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    11 best apps for alcohol or gasoline calculation

    11 best apps for alcohol or gasoline calculation

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 31, 2022 | Technology |

    The price of fuel is constantly rising. With this, it is quite difficult to find gas stations with an affordable value and worth filling your car.

    With the trend of fuel prices increasing more and more, it is always good to have apps for alcohol or gasoline calculation, as one may compensate more than the other to fill your vehicle's tank.

    This will especially depend on the value of the two fuels we are talking about. Making this comparison can end up being quite a lot of work and you can't trust any website or online app to compare the two. 

    To try to help you, we have separated the best apps for calculating alcohol or gasoline. In this way, you will be able to supply your vehicle with the best possible value.

    And we need to agree that price is one of the main factors when filling the tank, right?

    Check out a list of the best apps for calculating alcohol or gasoline below. Just choose the one you like best and that is compatible with your smartphone. 

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    Apps for calculating alcohol or gasoline

    The apps for calculating alcohol or gasoline below may be available depending on your smartphone system.

    Some have their versions for both Android and iOS, while others are available for one and not the other.

    1. Carbonated

    The first on the list and one of the most suitable for calculating alcohol or gasoline is Gasosa, available exclusively for devices with Android in the Play Store.

    This app helps users to perform calculations comparing the values ​​of gasoline and alcohol, having a very simple functionality.

    All you need to do is inform the model of the car or vehicle you are using along with the price of the proper fuel to fill up.

    In this way, the result will be generated informing which option is most worth supplying. Another way is to manually register a vehicle and inform its consumption per km/l.

    When performing the calculation, the application takes into account the calorific value of the alcohol engine, which is on average up to 70% compared to gasoline engines.

    You can also save the comparisons and follow the evolution of fuel prices through a graph. 

    In case you need to uninstall the app for some reason, it also offers a backup function. That way, your information and comparisons remain saved and can be restored again.

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    2. Econoflex

    Also available only for Android devices on the Play Store, Econoflex is another great option for calculating alcohol or gasoline.

    The program to perform the calculation takes into account that the yield of gasoline ends up being 30% higher than that of alcohol, that is, it lasts longer.

    In this way, the app calculates the maximum amount that the user will have to pay in alcohol.

    All you need to do is inform the value of gasoline before filling up.

    The app will automatically calculate the maximum amount you can pay for alcohol, and it also informs you of the maximum value at which it pays to fill your vehicle with alcohol.

    That is, more than the value informed, the application's suggestion is to fill up with gasoline.

    3. Waze

    Perhaps the best known on the list and, although it is not the focus of the app, Waze can also be used to calculate alcohol or gasoline and is available for Android devices in the Play Store, iOS in the App Store and for Windows systems. 

    This function is not used much and probably few know of its existence. But Waze has a list of prices for gas stations near your area.

    In this way, you will be able to view a comparison between alcohol and gasoline and see which place is more worth filling up and at the lowest price. 

    To access this function, just open the app and at the top click on “Where to?”, where you enter your destination.

    A few options will pop up for you, so click on a fuel pump icon, or just type “Gasoline”. With that, the list with the nearby stations and the value of each one will appear for you.

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    4. Gasoline

    Gasoleta is an alternative application for calculating alcohol or gasoline that is also only available on the Play Store for smartphones with Android system.

    When calculating, the app takes into account the price of the closest fuel at the moment and how much fuel the vehicle consumes, on average. 

    Gasoleta takes into account the same requirements as the Gasosa app, mentioned above, that is, the fact that the Ethanol engine has 70% of the power compared to gasoline engines.

    To use the app, simply enter the price per liter of ethanol and gasoline and the average consumption of each car.

    By clicking on “Calculate”, the program will generate the result automatically. 

    5. Consumption

    For a change, we are now going to talk about an application for calculating alcohol or gasoline that is only available for iOS devices on the App Store, Consumo.

    Totally free, the application allows you to have much greater control over your vehicle's fuel consumption.

    It compares the value and average consumption of your vehicle with alcohol and gasoline and indicates the best option for you to fill up your transport at the end.

    Some other options available in Consumption are:

    • Analyzes the best fuels;
    • Uses GPS to control stations;
    • Allows you to make notes about the supply;
    • Records the route taken and the vehicle's air conditioning;
    • Allows the calculation of consumption by supply and details each one. 

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    6. Fuel Price

    The Fuel Price application already differs from others for calculating alcohol or gasoline as it is a collaborative platform.

    It is only available for Android devices on the Play Store.

    With this app, you will be able to consult the gas stations throughout our country, in addition to checking the values ​​of those closest to your location.

    The program is updated by the users themselves and with information from the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP).

    In addition to the information on the stations, the user also has an interactive map at their disposal with the location and can compare the prices of: additive gasoline, regular gasoline, diesel, S10 diesel, alcohol, CNG and with ethanol. 

    7. Snapper

    One of the least known on the list, but not least, the Carango application is also a great choice if you want to calculate alcohol or gasoline.

    The user can also use the app as a vehicle manager, be it a car, motorcycle, bus or truck. 

    The app has a very interactive and simple interface. With it, you can control all the expenses that involve your vehicle.

    As an example, we can mention the unlimited registration of supplies you carry out, recipes and services as well.

    Based on this, Carango also offers detailed data and reports of your monthly and daily expenses, such as average consumption, cost per km, service details, gas station value, financing and etc. 

    Using the Google Maps system, Carango also shows the cheapest and most expensive gas stations in the region, allowing you to make a comparison between the prices of gasoline or alcohol. However, the app is only available for Android users on the Play Store. 

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    8. Alcohol or Gasoline? Which to supply and spend less

    Another calculator that you can use to calculate alcohol or gasoline is the Alcohol or Gasoline app.

    The app is only available for Android devices on the Play Store online store. 

    By informing the value of each of the fuels, this application already performs a calculation with a few clicks and informs which option is most worth it and which is the best to supply your vehicle.

    The data is usually quite detailed and tells you not only the amount you will save, but also how much it can cost up to the percentage. 

    The app can be used in the shortest possible time, that is, you can use it when you are in line at the post waiting for your service.

    Among the other functions available in the application, we can mention:

    • System with dark mode support;
    • Possibility to customize the percentage of fuel efficiency of your vehicle;
    • A system that automatically saves the last amounts spent for future comparisons;
    • Automatically fill in commas and spaces to save time;
    • The keyboard automatically disappears after finishing typing.

    9. Alcohol or Gasoline? your best calculator

    One of the best-rated options for calculating alcohol or gasoline on the Play Store, a virtual store where the application is only available for Android devices.

    The main purpose of this tool is to help consumers choose the best option when refueling, whether between alcohol or gasoline.

    Two criteria are taken into account when evaluating: the average consumption of your vehicle with each of the options and the price of each one at the gas pump.

    The app performs the calculation and tells you which fuel will be more advantageous for you to supply, also informing you how much you can save.

    And the most important thing is that the entire process is carried out for free. 

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    10. Easy Converter – Alcohol or Gasoline

    The application for calculating alcohol or gasoline that can be very useful for your flex vehicle is Easy Converter, available on the Play Store for devices with Android system.

    To use it, all you need to do is enter the value of each of the most common fuels and then click on “Calculate”.

    After that, the value and which option is most worth refueling will appear on your screen, being a great option for those who want to save money.

    In the latest updates to the app, it has also become possible to perform the calculation based on fuel consumption per liter (km/l).

    For this option, simply inform how many kilometers you have traveled with your vehicle and the amount of liters of fuel you have filled up for this and the app will automatically calculate the consumption.

    11. Alcohol or Gasoline? Fuel Calculation

    Last but not least, among the options for calculating alcohol or gasoline, we have the Alcohol or Gasoline? Fuel Calculation, available only for devices with Android system, in the Play Store digital store.

    This online fuel calculator aims to make life easier for drivers when refueling their vehicles.

    In addition to the best prices between alcohol or gasoline, the app also allows you to view the average spent, liters of fuel, distance and the total you spent. 

    The application has 5 options for you to calculate the fuel:

    • Alcohol or gasoline: focused on showing which of the two options is the most economical when refueling;
    • Average fuel: is used to show how much fuel your vehicle yields per liter;
    • Distance: shows the distance your vehicle will travel per litre;
    • Fuel: Allows the user to know the total fueled;
    • Total: Shows how much the user will spend when filling the vehicle's tank. 

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