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    13 best apps to learn English on your own in 2022

    Knowing English is almost a basic requirement to get better jobs and watch movies and series in original audio even without subtitles. However, not everyone can afford language courses which, while effective, are often expensive.

    To get around this problem, has separated 13 apps, free and paid, for you to learn English on your cell phone.

    1. Duolingo

    13 best apps to learn English on your own in 2022

    Duolingo is an application to learn English and other languages ​​that uses gamification to stimulate learning. It feels like being in a game while studying. The student loses “lives” if he gives a wrong answer and advances in the scale by completing the teaching units.

    With each achievement, your points increase, which indicate your level of fluency. Using an artificial intelligence feature, the process adapts to the needs of each person. According to the developer company, 34 hours on the app are equivalent to 1 university semester of classes.

    • Duolingo (free, but offers in-app purchases) Android | iOS

    2. spoke

    13 best apps to learn English on your own in 2022

    Falou bases its teaching method on dialogues of common scenarios in everyday life. There are more than 100 real-life situations that, according to the creators, allow you to speak English in the first lesson.

    The user must repeat the sentences for the voice recognition system to correct their pronunciation and accent. At the end of each conversation, tests are available to assess what has actually been learned.

    In addition, there are memory exercises that help you memorize vocabulary and statistics about your performance.

    • Said (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    3. Cake

    Want to learn English? Don't want to spend money?

    Cake is an app focused on learning English in practice. The free and ad-free program uses compilations of YouTube videos so that the user learns new words and expressions daily. The content is current and humorous.

    The daily learning process consists of 5 steps. Checking the expressions of the day, filling in what's missing and practicing listening are the first three. Then you must train your pronunciation by repeating what was said until you reach perfection. And finally, take a quiz to review everything that has been learned.

    • Cake (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    4 Babbel

    13 best apps to learn English on your own in 2022

    Babbel offers classes created by linguistic experts, ranging from basic to advanced levels. In addition to English, it has 13 other languages.

    One of the attractions of this tool is the possibility to choose themes, such as "business English", for example. The app bets on gamification, by teaching languages ​​as if it were a game, stimulating their performance with a points system.

    To improve pronunciation, it has intelligent voice recognition. Through it, it gives tips to speak the words and read texts clearly and correctly. Babbel requires a paid subscription to access courses.

    • Babbel (paid, 7-day free trial): Android | iOS

    5 Busuu

    13 best apps to learn English on your own in 2022

    Busuu offers teaching English and 11 more languages. Developers guarantee that 10 minutes a day is enough to start learning a new language. Its differential lies in the opportunity to improve vocabulary and grammar with the help of native speakers.

    You can count on the community of users to correct your texts and assess your pronunciation. Just as you can help others who want to learn Portuguese. There's even a tool called Vocabulary Trainer, which promises to expand the amount of words you know.

    The service has a free plan, where you can practice only one language at a time. In Premium, the user has the freedom to move between the options and has access to extra features, such as offline use.

    • Busuu (free, with paid plan option): Android | iOS

    6. Rosetta stone

    13 best apps to learn English on your own in 2022

    Rosetta Stone teaches you to think in English by connecting words and images. It is possible to practice pronunciation by reading stories aloud and even practice the proper accent.

    The application works offline, you just need to download the lessons you want. In this way, the user can study from anywhere, even without internet access.

    In addition, there are several tips on how to start conversations, indicating specific words and phrases for different situations. In all, the service offers courses in 24 languages.

    • Rosetta Stone (paid, 3-day free trial): Android | iOS

    7. English our country

    13 best apps to learn English on your own in 2022

    EnglishOur country offers free video classes to those who want to learn English and even acquire fluency in the language. Some classes were recorded in the United States, offering contact with a culture that has English as its mother tongue.

    The app's differential is the lessons designed especially for our country's public. Classes are focused on listening, writing and grammar.

    • english our country (free): Android

    8. Wlingua

    Learn languages ​​with Wlingua

    Wlingua allows you to learn English with the pronunciation spoken in the United States or England. For that, it offers tips and grammatical explanations quite complex, but shown in a simple way. There are also texts to expand vocabulary and tips designed to meet your needs.

    With hundreds of exercises developed by teachers, the app makes the classes available in PDF and MP3, for the student to access them even when he is without internet. The user can also choose to receive full reports on their progress via email.

    • Wlingua (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    9. Mondly

    AppStore Portrait iPhone 6 PT EN

    In addition to English, Mondly has a wide variety of languages ​​for the user to learn. With daily free lessons, you can absorb grammar rules and vocabulary quickly and effectively. Weekly, a question and answer game is sent in order to test knowledge.

    In a matter of minutes, the user memorizes essential words. In a short time, you will be able to form sentences, improve your pronunciation and participate in conversations. To adjust the tool to your needs, you can explore reading, listening, writing and speaking exercises.

    • mondly (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    10. MosaLingua

    13 best apps to learn English on your own in 2022

    MosaLingua is an application created especially for those who don't have much time to dedicate to learning a new language. The service promises to memorize up to 600 words in two months, studying just 10 minutes a day.

    As learning a language is much more than recording vocabulary in your head, the app has several lessons. To encourage studies, it has a rewards system that guarantees bonuses every time the user progresses through the content.

    If you want to measure your progress, access complete statistics on the number of words and sentences learned, among other details.

    • MosaLingua (paid, 15-day free trial): Android | iOS

    11. Hello English

    13 best apps to learn English on your own in 2022

    Hello English lets you learn English with nearly 500 interactive activities. The service offers conversation, reading, translation, grammar and vocabulary games.

    Everything works offline and tasks can be done whenever and wherever you want. But if you are logged in, you can participate in discussions with teachers from the app.

    Also discover your position in the world ranking of learning in the language of your choice. In all, there are 22 more options available.

    • Hello english (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    12. Lingualeo

    13 best apps to learn English on your own in 2022

    With a serious approach, combined with some gaming aspects, Lingualeo is a free app for learning English. It is possible to customize learning, according to knowledge level, interests, goals and age.

    Students can develop their reading and writing skills through games, as well as improving comprehension. For this, there is a huge range of content, divided between free and paid exercises and courses.

    • Lingualeo (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    13. Simpler

    Simpler — learning English is sugary papaya BR

    Simpler defines itself as a simple and effective self-taught English course for both beginners and advanced learners. Training consists of learning new words, followed by grammar rules and review exercises. The more the user studies, the more stars he can earn and, with them, unlock lessons.

    The creators promise that the terms learned will not be forgotten, because they are taken up in the following activities. In addition, you can save the words you want to study later.

    • simpler (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS


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