inserting one letter per column, in sequence. Press the Enter key and you will see the document take on the colors of the rainbow.

    26. Chrome's Tyrannosaurus

    This may no longer be a secret for many, but it is one of the tricks most loved by Chrome users. T-Rex Running, also known as Dinosaur Game, appears in the browser when the device is not connected to the internet.

    To start, just press the space key or touch the dinosaur on your cell phone. To escape obstacles on the way, you have to press the space key again or touch your smartphone screen.

    Despite appearing spontaneously only when the user is offline, there is a trick that allows accessing the game even with internet. Just type chrome: // dino in the navigation bar of Chrome for PC or mobile.

    27. Explore a TARDIS

    Another Google Maps secret, this time for fans of the sci-fi series Dr. Who. Upon finding the local police booth where the TARDIS entrance is supposed to be, the user is able to enter the time machine/spaceship.

    When you see it, position the mouse until the orientation arrow is pointed towards the cabin. Then, click on and then you will see yourself inside the scenario, which you can explore as if you were there.


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