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    11 Apps to Blur Photo Background (Updated)

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    Meet each app to blur photo background from our list and get the bokeh effect in your photos! It's as easy to blur the photo background on Android as it is on iPhone to make any click more conceptual. Each app offers the portrait effect that comes with some devices, such as the latest iOS smartphones and DSLR cameras.

    Want to take advantage of this effect without having to bet on these options? Install a photo editing app that offers this much-desired effect!


    • Pixlr
    • Auto blur background – DSLR portrait photography
    • PicsArt
    • Photor
    • Snapseed
    • Adobe Photoshop Fix
    • Fabby
    • Google Photos
    • LightX Express
    • AfterFocus
    • BokehPic


    Pixlr is one of the most practical apps to blur photo background. In your tools, just choose the blur effect, apply at the desired intensity and then use the eraser to erase the effect in the desired areas.

    The packed package of simple language edits is what elevates the potential of this app. It is very simple to use, it has beautiful filters and full of light effects to add to photos, make fantastic overlays and add text to the image. It's really an amazing photo app!

    Pixlr is available for:

    Android IOS

    Auto blur background – DSLR portrait photography

    Novo 08/08/2022

    Effectively blur unwanted parts of a photo with this app simply and quickly. It has the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. Be sure to check it out!

    Auto blur background – DSLR portrait photography is available for:


    PicsArt is another handy app to blur photo background. In the Effects section, under the Blur option (as highlighted in the image), you can choose various types of styles besides the common blurSuch as focal zoom, radial blur, lens, smart and motion. After choosing the blur type, just select the eraser and erase the part you want to make visible in the photo.

    The application is practical and contains a multitude of other editing features, there are 16 tools, dozens of effects, beautification function, stickers, cropping, adding text, collage, proportion adjustment, brushes, borders, frames, drawing brush, flash, frames and more!

    PicsArt is available for:

    Android IOS

    😱😍 See also Apps to Change Photo Background ❤!


    The Fotor app contains the Focus feature who owns the radial, linear and elliptical modes to blur the background the way you prefer. After choosing the mode, you have to select the object that should be the highlight and the lens aperture. The final effect is sensational!

    The photo app is a social network very similar to Instagram, where users can enjoy stylish photos and post their own photos with various effects applied. It's a good bet, as are the 2 apps already shown on the list.

    Photor is available for:

    Android IOS


    With the combination of the "Portrait" and "Focus Effect" tools, the user ensures that the application limits attention to the object that is in the foreground and blurs everything else. The app also has the “Facial Enhancements” feature, in case the highlight of the photo is the face, adding light and focus to that specific chosen part.

    The effect is not perfect, as it is not possible to delimit the entire area manually to achieve total blur. As such, it's not the best bet for getting the bokeh effect, although it's considered a high-end professional editor.

    Snapseed is available for:

    Android IOS

    Adobe Photoshop Fix

    Photoshop software is well known by professionals for being part of Adobe's image editing package, but now you can count on it on your phone to help blur the background of your photo and achieve the bokeh effect.

    The step by step to blur the photo is as follows:

    1. Open the “Blur” menu;
    2. Select the brush size by clicking on it and moving up to increase or down to decrease;
    3. Choose consistency and opacity levels in the same way;
    4. Paint the area you want to blur;
    5. Save and post on your social media timeline.

    However, the app is slow on Android and the blur brush doesn't allow a perfect selection of the desired area.

    Adobe Photoshop Fix is available for:

    Android IOS


    Unlike other editors, with Fabby you can blur background using filters at the time of selfie or doing lives on social media. The user has fun and uses creativity while editing the photos in this application that has three levels of haze and various effects. Furthermore, it is also possible change photo background, use the beautification effects in the selfie camera, use noise in photos to make them look vintage and much more!

    Fabby is available for:

    Android IOS

    Google Photos

    After updating, the Google Photos application started to identify the difference between the image planes and automatically blurs according to the level chosen by the user thanks to the artificial intelligence included in the software!

    Google Photos is available for:

    Android IOS

    LightX Express

    LightX has a simplified interface and among its features the blur effect is one of the tools that are included in Focus mode. Together with other features of this application you can get the blur result you want without having to be a professional in editing images.

    LigthX is available for:

    Android IOS


    Make your photo look professional with AfterFocus! Select the element you want to focus on, apply the blur feature to the rest of the image and share it on your social media timeline. The application has filters and other effects that make the effect even better when applied together.

    AfterFocus is available for:

    Android IOS


    It is the ideal application for those who just want to blur the background of the image, as it performs the application of the resource in the easiest and simplest way. The tool simulates the blurred effect with several custom filters, guaranteeing up to three background levels for those who want the convenience of choosing the intensity of the effect.

    BokehPic is available for:


    Did you choose your favorite app to blur the background of your photo? Make your feed modern and trend on social media!

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