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    11 Ways to Gain Twitter Followers

    You can invest in different forms of gain followers on twitter to increase likes and retweets, getting maximum engajamento with the public, the success and dissemination of your page. As twitter is one of the most popular and relaxed social networks today, where political pronouncements (including the President of the Republic) are constant, as well as the transmission of news to the sharing of fun memes, it is important to know what yours is. target audience and how to attract them to your network and gain more followers.

    In order to get followers on twitter, in addition to using websites and applications, you need to follow some basic tips, such as having a coherent and interesting profile, with relevant and shareable content. Here you can find tips to gain followers on Twitter and you can start putting them into practice right now!

    Basic Tips

    1 – Have an attractive profile

    How to achieve this? Perfect your photo, cover image, biography and even your username! It has already been demonstrated that visually well-crafted profiles are more likely to gain followers. Look for HD profile and cover images, think of a biography that cites at least one occupation of yours and a username without so many numbers and codes — your name or initials are good enough.

    2 - Post regularly

    With this tip we mean that you should maintain your presence on the site! It is recommended that you appear at more or less the same times during the days. Make posts during these periods so that users start noticing you more easily, follow your content and share it with their friends.

    3 – Get your followers

    In addition to making regular posts, these posts need to be of interest to your followers. so you need draw your audience. For example: are you a psychology student? How about posting what you know in simple language for other students and professionals in the field? Stay up to date with the news related to this topic around the world and use threads to explain theories!

    4 – Interact with your followers

    Is important retweet, like and reply to other people's tweets on the network, so you can share content from important and well-regarded accounts and appear to more users on those accounts. Another important tip is to ask your followers questions, so the interaction and visibility of your account are guaranteed.

    5 – Use hashtags

    Using trending and trending hashtags to create your content or increase the visibility of your posts is a good alternative to gaining new followers through interesting content that appeals to the majority of the public at the moment.

    Sites to gain followers

    Some online platforms will help you gain followers on Twitter through thorough profile management work. The process does not happen automatically where the followers miraculously appear on the account in seconds, after all, everyone knows that this does not work well, right?


    11 Ways to Gain Twitter Followers

    How about making more updates on Twitter to generate more engagement without even having to log into your account? IFTTT (If This Then That) does it for you! This tool generates connections between accounts and facilitates the interaction of posts.

    For example: when posting photo on Instagram, it can go straight to your Twitter and other networks automatically. And the best: it's not a link for your followers to click, but the photo itself. A favorite song on a stream can be posted as a message on Twitter, just as your profile picture can be updated together on various social networks.

    Manage flitter

    Manage Flitter is a great tool for know who doesn't follow you back, analyze the statistics of your profile (how many likes, how many views, among others) and schedule tweets. This scheduling option is the best way to maintain your more regular presence on the social network.

    So you keep only real interactions in your account and follow only those worth following.


    11 Ways to Gain Twitter Followers

    Tweepi is a super technological tool, but most of its features are paid. It evaluates your profile and selects the most engaged tweets through its artificial intelligence, in addition to checking the users who interact the most.

    He too remove inactive users and searches for accounts that most relate to your content — ideal for store profiles, as users who use the network just for fun can enjoy free only the feature of see who doesn't follow back on the net.


    Sprout Social

    11 Ways to Gain Twitter Followers

    Sprout Social is an application that will help you manage your Twitter account and take your posts directly to your target audience! Based on reviews, it works much better on iOS devices. Its features include:

    • Schedule tweets;
    • Monitor important keywords and hashtags;
    • Monitoring trends, flow of posts and profiles that engage in publications;
    • Organize priorities;
    • Access chat history.

    The free trial lasts for 30 days, after which you have to pay for the subscription.

    Sprout Social is available for:

    Android iOS

    Followers+ for Twitter

    Followers+ for Twitter is a practical and useful app to find out who unfollowed you, find mutual friends and find out which profiles interact with you the most. Its features are simple and also include unlimited unfollowing. So you dry your account, leaving those who really interact and can convert your content into more followers for your account!

    Followers+ for Twitter is available for:


    Owly for Twitter

    11 Ways to Gain Twitter Followers

    Owly for Twitter gives you another experience with the social network. It works as a replacement platform with an agile and pleasant interface that has a different update system to avoid as much as possible that you miss a tweet from someone interesting.

    It also allows you to predict the ideal time to post an image along with the tweet and, in addition, it even offers the option to hide tweets that you don't like (such as advertising ones). It is also possible to download videos and images from the platform.

    Owly for Twitter is available for:


    Try putting our tips into practice, get to know the tools available and keep in mind that followers don't come easy, you have to win them over with real content. Know someone who uses Twitter a lot? Share the post and check out more tips by clicking on the links below.

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