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    26 Music Games for Android and iOS

    Check out the selection of music games for mobile that will play from electronic music to funk music while you train your hand-eye coordination and speed! Music games are totally addictive and challenging and there are styles for all tastes! If you like listening to music and playing games, you'll love our selection of different music games to play, sing, advance between levels while evolving your character and band, choosing different musical instruments and much more!

    For sure this will be the best bet to pass the time and also to learn how to be a DJ!


    • Play music
    • Electronic music
    • Funk Game
    • Piano Games
    • What is the song?
    • To sing
    • To dance
    • Assemble your band

    Play music

    Beat MP3 2.0

    Test your dexterity and musical knowledge in this game where rhythm and finger speed are essential attributes. Ah, motor coordination and a good ear are also important in the fun game that has difficulty adjustments with up to 9 speeds. Play guitar or drums and keep the music in rhythm. Will you make it?

    Beat MP3 2.0 is available for:

    Android IOS


    A game for those who love music in all forms, with very artistic graphics and addictive gameplay. There are more than nine levels of difficulty that will provide a lot of fun and challenges with more than 200 songs of various styles. In addition to musical knowledge, the game requires a certain dexterity to play the notes at the right time and keep or rhythm gives music.

    Cytus is available for:

    Android IOS

    Tap Tap Reborn 2

    Hit the balls at the right time and with precision to keep the rhythm and evolve in this fun game. The graphics are amazing and full of color and movement. Go through all musical styles and show how you can keep the rhythm even in the fastest and most difficult songs to be played.

    Tap Tap Reborn 2 is available for:

    Android IOS

    Dancing ballz

    A tapping game with lots of music and dancing! Fun and simple to understand, the gameplay is very good. Just use all your finger skills and keep the rhythm to fulfill the game's challenges. Enjoy the cheerful and colorful graphics!

    Dancing ballz is available for:

    Android IOS

    Magic Twist: Twister Music Ball Game

    Yet another game that tests your finger skills and hand-eye coordination, in addition to your pace, of course. Magic Twist has excellent gameplay and simple but well-made graphics. You have fun going through the increasingly faster and more difficult levels and you can challenge your friends and other players from all over the world.

    Magic Twist: Twister Music Ball Game is available for:

    Android IOS

    Tiles Hop: Forever Dancing Ball

    Making the ball bounce around the blocks you play piano or guitar and you can follow the rhythm of your favorite songs. In addition, you can upload your songs or play one of the hundreds of songs in the app. Accept the challenges and have fun with this game that requires skill and rhythm.

    Tiles Hop: Forever Dancing Ball is available for:

    Android IOS


    An excellent arcade game with music where you help the captivating characters to achieve all their goals through your musical knowledge. The free version has 23 songs, the paid version has more than 130. Advance through the game's difficulty levels to increase the number of songs and enjoy the entire collection of this very fun app!

    Dynamix is available for:

    Android IOS

    Geometry Dash

    The game is paid, but it's a lot of fun. You need a lot of hand-eye coordination and rhythm. It's not just a music game, it's more of a action game, but that depends a lot on the player's musical notions to follow the musical rhythm and go through all the challenges.

    Geometry Dash is available for:

    Android IOS

    Electronic music

    Electro Pads – Come be a DJ!

    Nothing better than Electro Pads for those who dream of being a DJ! With little sense of rhythm and music making you can get loud sounds and mix to make any song get your special touch!

    Electro Pads – Come be a DJ! is available for:

    Android IOS

    Give it UP! 2

    Test all your dexterity, rhythm and musical knowledge in this fun game with animated and colorful graphics, good gameplay and surprising challenges. There are 27 levels of challenges for you to overcome and conquer. The characters are funny and captivating, making the game more interesting and fun. Music with lots of fun and amazing beats!

    Give it UP! 2 is available for:

    Android IOS

    SUPER PADS – Play music, be a DJ!

    On Super Pads, you're the DJ playing whatever music you want, including soundtracks from famous movies like Captain Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy!

    SUPER PADS – Play music, be a DJ! is available for:

    Android IOS

    Funk Game

    KondZilla SUPER PADS

    KondzZilla Super Pads offers a tutorial for you to learn to play music and is an app that is very pleasing for its organization and usability. The platform offers weekly kits inspired by the KondZilla youtube channel with funk songs by Kevinho, MC Lan, MC Kekel, Dani Russo and more!

    KondZilla SUPER PADS is available for:

    Android IOS

    Guess the Funkeiro: Funk Game

    The guessing game has a super challenging quiz where the player needs to guess the name of the funk singer quickly to win! The screen brings the photo of the singer that is gradually being revealed according to the tips you will receive!

    Guess the Funkeiro: Funk Game is available for:


    Piano Games

    Piano Tiles 2

    One of the best music games in the world! There are more than 110 million players for you to challenge and have fun with beautiful and simple graphics that make the game easy and intuitive to play. With each difficulty level you are challenged more and more in your speed and pace.

    Piano Tiles 2 is available for:

    Android IOS

    Piano Music Go 2022

    Considered one of the best piano games available, Piano Music Go will have you addicted to training your rhythm and speed! It features current music and challenging levels that will make you sweat!

    Piano Music Go 2022 is available for:



    A mixture of musical game with fantasy story, with hand-drawn art, narrative gallery and instrumental response with real sons of piano. With captivating characters that immerse you in the story and a repertoire of over 60 songs in the game's story mode. With simple and intuitive gameplay Deemo is one of the top rated games on this list!

    Deemo is available for:

    Android IOS


    learn to play piano having fun with this amazing game! The app is able to hear what you're playing on your keyboard or piano and responds with tips and feedback about what you've played. The courses provided by the app correspond to two years of piano lessons, but the app is always updating and adding new courses as well. It's fun and learning guaranteed!

    SimplyPiano is available for:

    Android IOS

    Dream piano

    Fun game that simulates a piano to be played. The app counts with new songs weekly and allows you to upload your favorite songs that are not available to be made available in the weekly update. You can save and share your progress via Facebook, which makes everything more fun and interactive.

    Dream piano is available for:

    Android IOS

    What is the song?


    Test your musical knowledge in this application that has a large and diverse collection of songs. You can challenge your friends or other music fans in your style and theirs, making it even more fun. In duels you can be challenged to discover the name of the song, artist or band.

    SongPop is available for:

    Android IOS

    Guess the song

    Choose the setlist with your favorite genre and guess the songs in this quiz that challenges your musical knowledge. You can also invite your friends and other users of this game to do battles to receive rewards and pass levels in the amazing app and discover new genres and music.

    Guess the song is available for:

    Android IOS

    To sing


    Smule is, in fact, karaoke inside the cell phone, a “game” for those who want to let their voices go! You can sing alone, duet with friends or people from all over the world, or even a duet with your favorite artist. You can even record your performances and make your own musical creations. The application has several voice correction effects and can make your voice amazing. Very fun and challenging.

    Smule is available for:

    Android IOS

    The note

    A very artistic game with hand-drawn graphics and dozens of musical rhythms where you use all your musical knowledge to help the characters achieve their conquests. You collect achievements as the story progresses and share your results with friends!

    The note is available for:

    Android IOS

    To dance

    Just Dance Now

    If you like dancing, this is your game. There are more than 400 music options for you to have fun and move around a lot. The game is simple and fast for you to start enjoying and in just a few taps you can dance to your favorite songs. You can create custom playlists and enjoy everything this game has to offer even more.

    Just Dance Now is available for:

    Android IOS

    Marshmello Music Dance

    Marshmello's official music game app brings different rhythms to dance: EDM, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, Electronic and is great for you to have fun while enjoying good music! In addition, the game has an engaging story and character evolution that makes everything more challenging and exciting!

    Marshmello Music Dance is available for:

    Android IOS

    Assemble your band

    Guitar Band Battle

    Become a Rockstar in this music game that requires skill and rhythm! make a collection of guitars, assemble your band and start playing shows. Record albums and music videos, passing through different stages and stages until you reach the top. In this game, in addition to musical skills, you test your skills as a band leader, having to hire your musicians and schedule your tour. Enjoy the life of a rock star!

    Guitar Band Battle is available for:

    Android IOS


    This game brings a story to the characters, which makes everything more fun, in addition to good gameplay with a visual experience of the songs. The game has a large collection of sounds, pleasant rhythm and many challenges. Excellent for spending time and having fun with friends and family.

    Voez is available for:

    Android IOS

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