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    12 Apps to Hide Photos, Videos and Gallery

    With an application to hide photos on your cell phone, your privacy is guaranteed and borrowing it for a few minutes is no longer a problem. You apps to hide photos and videos, like Lynx and other calculators are ideal for those who insist on keeping their files hidden from prying eyes.

    They have camouflage, password, pattern or unlocking through fingerprint and selfie of intruders, in addition to other security features and methods.

    Check out now the 12 best apps to hide photos and videos and take your tests now!


    • Lynx Privacy
    • Calculator – photo chest
    • Hide photos, videos
    • Calc Vault
    • Oculte Fotos Video-Hide it Pro
    • VIP Vault Hide Pictures
    • Hide Images and Videos
    • calculator vault
    • Hide Photos & Videos
    • Vault – Hide Photos & Videos
    • Gallery Lock (português)
    • Hide Photos/Videos LockMyPix

    Lynx Privacy

    Lynx Privacy is one of the best apps to hide photos and videos. With it, the user has access to a 5 GB space in the cloud with automatic synchronization. It has a cloaking mode using the appearance of another app and also asks for a PIN to access the app to further ensure privacy. Unlocking can also be done with fingerprint.

    Lynx Privacy is compatible with Android 4.0.3 or higher systems.


    Calculator – photo chest

    Photo Vault is a great photo and video hiding app, working perfectly as a real calculator to hide your locked files as much as possible with encryption and password access. The app is compatible with Android 4.1 or higher systems.


    Hide photos, videos

    Using this application you can hide your files with just one click, as well as access all the hidden photos from the desktop. The app can be protected with fingerprint, pattern or PIN and there is the option to configure which folders will be visible, which can be customized.

    The app also has its own photo viewer, supports GIFs and has a very nice interface, with the option to activate fake mode, without appearing in the latest apps. Hidden files are backed up to Google Drive.


    Calc Vault

    Calc Vault is also a photo vault behind a fake calculator, where files are only released using a personal password or even fingerprint. The app provides a browser where you can download files directly to it, as well as bookmark content to access whenever you want. Files are locked directly from the Calc Vault gallery, which also features intruder selfies.

    To choose the password, just go to the app's settings. You need to take some precautions if you are going to uninstall it, as if the photos are not in the backup, they cannot be recovered after that. A forgotten password can be recovered through the registration email.


    Oculte Fotos Video-Hide it Pro

    Hide it Pro is an application that hides photos disguised as Audio Manager on mobile, with the volume up and down icon. By pressing it, the application starts after entering the password. Files can be shared directly to WhatsApp and Facebook.

    One downside of the app is the need to pay after a period of time to continue backing up your files. It is important not to use cleaning apps on your phone, as the photos hidden in the app can be deleted.


    VIP Vault Hide Pictures

    The great performance of VIP Vault Hide Pictures is a positive point in its favor. It doesn't crash and doesn't contain abusive ads or advertisements and also ends up serving to free up space on your phone.

    Even within the app, albums that are already locked can be configured with new passwords. Hidden photos are backed up to the cloud with space for over 5 photos. The app also sends a notification alert against intruders when the password is entered incorrectly to ensure control of your privacy.

    VIP Vault also provides its own video player and basic landscaping editing tools, such as zoom and rotation.


    Hide Images and Videos

    Hide Pictures & Videos is a simple and secure app that ensures security and accessibility in just one tap. It imports photos and videos from the phone's gallery into the app and then secures the files with a password or fingerprint.


    calculator vault

    Calculator Vault is also a photo and video hiding app with default calculator design. To access the hidden photos, just enter the chosen password and press “√”. It has a private file manager, contact and browser, the option to add notes and fake password.


    Hide Photos & Videos

    With Hide Photos & Videos you can easily restrict your files and backup them all to the cloud. By installing the app you will be able to share private information between devices and encrypt each file, making them invisible in the gallery.


    Vault – Hide Photos & Videos

    To hide your photos with this application, just open it, set your password and create the folders, placing the images you want by clicking on the insect-shaped icon at the top of the application or selecting the desired file in your gallery , click the icon to share and select the Vault icon to upload the photos and videos!


    Gallery Lock (português)

    With Gallery Lock your photos are also protected with calculator camouflage and encryption, password or lock pattern. The app also has features like duplicate photo cleaner and intruder selfie. It is recommended to register the email linked to the Google account when registering the input password, because this way it is easier to recover the password in case of forgetting by clicking on the % icon on the calculator.

    To prevent your files from being lost or corrupted, the settings for access permission and file change in internal storage must be enabled.


    Hide Photos/Videos LockMyPix

    With LockMyPix you can customize your private photo vault and back it up so you don't lose any of them. The app is fake and password protected and all photos are encrypted with military technology. According to user reviews, the application can delete photos that are hidden, a negative point that leaves something to be desired,


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