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    10 travel apps to hit the road with no worries

    Travel apps can help both in organizing the tour and when you are already there. There are app options to purchase packages, airline tickets and accommodation at the best prices.

    When you're already enjoying your vacation, you can use apps for private cars and rides and maps of the place. If you go to a country that speaks another language, a translation program should help you.

    Check out below 8 travel apps you need to download before hitting the road.

    10 travel apps to hit the road with no worries

    Whether it's just a night or a long stay, Booking is one of the best options when it comes to finding a place to stay. There are more than 1,5 million hotels, hostels, inns, among other accommodation categories. The application allows you to search by city, tourist attraction or points of interest.

    To make the search easier, you can filter by price, ratings, Wi-Fi quality, location, among other aspects that you consider important. The app also offers daily offers and offers free cancellation of the reservation in most of the available rooms.

    • Booking (free): Android | iOS

    2 Airbnb

    10 travel apps to hit the road with no worries

    Airbnb brings together millions of accommodation options in over 190 countries. The platform was one of the pioneers in transforming ordinary homes into vacation rentals. The advantage over traditional methods of hosting is the comfort of feeling at home away from home. Prices also tend to be lower than hotel rates.

    Just inform the destination city, check in and check out date and the number of guests. You can also filter by preferences such as pool, gym, crib, office, etc. Before deciding if you really want the property, check out the reviews from other guests.

    Payment and communication with the host are made through the service's own website.

    • Airbnb (free): Android | iOS

    3. Hurb

    10 travel apps to hit the road with no worries

    Hurb is the new name of the Hotel Urbano app, an online travel agency. The service offers national and international packages with accommodation, flights and tours included. Ideal for those who do not have much experience or patience to organize trips.

    The application also has options for all-inclusive resorts, whose price already includes all expenses, including food and drinks. Your next destination can be searched on the map, where you can compare prices from one location to another.

    Users of the app frequently receive promotions and can pay by credit card, bank slip and Google Pay or Apple Pay, directly from their cell phone. Questions can be clarified 24 hours a day by WhatsApp or Telegram.

    • hub (free): Android | iOS


    10 travel apps to hit the road with no worries

    Skyscanner is one of the best airline ticket price tracking apps. The service makes it easy to find promotions and allows you to create alerts about price changes on desired segments. To make the purchase, the application redirects you directly to the company's website.

    In addition to flights, Skyscanner allows you to compare hotel prices and even book vehicles for when you arrive at your destination. There are even tips to get inspired if you haven't decided on which place to visit on your next trip.

    • Skyscanner: Android | iOS

    5. Turismo City

    Turismocity - Airline Tickets

    Turismo City is an app that brings together different price comparators for your trip in one place. The service allows you to check and compare prices for airline tickets, hotels and travel packages.

    If you don't find the value you want, you can create alerts to be notified of price changes. Searches are carried out by the main airlines and travel agencies in our country, totaling more than 100 sites.

    • Turismo City (free): Android | iOS

    6. BlaBlaCar

    10 travel apps to hit the road with no worries

    BlaBlaCar is a ride-sharing app focused on shared long-distance travel. In it, the driver informs the route, the date and the amount of available seats in the car. It should also indicate the amount charged per passenger to help cover travel costs.

    Those looking for a ride must enter the departure and arrival addresses and the date. Then, you will be able to check if there is any user driving along a similar route on the indicated day. Each driver and passenger has a user profile and, at the end of each trip, they must rate each other.

    These reviews are public and are intended to help others decide whether or not to share a ride with people. There is also the Just for them filter, which allows women to search for or offer trips only for other women.

    • BlaBlaCar (free): Android | iOS

    7. ClickBus

    10 travel apps to hit the road with no worries

    If the plan is to make a trip more economical and closer to home, ClickBus can help you. The app allows you to search for the best bus ticket prices to your desired destination.

    It is possible to buy the ticket and choose the seat in the app itself. There are more than 150 bus companies available and the possibility to pay in up to 12 installments on your credit card.

    Developers promise tickets up to 60% cheaper. However, we suggest that you be aware of service fees. Some users claim that they are charged high amounts.

    • ClickBus (free): Android | iOS

    8. Google Maps

    10 travel apps to hit the road with no worries

    Google Maps is more than a maps app. The app gathers information about traffic, nearby commercial establishments, in addition to the timetable and bus routes of the main cities in the world.

    It is also possible to check the subway and train maps as well as ask the app to trace the best route to go from one place to another. Whether on foot, by bike or by car. It is common on trips not to have internet on the street. In these cases, the user can download the map of the region they need and consult it offline, without the risk of getting lost.

    Want tips on museums, bars or restaurants? Check out which are the best options near you, according to reviews from other users.

    • Google Maps (free): Android | iOS

    9. TripAdvisor

    10 travel apps to hit the road with no worries

    Despite being a powerful hotel and flight search tool, TripAdvisor is best known for its reviews feature. You can check out reviews from other travelers about restaurants, tourist attractions, shows, and more.

    The free app lets you follow friends and other travel experts and get tips and recommendations. If you have any questions, you can ask anyone who has been to a certain location on the app's forums.

    In videos, guides and user reviews, it is possible to have ideas to plan your visit without falling into holes. So as not to forget anything, save your favorite directions in the app itself.

    • TripAdvisor (free): Android | iOS

    10. XE Currency

    10 travel apps to hit the road with no worries

    One of the biggest concerns in travel, especially international ones, is the question of how to handle money. If the chosen country has a different currency, having a currency converter in the palm of your hand is essential to control expenses.

    XE Currency brings real-time calculations and conversions. Not just for your home currency, but for up to 10 different currencies at once. The app displays a notification whenever the price of the selected currency changes. This guarantees assertive conversions at any time of the trip.

    With a widget on the home screen, you can stay on top of the quote without clicking on anything. With currency history graphs, you can get an idea of ​​how much you will spend, without having to know a lot of math, as the app comes with its own calculator.

    • XE Converter (free, with in-app purchases):Android | iOS

    11. Google Translate

    10 travel apps to hit the road with no worries

    Google Translate is essential for anyone traveling to a country where they don't know their native language. The app offers real-time translation of images, text and voice. That way, hailing a cab, ordering a beer and chatting with someone at the bar is easier.

    See a sign and want to know what it means? Just point the camera at it and the program will translate in a few seconds. See ideograms and want to understand the message? Draw in the app and it will recognize it.

    It is also possible to establish a conversation with simultaneous translation. Right after each one speaks, the app goes into action and allows a chat between people who don't speak the same language.

    • Google translator (free): Android | iOS

    12. PackPoint

    10 travel apps to hit the road with no worries

    If packing is the least fun part of the trip for you, your problems are over. With the PackPoint organizer, in a few taps on the screen you can organize a list of the items you need. Just enter the name of the destination city, the departure date and the number of days you will spend there.

    It must also inform if the trip is for business or pleasure and the activities planned for the days on site. Almost immediately, the app will make a list of what it should need. When putting items in your suitcase, just follow the checklist. Of course, you can edit it to suit your personal tastes and needs.

    • PackPoint (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS


    • Useful translation apps for iPhone and Android
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