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    10 Amazing Apps to Read Manga on iPhone and Android

    To keep up with your most beloved manga and always have your favorite editions at hand, apps for Android and iPhone are available with a wide collection. These apps have options such as offline reading and interfaces designed for comfortable reading.

    Discover now 10 applications developed for reading the famous oriental comics.


    10 Amazing Apps to Read Manga on iPhone and Android

    Want to read several colorful manga on your cell phone? MangaToon might be a good option. Every week, the app releases new stories, from the most different genres, such as Romance, Fantasy, Adventure, Yaoi, Comedy, Horror, among others.

    Despite offering free chapters, in many cases, it is necessary to pay to access the endings of the stories. Contents are available in 8 languages, including Portuguese. If you want to save your mobile data, you can download episodes to read offline.

    If you believe you have a talent for creating manga, you can share them with the community of readers. If it has a certain number of hits, the author is paid for the publication.

    • mangatoon (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    Crunchyroll Manga

    10 Amazing Apps to Read Manga on iPhone and Android

    One of the most popular apps for watching anime in the world has a version dedicated to reading manga. The platform offers editions that have just been published in Japan and features titles such as Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, Coppelion, Space Brothers and more.

    Use the search tool to find your favorite title and pick up where you left off with the bookmark feature. You can also create a favorites list and check information about each manga. It is worth noting that only premium users have unlimited access to the entire catalog.

    Manga More

    10 Amazing Apps to Read Manga on iPhone and Android

    Manga Plus is an app from the famous Japanese publisher Shueisha, where the user can find titles like Dragon Ball, Naruto and Bleach. New content is released daily and concurrently with the release in Japan.

    Stories are organized by categories such as Recent, Featured and Most Viewed and some of them are available in Portuguese. You can save the ones you want to read to favorites.

    The full-screen reader allows you to change the reading direction (horizontal and vertical) and select the image resolution. It is also possible to make comments about the story and interact with other users, even without registration.

    Manga Reader - Free Manga Viewer

    10 Amazing Apps to Read Manga on iPhone and Android

    Manga Reader brings together comics from over 20 different sources. Its precise search tool lets you find stories by title, author, popularity and genre.

    Users can download their manga to read offline and save them to their favorites to receive notifications about updates. Among the features are the automatic saving of reading progress and reading mode setting.

    • Manga Reader (free): Android

    Manga Dogs

    10 Amazing Apps to Read Manga on iPhone and Android

    Manga Dogs brings together thousands of stories that can be filtered by categories, read online or downloaded to watch when you're offline. The app also allows you to create alerts to be notified whenever titles are updated.

    The application offers horizontal and vertical reading mode, and the option to change the screen brightness. It is also possible to select the way to change the page: from top to bottom, to the right or to the left.

    There is also a forum with very active users to share ideas and opinions about their favorite titles.

    • Manga Dogs (free, but offers in-app purchases): iOS


    Google Play SEP 2022

    The Webtoon was developed to host user creations and, for that very reason, it offers a library full of unpublished and high quality titles. Some published content has become worldwide phenomena, as is the case of True Beauty, which became a series shown on Rakuten Viki.

    When you open the app for the first time, you can define your tastes and preferences and, in this way, you will receive personalized suggestions. But that doesn't stop you from exploring the stories on your own, depending on the genre or chapter release date.

    You can read it all online or download it on your phone to watch it offline. In the reader itself, the user can like and comment on what he is reading and interact with other fans. However, there are still few manga available in Portuguese.

    • Webtoon (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    Manga Storm

    10 Amazing Apps to Read Manga on iPhone and Android

    Best sites to read manga online and have fun without downloading anything

    Manga Storm's proposal is to allow you to gather manga from your favorite sites on a single platform. Instead of reading your favorite editions in the browser, the app provides a more appropriate and practical reading environment.

    Among the features, the organization by lists and the choice of reading style stand out. There is also the option to save the page where you stopped reading and download the stories to check offline.

    manga geek

    10 Amazing Apps to Read Manga on iPhone and Android

    More than 40 manga and comics are available in this Android app. They are editions of the most varied genres, for all ages, gathered from different sources.

    You can read online or download chapters to read when you're offline. The recommendations are up to the application itself.

    In addition to manga, the tool also provides free animated wallpapers to decorate your mobile screen.

    • manga geek (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android

    Mango Zone

    10 Amazing Apps to Read Manga on iPhone and Android

    Manga Zone is a reader that brings together thousands of manga divided into categories such as Shounen, Comedy, Adventure, Seinen, Shoujo and more. You can read it all online or download it to continue when you don't have internet access.

    Bookmark anything you find interesting and keep reading organized by reporting completed chapters. To make the experience more pleasant, the app has a night mode and the option to change the screen brightness without leaving the player.

    Simple to use, it basically provides content in English.

    • Mango Zone (free, but offers in-app purchases): iOS

    Tapas - Comics and Novels

    Tapas App (Official Video)

    Tapas is a platform created to help independent comic book authors to promote and monetize their works. There are almost 70 thousand authors and about 100 thousand stories available to be read for free.

    Even though it's not specifically aimed at manga, they dominate the app. The built-in reader is easy to use and lets you view and write comments about the episode and even make a donation to the creator.

    Although there are several paid content, it is possible to watch ads in exchange for points and thus read everything that is available. Most stories, however, are in English.


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