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    11 Applications of Submit Applications (Updated)

    The apps send apps via bluetooth, internet and other means help to share games, apps and all kinds of files between android devices. Application sharing can be done much faster with these platforms that make this process more practical and efficient.

    Here you can see 11 applications to submit applications to test and prove the competence of each one of them!


    • SHAREit – Send Application
    • Share App
    • Send App, Share Apps via Bluetooth
    • MyAppSharer – Send application
    • WiFi File Transfer
    • Bluetooth Files Share
    • share apps
    • Bluetooth App Sender APK Share
    • App File Sharing
    • share apps
    • application sender

    SHAREit – Send Application

    Acclaimed by users, Shareit is the most used application to share files between Android devices when the cell phone is connected to the internet or with active bluetooth. It transfers all kinds of files much faster than over Bluetooth and the file quality is not corrupted.

    To send and receive files, both devices must have the app installed. It can also be used to make backups. The app also has online videos, music, GIFs, stickers, wallpapers and built-in video and music player.

    SHAREit – Download All is available for:


    Share App

    Novo 17/08/2022

    Share your apps with whoever you want from this app in an easy way. It backups to SD card, shares app .apk files and more!

    Share App is available for:

    Send App, Share Apps via Bluetooth

    Novo 17/08/2022

    Ideal for sharing apks and apk links with your friends via Bluetooth, WhatsApp, email, etc. or transferring multiple apps from an old device to a new one!

    Send App, Share Apps via Bluetooth is available for:

    MyAppSharer – Send application

    MyAppSharer is a great application sharer. It is possible to share multiple apps at the same time, directly share the APK and even upload it via the Google Play link. As with other platforms, it also backs up apps to memory card and can use Bluetooth or QR-Code to complete the task, as well as other platforms and social networks such as Facebook, Gmail and Dropbox.

    MyAppSharer – Download All is available for:


    WiFi File Transfer

    Another platform that stands out for its efficiency, as well as Shareit. It is much more worthwhile to use the app than to use a usb cable, for example, to transfer files from the cell phone to the PC. It also allows you to share all kinds of files, applications and backup applications to your memory card. The interface is simple, in Portuguese and totally objective.

    WiFi File Transfer – Transfer All is available for:


    Bluetooth Files Share

    Bluetooth Files Share is a high-performance app for sharing files and applications that has been on the market for a while, but remains modern and efficient. Despite the fact that its interface is in English, its practicality allows for easy use. Sending files is done via bluetooth and social media such as Facebook. It is possible to backup apps, share files with Google Drive and Dropbox.

    Bluetooth Files Share is available for:


    share apps

    In a very simple way, the platform delivers to the user exactly what he is looking for. The home screen has 3 main options that show shared apps, backup and settings. Application sharing can also be done through the Google Play URL, by WhatsApp, bluetooth and does not weigh on the phone's memory.

    share apps is available for:


    Bluetooth App Sender APK Share

    The colorful interface application offers conventional usability (sharing applications) and also the management of all mobile applications: it is possible to send and uninstall applications through the platform. Sending apps via social networks and email is also supported.

    Bluetooth App Sender APK Share is available for:


    App File Sharing

    Whether over Wi-Fi or mobile data, bluetooth and other supported platforms, the user can upload apps, backup and manage them by opening, switching or uninstalling. User can share more than one app at a time and use the Play Store link. It offers all the basic functionality that an app sharer should have!

    App File Sharing is available for:


    share apps

    The premise of the app is very simple. On the platform it is possible to share and delete applications, send games only from the Play Store. Loading can be a little slower, but it doesn't compromise the effectiveness of the service.

    share apps is available for:


    application sender

    As the last app to share apps on our list, the platform delivers what it promises, but with less speed than the other more reputable ones, like Shareit, for example.

    application sender is available for:


    Chose your sharing app? Enjoy and check out more tips that will be useful below!

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