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    10 unmissable games to play with Kinect.

    Since Kinect was announced for Xbox 360 I was imagining the possibilities and games that we could see, from there many games arrived, some excellent, others not so much, I want to list here the 10 games/franchises that are unmissable to play with Kinect on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, whether games totally dependent on the accessory or even those in which Kinect makes all the difference and makes the experience unique for those on the green side of the force.

    Kinect Adventures (Xbox 360)

    The game that already comes on the console and Kinect for 360 if purchased individually, are several excellent and very fun minigames to play with the whole family.

    Dance Central (Xbox 360 e Xbox One)

    There's a franchise that can't be missed for anyone who owns Kinect, Dance Central is a guarantee of fun and good laughs in front of the TV, I can say that after this game the barbecues at home were never the same, especially after a few beers and caipirinhas people get loose and a lot playing this little beauty.

    D4 – Dark Dreams Don`t Die (Xbox One)

    Can you play with the controller? Of course you can, but the whim they gave to this game for Kinect was something sensational, I think everything I ever wanted from a game for Kinect is there, it's unmissable.

    Just Dance (Xbox 360 e Xbox One)

    Fun for up to 4 simultaneous players, this is one that my daughter doesn't leave with her friends, they have a lot of fun, laugh and dance a lot, love the Froozen theme song among others.

    Fifa 15/16 (Xbox One)

    Here it gets very immersive when we use Kinect, changing tactics, yelling at the team, making substitutions and all that using only voice commands? Something that I as a football fan always imagined and today with Kinect and my Xbox One it's not just a dream, it's a reality even more fun than it seemed to be in my dreams.

    Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One)

    Another game you play with the controller and improve immersion with Kinect, ask Anna what to do and drive more and more focused on the game.

    Kinect Star Wars (Xbox 360)

    Whoever is a fan of the saga should not miss it, the game is very fun and very interactive, I sincerely hope that with the arrival of the new movies some new game from the franchise for Kinect will appear on Xbox One, especially after having played D4 and seen what the new Kinect is capable.

    Fruit Ninja (Xbox 360)

    Cut things through with arm movements? Here with the use of Kinect everything is much better than on Android, the shadow of the player and the sounds of movements improve the experience even more, perfect for group fun, test your skills and also be a Fruit Ninja.

    Xbox Fitness (Xbox One)

    Much more than a game, they are classes that you can do to improve your health and fitness every day, Kinect in this “software” puts on a show and in addition to adjusting your posture, correcting your gestures it even shows you the temperature of the body as it advances in the exercises.

    Kinect Sports Rivals (Xbox One)

    The sports experience is wonderful, I give a special emphasis to the Jet Ski modality, not to mention the tennis that is fun beyond counting.

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