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    11 Apps with Puppy Filters (Updated)

    Puppy filters have never gone out of style! With that in mind, we've selected the best puppy apps with super cute filters for you who like to take selfies or make stories with this effect that makes the image much more fun and even disguises that tired face at the end of the day.

    We went in search of photo editors with filters specially designed for this purpose and other social networks that provide cute animal effects to give your selfie another look. Knowing these apps is a good thing for a change and gaining more engagement on Insta, after all, everyone will want to know which platform you got the effect on.

    Check out our recommendations of 11 apps with puppy filters!


    • Instagram
    • FaceArt Selfie Camera: Photo filters, effects
    • Snapchat
    • Sweet snap
    • P123 Photo Editor
    • nocrop
    • Live Face Camera
    • Photo editor
    • Face Camera
    • Pretty Photo
    • Snap Face Photo Editor


    Instagram is also perfect with the puppy filters! That's because the social network users themselves are able to create the filters and make them available to the community, so there's a lot of news all the time! Also, make lives, stories and fix your feed your way!

    Instagram is available for:

    Android iOS

    FaceArt Selfie Camera: Photo filters, effects

    Novo 11/08/2022

    FaceArt is a fantastic camera with effects that includes a free photo editor.
    It has super fun filters, including cute animal ones. Ideal to make your selfies even cooler.

    FaceArt Selfie Camera: Photo filters, effects is available for:


    The famous and one of the pioneering live filter apps also remains a great puppy filter app! New filters are still added regularly, just experiment, take a picture and record your snaps. Enjoy chats, stories, memories and blogs too.

    Snapchat is available for:

    Android iOS

    Sweet snap

    Sweet Snap offers wonderful puppy, kitten and even elephant filters. The app still requires less storage on your device compared to other photo editors, has the Boomerang feature, also features beautification options, facial retouching and much more! Sweet Snap also allows you to record videos with the filter so you can follow in real time how it looks!

    Sweet snap is available for:

    Android iOS

    P123 Photo Editor

    Great app to make your selfie cute or funny with the puppy filter. Also, you can use kitty filter, hairstyle and accessories such as sunglasses. You can also adjust the size of the stickers on your photo and download other stickers for free in addition to the ones that come with the app.

    P123 Photo Editor is available for:



    With Nocrop, in addition to putting puppy face on your selfie, you can adjust photo aspect ratio, apply beautifying filters, add makeup, whiten teeth, touch up face contours, make collage, generate mirror effects, use camera from the app itself and easily share on social networks!

    nocrop is available for:


    Live Face Camera

    Live Face Camera is great for previewing the filter in the app's camera, before taking the picture. They are instant filters for puppies, rabbits, deer, as well as accessories such as sunglasses. The app also has that super funny filter to swap your face with someone else!

    Live Face Camera is available for:


    Photo editor

    This app is super complete: it has doggie filters, several photo editing tools and collages options! They are regularly updated and this October, several cool Halloween stickers arrived. Animojis and face swaps are also more possibilities with Photo Editor.

    Photo editor is available for:


    Face Camera

    Face Camera is the best live stickers app. There is a huge variety: dog ears, rabbit, elephant, sheep and others! Finish your selfie with the beautification tool and filters to adjust photo color. You can also edit your videos and share your edits with just one click!

    Face Camera is available for:


    Pretty Photo

    Pretty Photo has an interesting proposal to add the filters and puppy stickers and put that Snapchat bar! You can even add text and emojis — just like snaps. Also change the selfie colors by applying beautiful filters, modify the photo background and even adjust the aspect ratio with the no crop function!

    Pretty Photo is available for:


    Snap Face Photo Editor

    Snap Face Photo Editor makes your selfie with tons of different puppy stickers! You can even add that mocking tone to your friends' photos by putting donkey stickers. Finally, you can add filters (sepia, black & white or drawing). The app is perfect for adjusting the ears and nose to your face.

    Snap Face Photo Editor is available for:


    There are several options for you to use and abuse the puppy filter! From editors designed for this, so you can adjust the ears at any angle, to social networks with new filters all the time. Try the filters and get lots of likes!

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