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    11 DJ Apps to Create and Remix Music (Updated)

    Remixing songs or creating sounds from scratch is possible only with the cell phone through the dj apps! With these music making apps you have the possibility to have fun creating beats with your face or even practice for real and, who knows, be successful with your own hits on the internet.

    Check out our selection of 11 DJ apps now!

    Virtual DJ Desk

    Cross DJ Free

    He was one of the pioneers in this field of DJ apps. It is capable of mixing multiple tracks with the Split Mono tool, you can listen and then remix the remix, apply the pitch effect manually and customizable, visualize the synchronization of the songs through graphs in waves and activate the auto mix, which plays songs in automatic mode.

    Cross DJ Free is available for:

    Android iOS

    Groovepad - Music and Beats

    Novo 12/08/2022

    Create music and beats, apply sound effects and share your hits. All this in a single application. It has an extensive library of unique and offbeat soundtracks where you can browse and pick your favorites to get started. Be sure to check it out!

    Groovepad - Music and Beats is available for:

    DJ Studio 5

    DJ Studio 5 is a perfect simulator of a DJ table where you can remix and loop with your favorite songs. The app has no restrictions for subscribers, no watermark, has customizable interfaces, has several sound effects, provides several equalizers and much more!

    DJ Studio 5 is available for:


    Djay Free

    With this app you not only remix songs from the catalog, but also use the ones you listen to directly from Spotify! You can create loops and apply the coolest effects to your favorite songs. Djay Free also recommends songs you might be interested in based on artificial intelligence.

    Djay Free is available for:

    Android iOS

    Music Maker JAM

    With this music making app you can discover new soundtracks, choose from over 200 sound packs, record live streams just like a real DJ and remix simply by shaking your smartphone! In addition, you can record your own voice and share your productions with other users of the app, creating a true network of independent music producers.

    Music Maker JAM is available for:

    Android iOS

    DiscDj 3D Music Player

    This application has a interface tridimensional Super interesting. You can enjoy the app's mixer or even select a continuous song and add the beats. DiscDj 3D Music Player is so well-crafted in the interface that you can rotate the screen and view the machine from different angles, giving that real DJ desk impression!

    DiscDj 3D Music Player is available for:


    Drum Pads

    Super Pads

    Although it's not exactly a DJ controller simulator, with the pads, which are similar to keyboards, you can create songs or remix the ones you like very easily! Super Pads has over 800 different kits of various rhythms for you to rock your productions. And it doesn't stop there, every week the app is updated with EDM, trap, k-pop kits, among others!

    Super Pads is available for:

    Android iOS

    DJ Loop Pads

    DJ Loop Pads is for anyone who wants mix without limitations! It has lots of different blocks, loops and one-shots. With the volume faders you can increase the sound of the beats you want, apply stutter effects with the buttons and take advantage of the various sample packs to start creating your mixes.

    DJ Loop Pads is available for


    Electro Pads

    This is one more drum pad app for you to discover the DJ in you! There are 90 pads with the most varied beats, exclusive loops and the possibility of recording voices to enhance your remix. Enjoy Electro Pads studio quality, realistic sounds and ready-made kits!

    Electro Pads is available for:

    Android iOS


    MixPads is yet another drum pad app for you to create hip hop beats, record your voice and make your remix unique, create beatboxes and mix multiple songs! There are 30 different types of drum pads, sound reversal effects, super flexible launchpad, accurate pitch controls and many more features to enjoy!

    MixPads is available for:

    Android iOS

    KondZilla Super Pads

    Have you ever thought about being able remix KondZilla's hits? Just check out the app to download the funks and modify them with drum pads! The application has the best beats and grooves, usage tutorials, demo videos, excellent audio quality, multitouch function and even the possibility to record your sound while you produce it.

    KondZilla Super Pads is available for

    Android iOS

    Remixing songs doesn't seem so difficult now, does it? Anyone can be a DJ these days! Just choose some of these super interesting apps and practice as soon as possible. Create your sound and share your experience!

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