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    21 Educational Games to Download on Mobile

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    Check out educational games for kids of all ages to teach literacy, math, logic and creativity! You educational games to download on cell phones can teach from the age of 2 and will help to develop reasoning and learn while playing. And since they don't put down their cell phones these days, offering such an alternative is great!

    Check out the selection of educational children's games that will help your son or daughter's development a lot!


    • Games to Literacy
    • Mathematics and Logic
    • English and Languages
    • Memory and Puzzle
    • Daily life and Health

    Games to Literacy


    Learning to spell becomes an easy task with Silabando! Developed with children aged 5 to 6 in mind, the app helps them improve diction, spelling and understanding syllable forms! Be impressed with the result that only this application can bring!

    Silabando is available for:

    Android IOS

    read and count

    The Read and Count app is aimed at younger children who are starting to recognize words and numbers. Available in three languages, the app features alphabet exercises, sign language, vowels and consonants, geometric shapes, animals and much more! Your child will learn faster with Read & Count. Try it!

    read and count is available for:

    Android IOS

    ABC in the Boxes!

    The ABC in the Boxes app! it's colorful and fun. Any small child will be delighted with the colors and drawings that teach reading! The app is designed for first-year children, but older children also love to play!

    ABC in the Boxes! is available for:

    Android IOS

    Mathematics and Logic

    math games

    Math will be more fun with the Math Games app! This app has several ways to play and will entertain any young prodigy! With beads, riddles and even duels, Math Games has different difficulties and will definitely improve your children's practice!

    math games is available for:


    king of math

    The King of Math will make any pre-teen learn! In the app you can create a profile, choose your character and participate in an online ranking with other children. From level to level, the accounts get more complicated, as do the subjects!

    king of math is available for:


    Math Loops Lite: The Times Tables

    Learning multiplication tables will be easier with the colorful Math Loops Lite! With fun exercises, the app helps to develop logical thinking, making it easier for memory to record the sequence of results of the tables!

    Math Loops Lite: The Times Tables is available for:


    Multiplication table

    The Multiplication Table app is not only a learning tool, but a study tool! Your child will have fun and learn by going from doing and performing challenges against other players! Encourage the use of this instructional app right now.

    Multiplication table is available for:


    English and Languages

    Languages ​​for Children Mondly

    The Mondly app will help children of all ages to learn English from kindergarten to after literacy! And it's not just English, but several foreign languages, such as Spanish and French. The application will teach you new words in a practical way through cards and associations with animals, elements of nature, food, body parts, colors and numbers.

    Languages ​​for Children Mondly is available for:

    Android IOS

    Lingokids English for Kids

    Boys and girls will fall in love with Lingokids! This app was developed for learning the English language of children between 2 and 8 years old. In a colorful and fun way, Ligokids guarantees success in the initial process of language assimilation! Try it right now!

    Lingokids English for Kids is available for:

    Android IOS

    Fun English: Learn English

    Developed for children from 3 to 10 years old, the Fun English app offers several games that will teach English with lots of fun. Some features are paid, but a good part of the games are free, you can enjoy it quite easily. And those who have already made the investment in the Premium version approved it!

    Fun English: Learn English is available for:

    Android IOS

    english for kids

    Want to introduce English to your child's learning? English for Kids is an app designed for early childhood learning. With colorful letters and numbers, the app holds the attention of children of all ages and teaches in an easy and objective way.

    english for kids is available for:


    Memory and Puzzle

    Memory Games For Kids

    Simple and fun, Memory Games for Kids is guaranteed entertainment for any age! This fun memory game is very simple. Just press play to play! With 6 different difficulty levels, it's an excellent exercise to develop mental thinking and memory skills.

    Memory Games For Kids is available for:


    Tiny Puzzle – Educational Games For Kids

    Want an educational game app for kids up to 5 years old? Tiny Puzzle will guarantee the fun! With 4 game modes, your child will learn to pronounce words in a healthy and fun way!

    Tiny Puzzle – Educational Games For Kids is available for:

    Android IOS

    Hunting words

    The classic word search is perfect for learning Portuguese and developing cognitive functions! The Word Search app is colorful, with a modern design and fun word collections. Kids of all ages will love this word search!

    Hunting words is available for:

    Android IOS

    Brain Games Kids

    Warm up your child's brains with this game designed to crack the brains! Cerebro is an application with several different games, all with the same purpose: to make the child think! Download right now and watch your child entertain themselves all day long!

    Brain Games Kids is available for:


    Zig Zig Zaa

    Focused on children's pedagogy, Zig Zig Zaa was developed with a focus on first learning. Ideal for children up to 5 years old, the app has different game modes and difficulties that will improve your child's cognitive development. Try it!

    Zig Zig Zaa is available for:


    shapes and colors

    In the first years of life it is very important to learn shapes and colors. The Shapes and Colors app was developed in an educational way so that your child assimilates the visual with the physical. Download right now and see great results!

    shapes and colors is available for:


    Daily life and Health

    Children's Doctor: Dentist

    Which child likes to go to the dentist? Few! Let's change that with the fun Children's Doctor: Dentist app. Your child will be able to have fun cleaning the characters' teeth. It's a clear incentive for oral hygiene, it will yield results at home!

    Children's Doctor: Dentist is available for:


    Supermarket: Shopping Games for Kids

    The fun Supermarket game will teach your kids motor and decision skills! The game is simple, while the characters walk, your child needs to select the items from the list. Download right now!

    Supermarket: Shopping Games for Kids is available for:


    My Dentist Games


    My Dentist Games is available for:


    Educational Games For Children

    Your kids will love the Educational Games For Kids app! With super colorful characters and animations, the app developed for early stages is built by levels. So your baby will discover a new world of colors and words! Try it!

    Educational Games For Children is available for:


    Did you like our tips? We hope you've found the perfect app to encourage kids to learn! See other lists like this on our website.

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