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    10 free video editors without watermark for PC and mobile

    Using a text editor without a watermark tends to make your movies look more professional. There are online tools, programs for the PC and apps for Android and iPhone with several editing resources to assemble your audiovisual material for free. Check out the top 10 options below.

    For PC

    1. Movie Maker Online

    10 free video editors without watermark for PC and mobile

    Movie Maker Online offers tools to cut, add effects and text to your video. You can also insert photos and GIFs, as well as use music from a library of royalty-free tracks. The service allows you to add files from your computer, cell phone or Facebook.

    The result can be saved in a custom format or specific to platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Although it is practical, the web app is not the most intuitive, being recommended for those who already have some experience with editing.

    Despite the name, it has nothing to do with Microsoft's publisher.

    • Movie Maker Online (free and no registration required): Web

    2. Clipchamp

    10 free video editors without watermark for PC and mobile

    Clipchamp is an online video editor that is easy to use, even for those with no experience with programs of the genre. The service allows you to upload files from your computer, record directly from your webcam or capture your PC screen.

    The tool allows you to cut, change speed, mirror and even extract audio from video. The user also has a free image bank, option to insert text, filters, transitions, among others. The only problem is that, in the free version, the material can only be saved with a maximum quality of 480p.

    • Clipchamp (free): web

    3. DaVinci Resolve

    10 free video editors without watermark for PC and mobile

    DaVinci Resolve is a very complete video editing software. It offers features such as clipping and tagging movie clips for later editing. There are also tools for manually color correction, image merging and sound editing for post-production.

    It is still possible to insert video and audio transition effects separately, as well as add 2D and 3D texts. Because it contains professional features, it can be unintuitive to use for those who have no experience with such apps. It is worth mentioning that the program is not lightweight, so it is incompatible with weak PCs.

    Just be aware at the time of installation, because the developer tries to embed other products. Just uncheck all options other than DaVinci Resolve.

    • DaVinci Resolve (free): Windows | macOS | Linux

    4. Can go

    10 free video editors without watermark for PC and mobile

    The popular graphic design platform Canva also has an online video editing feature. The tool is ideal for those who need to create advertising or institutional content, as it offers royalty-free clips.

    Just choose the theme, scenes and customize the way you prefer. If you want, you can take advantage of ready-to-use video templates hosted on your PC. These templates have effects, animations, space to enter text, among other features. The result can be saved as MP4 or GIF and tends to be quite professional.

    • canva (free, with paid template options): Web

    5. Blenders

    10 free video editors without watermark for PC and mobile

    More than a video editor, Blender allows you to create 2D and 3G animations, render, model, among other features. As far as editing is concerned, the app makes it possible to cut, insert filters and transitions and change the speed of the movie.

    There are also functions for adjusting colors, applying masks and effects, and adding tags. It is also possible to make audio edits, such as mixing and debugging. The program is more of an option with an interface and features that border on the professional and may not be very friendly to novice users.

    • Blender (free): Windows | macOS | Linux

    By cell phone

    6. InShot

    10 free video editors without watermark for PC and mobile

    InShot is a video editor that goes beyond the easy-to-use basics. It has cutting, filtering and effects tools and allows you to insert subtitles, soundtrack and GIFs. The app also has features to change the speed, adapt to the format of TikTok and Instagram, as well as freeze and duplicate movie clips.

    It is also possible to merge several files, use transition effects and adjust aspects such as brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, etc. By default, free version videos are watermarked. However, just tap on the x on the side and watch an advertisement to remove it for free.

    • InShot (free): Android | iOS

    7. VN Video Editor

    VN Video Editor is easy and free to use without watermarks丨VN Video Editor

    VN Video Editor has an intuitive interface, even for those with no editing experience. The program allows you to add music, subtitles, texts, as well as overlay photos or video, in a picture-in-picture style.

    You can also trim the movie, apply filters, and change the speed at different parts of the clip. Other features available are reversing, mirroring, transition effects and audio volume adjustment.

    The user can also adjust the file to the formats required by the main social networks. The result can be saved in up to 4K and up to 60 FPS.

    • VN Video Editor (free): Android | iOS

    8 Quik

    10 free video editors without watermark for PC and mobile

    Despite being an editor developed by the action camera brand GoPro, Quik is compatible with videos created on different devices and platforms. The app is ideal for creating slides with videos and photos, with modern transition effects.

    For the soundtrack, you can use one of the more than 100 songs available in the application's bank or add a song stored on your phone. There is even the option to change the view, apply filters and insert text in each clip individually.

    For a result without a watermark, just keep the End Credits item off.

    • Quik (free): Android | iOS

    9. WELL

    10 free video editors without watermark for PC and mobile

    VLLO is yet another app option with an interface that provides intuitive use even for less experienced users. The editor allows you to insert music, audio effects and voice recording, as well as subtitles and texts.

    There is also the possibility to overlay the film with a picture-in-picture (PIP) style photo or video and apply filters. The user can also cut sections, create a blur effect and change the playback speed.

    The Chromakey function is one of the app's differentials, which allows you to replace part of the video with other images, creating a special effect. Content can be saved in up to 4K.

    • WILL (free): Android | iOS

    10. Google Photos

    10 free video editors without watermark for PC and mobile

    Google Photos has a basic video editor, ideal for making small adjustments. The app lets you crop the beginning and end of the movie, stabilize the image and rotate it easily. If you want to combine several clips and photos into one, you must access the Library tab and then the Management folder.

    In the Create New section, choose Movie and select the desired files. You can set the period for which each file will be displayed and change the order. The user can also add songs from the app's Library or available on the smartphone.

    • Google Photos (free): Android | iOS


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