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    13 Best Free Games to Download on PC in 2022

    There are several free games to download on PC that leave nothing to be desired for paid ones. Options include first- and third-person shooters, RPGs, racing, cards, and more. has gathered the best games to have fun without paying anything!


    13 Best Free Games to Download on PC in 2022

    Fortnite is an online cross-platform co-op game where the objective is to make your team the only one to survive. You can form squads with friends and compete with teams from all over the world.

    To ensure your survival, you need to collect weapons, health kits, ammo, building materials, among other resources. Also build forts to protect yourself and snatch enemies without them seeing you.

    • Fortnite (free): Windows/ macOS

    2. DOTA2

    13 Best Free Games to Download on PC in 2022

    DOTA 2 is a MOBA, that is, a game played in an online multiplayer arena. In the game, each player takes on the role of a hero, who needs to help his team defeat the opposing team.

    As it is a free to play title, all characters are available. Anyone who wants to, pays only to add aesthetic items, such as uniforms.

    The developers ensure that no match will ever be the same and there is always something new to discover. Considered a complex game, a good way to start is to train by playing in cooperative mode against bots (system robots).

    • DOTA 2 (free): Windows/macOS/Linux

    3 Genshin Impact

    13 Best Free Games to Download on PC in 2022

    Genshin Impact is an open world action RPG where your main mission is to rescue your lost twin brother. To do so, you'll have to defeat enemies, make alliances and master the seven elements of Teyvat's magical universe.

    As you fight for your goal, you'll have to face challenges like climbing mountains, escaping traps, finding fairies and other magical beings, and much more. You can play alone or in online cross-platform multiplayer with up to four friends.

    • Genshin impact (free): Windows

    4. Smile

    SMITE - Tutorials - Beginner's Guide

    Smite is a MOBA that differs from most titles in the genre by featuring third-person gameplay. This means that the player does not live in the skin of a character, but rather sees all the action from a central point.

    You must choose one of more than 100 gods to participate in the contest, such as Thor, Medusa and Zeus. Be smart and use your divine powers strategically on the battlefield.

    In addition to the Arena, which has the knockout style, the title has other game modes. There are options for Fair (3 vs 3), Conquest (5 vs 5), Match of the Day, Assault and more.

    • Smite (free): Windows

    5. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

    13 Best Free Games to Download on PC in 2022

    Gwent is a JCC (collectible card game) style game set in the universe of The Witcher series. In this progression game, where skill speaks louder, users can choose between three game modes: Classic, Season and Arena.

    Players start with 10 cards in hand and need to define the best strategy to beat the opponent. Do you prefer to show all the cards at once or save the best ones for later? You are the one who decides!

    But beware: if you use the right magic, it can change the entire course of the game suddenly. Whoever scores the most points wins the game and whoever wins two rounds of three wins.

    • Gwent: The Witcher Card Game (free): Windows

    6. World of Tanks

    13 Best Free Games to Download on PC in 2022

    The stars of World of Tanks are tanks inspired by those used in World War II. In matches of up to 15 against 15, players need to choose their armed cars according to the defined strategy.

    With the credits and experience acquired in battlegrounds, it is possible to customize them. There are items such as armored plates, radio, engine, suspension, among others.

    The game delivers matches with massive and extensive battles, in incessant disputes. To gain tactical positions, you must attack, defend and protect your allies.

    • World of Tanks (free): Windows

    7. Destiny 2

    13 Best Free Games to Download on PC in 2022

    In the sequel to Destiny, you will be a defending guardian of humanity's last city. To face enemies, you'll have to choose your character's class, collect weapons and protective equipment, and develop skills.

    To do so, you will have to explore the solar system, walking around Mars, Neptune, Moon, Titan, among other celestial bodies in a cinematic setting.

    In this MMOFPS you can play alone or with a squad of friends. There is even the option to participate in cooperative PvE or competitive PvP missions.

    • Destiny 2 (free): Windows

    8. Dauntless

    13 Best Free Games to Download on PC in 2022

    Dauntless is a co-op action role-playing game where you can team up with up to four friends to hunt down hideous creatures. To survive in this fantastic post-apocalyptic scenario, you must master weapons with different levels of difficulty, power and speed.

    Among the options are weapons such as hammer, axe, sword, sickle, among others. It is also possible to use parts of defeated monsters to build new tools, capable of destroying even more dangerous beasts.

    • Dauntless (free): Windows


    Warframe | The Path | 30s 2022

    Warframe is a third-person shooter set in a science fiction universe. You can choose to face techno-organic monsters alone or assemble a squad with three friends.

    To overcome the challenges in the title's 18 open worlds, you need to build your arsenal, with more than 300 weapon options. Customize your space ninja, explore the environments and move and fight using natural parkour movements.

    • Warframe (free): Windows

    10. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

    13 Best Free Games to Download on PC in 2022

    Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter game famous for being one of the first to allow online team play. CS:GO is the fourth title in the franchise and is defined as an expansion of the already known action gameplay.

    For this, it incorporates new maps, weapons, characters and game modes. In the Classic, two teams of 5 play each other in a best-of-30 competition. The first team to win 16 matches is the winner.

    In the current version, it is also possible to choose to play alone, casually (only one round), 8 against 8, among other modes. Those more attached to the classic version will enjoy finding updated editions of previous content.

    • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (free): Windows/macOS/Linux

    11. Planetside 2

    PlanetSide 2 | Return to Glory | Official Gameplay Trailer

    Planetside 2 is yet another FPS (follow in English for first person shooter) on the list. Here, however, the environment is massive, that is, it brings together up to 2 thousand players in the same match.

    Before assembling your army, you must decide which of the three empires you will ally with. There is the Terran Republic, militaristic and authoritarian, and the New Conglomerate, rebellious and fighting for freedom. The third option is the technocratic and alien-influenced Vanu Sovereignty.

    It takes skills necessary to win battles on four continents. The disputes are so intense that it can take days and allied teams of other players pick up where you left off. The conquest of territories results in the acquisition of essential resources for the formation of your empire.

    • Planetside 2 (free): Windows

    12.Path of Exile

    13 Best Free Games to Download on PC in 2022

    Path of Exile is an action RPG in which the player takes on the role of an exile who does everything he can to survive in the dark continent of Wraeclast. The place is marked by tragedies and inhabited by unfriendly creatures.

    However, more than resisting, his desire is to take revenge on those who banished him from his homeland. To do so, he will have to participate in matches against other players and gain new skills in a progressive race.

    One of the differentiators of this title is the numerous customization options. Collect items to customize characters, locations, weapons and whatever else you need.

    • Path of Exile (free): Windows

    13. League of Legends

    Neeko the Curious Chameleon | Champion Trailer - League of Legends

    League of Legends, also known as LoL, is a strategy game where two teams of five players face each other. Their mission is simply to annihilate each other's bases.

    You must choose one of the 140 available characters, called Champions. The team that destroys the enemy Nexus, where the troops spawn, wins the game. To do this, define one or more routes to get through turrets and inhibitors.

    • League of Legends (free): Windows/ macOS


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