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    10 Puzzle Apps for Fun on Android and iOS

    Puzzle games are the favorite pastime of many people and it is possible to find the digital version of the game in apps of different styles. There are children's options, which use user photos or beautiful backgrounds.

    The number of pieces can vary from 4 to 1200. There are also more modern and dynamic versions of the game, but no less challenging.

    has gathered the 10 best apps with puzzle games for fun on Android or iPhone. Check out!

    1. Jigsaw Puzzles Real Jigsaws

    10 Puzzle Apps for Fun on Android and iOS

    Jigsaw Puzzles Real Jigsaws offers 2400 images to be turned into jigsaw puzzles. It is up to the user to define the number of pieces, which can vary between 9 (children) and 1296. The difficulty level can be increased if you choose to rotate.

    The photos available in the app range from landscapes to animals, including flowers and fruits. But, if you prefer, assemble a board using a photograph from your cell phone.

    You can track your performance thanks to the built-in stopwatch. Your progress can be saved to the cloud to pick up where you left off the next time you access the app.

    • Jigsaw Puzzles Real Jigsaws (free): Android | iOS

    2. Jigsaw Puzzles Epic

    10 Puzzle Apps for Fun on Android and iOS

    Jigsaw Puzzles Epic promises users around 10 HD figure choices that make up 4-625-piece jigsaw puzzles that can have rotation enabled. The themes include wild animals, stained glass windows, statues, natural beauty, westerns and much more.

    Daily, the app provides a new image. You can customize the style of the part, such as traditional, pointed, or square, as well as change the background.

    The user can even start multiple games simultaneously, because the application saves the progress. Upon completing each montage, rewards are received that can be exchanged for premium image packs.

    • Jigsaw puzzles epic (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    3. The Magic Puzzle

    10 Puzzle Apps for Fun on Android and iOS

    The Magic Puzzle brings together more than 30 thousand options of images in HD. The developers even promise new daily photos, taken by National Geographic photographers, to challenge you.

    In all, there are 5 levels of difficulty, ranging from 35 to 630 pieces. The challenge increases if you activate the rotation option. With each completed game, the user earns coins, which can be used to purchase paid images (unless you prefer to purchase them).

    The app has a social side, in which you can share your photos with other players so they can ride. And consequently, you can also use other people's photos for fun.

    • The Magic Puzzle (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    4. Jigty Puzzles

    10 Puzzle Apps for Fun on Android and iOS

    Although Jigty Puzzles features children's characters from Taking Tom and his friends, the app should appeal to adults as well. Its highly colorful images can be divided from 4 to more than 600 pieces.

    It is possible to change the background of the board and check its performance with the help of a timer.

    Although free, many of its images can only be used for payment (or after watching an advertising video). The same goes for those who want games with more than 64 pieces and the option to rotate them to make the level more difficult.

    • Jigty Puzzles (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    5. Cut My Puzzle

    10 Puzzle Apps for Fun on Android and iOS

    Cut My Puzzle has 35 images, divided into categories such as Landscapes, Butterflies, Cars and Animals. This amount, however, can be expanded, turning images that are on your cell phone into puzzles.

    You can take the photo on the spot or use one from your gallery. To make your custom puzzle, the user spends Golden Pieces (GP), which can be acquired with each completed game or purchased.

    Altogether, there are 5 levels of difficulty, ranging from 20 to 60 pieces. In addition to the classic format, you can choose to play in mosaic style.

    • Cut my Puzzle (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    6. Find a Way, Jose! - Train your brain

    Find a Way, José! - Game Trailer [iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch]

    Find a Way, Jose! is a game that brings together 100 puzzles, which need to be solved to help the protagonist find his lost potion.

    The premise is simple: just drag the blocks in 4 directions to find your perfect fit. However, the challenges are increasing and, according to the developers, the difficulty level is not for beginners.

    • Find a Way, José! (free, with in-app purchases): iOS

    7. Wood Block Puzzle

    10 Puzzle Apps for Fun on Android and iOS

    Wood Block Puzzle is among one of the most downloaded puzzle games on Android. The game is nothing more than a "wooden" block version of the famous Tetris.

    You have the mission to fill rows and columns using pieces of different shapes. The game only ends when the 10x10 board has no more space for the next blocks.

    The game is not available for iOS, but iPhone users can have a similar experience with the Wood Block Puzzle Classic app.

    • Wood Block Puzzle (free, with in-app purchases): Android
    • Wood Block Puzzle Classic (free, with in-app purchases): iOS

    8. Mini Meter

    Mini Metro App Preview

    Mini Metro is a puzzle with a more modern dynamic than simply putting pieces together to form an image. In this game, your challenge is to create a subway network. Your project needs to keep up with the growth of the city and meet the needs of the population.

    As with any project, it is possible that you will encounter unforeseen events that you will need to overcome within the expected time. But it is not just the planning of the rail network that is at stake. You are also the holder of the budget for the expansion and must know how to manage it.

    There are three game modes (score, infinite and extreme) and 20 real cities to explore. The Daily Challenge allows you to compete with other players and see who is the best.

    • Mini Metro (paid): Android | iOS | Desktop

    9. I Love Hue

    10 Puzzle Apps for Fun on Android and iOS

    OI Love Hue is yet another modern puzzler, which aims to train your mind while relaxing. The pieces have a relaxing pastel tone and should be harmoniously combined.

    It is necessary to have a keen perception to find the smallest difference between colors, which are very similar. With each stage, the difficulty level increases. But there is no race against time or opponents in the more than 900 levels available.

    • I Love Hue (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    10. Infinity Loop

    INFINITY LOOP StoreVideo (06/2022) Horizontal 01

    Another option that applies puzzle game thinking to a modern look and feel. According to the developers themselves, in Infinity Loop your goal is to “connect various things”, creating logical patterns.

    The idea is that the hobby helps the user to relax, “as if to eliminate chaos and achieve perfection”. Three game modes are available, and in none of them is there any time pressure or scoring.

    • infinity loop (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS


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