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    11 Apps to Whiten Teeth (Updated)

    Some photo editing apps will whiten your teeth and leave you with that Colgate smile! Here you can see 11 apps to make your teeth whiter and correct other imperfections all over your face. After all, almost everyone has something on their face that they don't like and would like to correct.

    Nowadays you don't need Photoshop or professional software to be able to correct imperfections in any photo. Use technology to your advantage to improve your visual appearance on social media in a very easy way.

    Discover 11 apps to whiten your teeth and test the tools now!


    • Photogenic
    • Professional Photos Finalhit
    • Airbrush
    • YouCam Make Up
    • facetune2
    • YouCam Perfect
    • Beauty Cam
    • Pixlr
    • Selfix
    • Perfect365
    • Photo and Selfie Editor


    Fotogenic helps you edit your photos, regardless of your level of editing knowledge, as it interactively shows you how to use each tool. In addition to beauty filters (remove pimples, whiten teeth, by makeup, etc.), you can add texts, apply painting effects, draw, among others.

    Photogenic is available for

    Android iOS

    Professional Photos Finalhit

    Novo 07/08/2022

    Photo editor you will fall in love with. With it you not only adjust the whitening of your teeth, but leave your entire photo looking professional! check out

    Professional Photos Finalhit is available for:


    Airbrush makes your editing super natural and easy. In addition to giving a smile up, you can contour your face better, remove dark circles and also pimples. The app also has an exclusive tool called Blur, which omits several details from the photo, highlighting your selfie.

    Airbrush is available for

    Android iOS

    YouCam Make Up

    This editor is full of features: do virtual makeup (smooths the skin, brightens the smile and applies ready-made makeup) and live makeup (you can choose the makeup on the camera according to your outfit), puts on accessories, makes the diagnosis your skin and gives care tips.

    What's more, he even customizes a horoscope of beauty tips for each sign. In addition to outfit suggestions.

    YouCam Make Up is available for

    Android iOS


    It is the updated version of the famous Facetune, an editor super used by bloggers to improve selfies. It makes your smile brighter and more prominent, removes blemishes, corrects bad lighting, dyes hair and much more!

    facetune2 is available for

    Android iOS

    YouCam Perfect


    It has beautification from different camera angles and applies the beauty filters to videos as well. You can choose how much you want to beautify in 6 levels: from natural to glamorous.

    And it doesn't stop there: it has the option of a face reshaper, which is to give a new contour of your face and provide symmetry.

    YouCam Perfect is available for

    Android iOS

    Beauty Cam

    In addition to beautifying and enhancing the smile of your photo, Beauty Cam has stickers in virtual reality, the option to take selfies in dark places, ready-made makeup effects, filters for food, buildings and environments and even the GIF making tool.

    Beauty Cam is available for

    Android iOS


    Pixlr is a professional editor that not only makes teeth whiter, it also removes red eyes, removes blemishes and automatically corrects the color of the photo as a whole. Combine filters, masks and various other tools to make your photo exactly the way you want it.

    Pixlr is available for

    Android iOS


    It beautifies your selfies in many ways: removes blemishes and pimples, makes your teeth whiter, enhances your eyes and hair, smoothes your skin including applying blush and highlighter to your face, and even edits your eyebrows, improving their color as well.

    Selfix is available for

    Android iOS


    This app brings the best of beautification to your selfies with teeth whitening, face blemish removal, eyelash extension and eye color change. You can also lift your cheeks for a more youthful appearance and narrow your nose.

    Perfect365 is available for

    Android iOS

    Photo and Selfie Editor

    With this editor, you do the basics of beautification — through tools to remove blemishes, smooth wrinkles, lighten the smile — as well as enlarge the eyes, correct unruly hairs and refine the image as a whole, giving a slimmer appearance.

    In addition, there is a collection with several tattoos to apply in the photo as well.

    Photo and Selfie Editor is available for

    Android iOS

    With these apps you'll be able to make the most of your photos and get even more likes! Did you find anything interesting? Try it and share with us what you think!

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