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    12 status games and pranks for WhatsApp

    WhatsApp has become one of the greatest communication tools today, being used by different ages and purposes.

    Among the youngest, WhatsApp status is a part of interaction and fun, where it is possible to post photos, videos, texts and fun games to play with the crowd.

    Thinking precisely about these status games, we have separated a list of the 12 best games to post on WhatsApp and leave boredom aside. Shall we check? 


    • My reaction when listening
    • I already I never
    • What number would you give me?
    • me x him
    • 24 things to do before you die
    • Stop for Status
    • My Series
    • My biography
    • 1 truth and 2 lies
    • On the cellphone
    • send an emoji
    • Like to know these status pranks?

    My reaction when listening

    This is the first of the status pranks, which consists of posting images and expecting people to respond with a shocking or unexpected phrase. After that, you must copy the phrase in the status and mark your reaction when you hear it.

    I already I never

    In this game, you have to mark with the drawing option on WhatsApp the things you have already done or never done. To I have color is used Blue and for the I never to cor Roxa. After that, just post on status and have fun with your contacts' responses.

    What number would you give me?

    No What number would you give me? you should post the image below on WhatsApp status and wait for your contacts to reply with a number.

    me x him

    This prank is intended for boyfriends or best friends, where you have to choose which of the two stands out in each question.

    24 things to do before you die

    Here the only thing you have to do is mark with the status drawing option the things you have already done in your life.

    Stop for Status

    It works similarly to Stop on paper, you must first ask for a random letter in the status and then start playing using the image below. But, it's not worth searching for the answers!

    Also, at the end of your game, you can still challenge your friends with a letter.

    My Series

    This is a great option for those who love to watch series and want to make recommendations, as they just fill in each question and post it in the status.

    I and my brother

    similar to the me x him, this is another one of the status games where you need to tag who is more, this time between you and your brother.

    My biography

    This game is really fun and helps your contacts get to know a little more about you.

    1 truth and 2 lies

    In this game you must write 1 truth and 2 lies about yourself and let your contacts find out which is the truth and which is the lies.

    On the cellphone

    In the game On the cellphone, you need to use the available colors to paint the cell phone design with the activities you do most on your device.

    send an emoji

    No send an emoji you need to ask your contacts for an emoji and then put them in the white circle and mark what they are in the items below.

    Like to know these status pranks?

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