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    10 Best Music Players for Android in 2022

    Having a music player installed on Android can be the best option for those who prefer to listen to music offline. These apps allow you to play the tracks in mp3 and other formats. Some of them offer features such as equalizer, Android Auto support, Chromecast integration, timer, among others.

    If you're looking for a Google Play Music replacement, check out our list of the 10 best music players for Android, free and paid.

    1. Neutron Music Player

    10 Best Music Players for Android in 2022

    Neutron Music Player can be the option for those who value sound quality, but don't care about a dated look. The app allows you to play audios of all formats with Hi-Fi technology. It offers features like DSP effect, crossfeed, dynamic range compression, peak normalization, etc.

    There are five playback modes and several track sorting options. The program also has a timer, clock mode and is compatible with Chromecast and Android Auto.

    • Neutron Music Player (paid, 5-day free trial): Android

    2. Shuttle Music Player

    10 Best Music Players for Android in 2022

    Shuttle Music Player stands out for being simple and lightweight. Tracks are cataloged by artists, songs, albums and genres, and user can create their own playlist. The app has an equalizer, automatic playback and a timer to program when the program ends.

    The music player also supports lyrics integrated into the file or through the MusixMatch app, as well as the automatic download of album covers. You can also customize the look, with dark and light mode, and select layout detail colors. Only the paid version has Chromecast integration.

    • Shuttle Music Player (free): Android
    • Shuttle + Music Player (paid): Android

    3. Music Player - Player MP3

    10 Best Music Players for Android in 2022

    Music Player - MP3 Player is considered one of the best alternatives to Google Play Music. According to the developer, it supports all types of music files and allows you to skip items under 30 or 60 seconds. The app has an integrated editor, where you can cut tracks, and a beat equalizer.

    There is also an exclusive section for audiobooks, an option to use while driving and a timer to close the app after a certain time. In terms of customization, it has dozens of themes and allows you to insert the photo you want as a display image.

    With the Smart shake feature, you can change lanes by shaking your phone. There is also access to YouTube videos within the app itself.

    • Music Player - Player MP3 (free, with in-app purchases): Android

    4. AIMP

    10 Best Music Players for Android in 2022

    AIMP offers an easy-to-use interface and many “hidden” features in its settings. The app supports more than 20 file formats, so you can only listen to audio from videos and use them as ringtones. Playlists are easily found in the side menu, as are favorites and the play queue.

    The user can customize various control options, such as shaking or double tapping the screen to skip the song. The program also allows you to configure the output device, synthesize tracker music playback or choose to use peak volume normalization. AIMP is compatible with Android Auto.

    • AIMP (free): Android

    5. Rocket Music Player

    10 Best Music Players for Android in 2022

    Rocket Music Player brings a simple and functional proposal. When opening it, the user is faced with the list of songs, which can be organized into albums, folders, genres, podcasts, among others. The application is capable of playing video files as well as supporting the most popular audio formats.

    The program offers a 10-band equalizer and built-in song lyrics preview function. The app also generates automatic lists, such as the 25 most played, and the user can create their own playlist. It also has a timer, album art customization feature and Chromecast support.

    • Rocket Music Player (free, with ad-free paid version option): Android

    6. Phonograph Music Player

    10 Best Music Players for Android in 2022

    Phonograph Music Player is yet another option for those looking for a simple-to-use player, without so many advanced sound adjustment features. Still, it has a 10-band equalizer, with bass enhancement. There's also a timer to shut down the app after a certain amount of time and layout customization items.

    The program offers integration with Last.FM, the possibility to set music as a ringtone for your cell phone and to include songs you don't want to hear in the blacklist.

    • Phonograph Music Player (free, with in-app purchases): Android

    7. BlackPlayer

    10 Best Music Players for Android in 2022

    Anyone looking for a minimalistic player with a user experience design may like BlackPlayer. The app offers customization features, playlist creation and different playback modes. It supports files in MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, M4A formats and has a 5-band equalizer.

    The program also features built-in lyrics visualization and editing and Bass Boost effects, amplifier, 3D surround sound virtualizer and crossfading. There is also a timer and compatibility with Android Auto and Wear OS.

    • BlackPlayer Free (free): Android
    • Black Player EX (paid, offers more features): Android

    8. Press

    10 Best Music Players for Android in 2022

    Pulsar is yet another good alternative for those looking for a replacement for Google Play Music. The side menu gives you easy access to key features like playlists and settings. Songs are sorted by Artist, Folders, Genres and Albums.

    The user can customize the look of the player and choose to download album images. The app supports several music file formats and supports Chromecast and Last.FM scrobbler. It also has a timer to close the app automatically.

    • Press (free, with paid version option): Android

    9. Musicolette

    10 Best Music Players for Android in 2022

    Ideal for those who value privacy, Musicolet is completely offline. The app allows you to create up to 20 playback queues, whether from cell phone files, SD card or flash drive. It has specific equalizers for different types of outputs and adjustments to control playback through headphones.

    The program has a lockscreen mode, which offers basic music controls even when the screen is locked, and supports embedded lyrics and Android Auto. Its timer system can be set by time or by the amount of songs played.

    • musicolet (free, with in-app purchase options): Android

    10. Vinylage Music Player

    10 Best Music Players for Android in 2022

    Vinylage Music Player promises to please the most nostalgic. With a retro look, it offers several models of turntables to watch the vinyl spin while listening to your favorite songs. The old school issue goes beyond the layout. The app features noises known to record fans, including the scratching sound made by DJs.

    The program also has 5-band equalizer, Bass Boost and volume adjustment features. You can create playlists, activate shuffle mode and use the timer to automatically end it.

    It is worth noting that to play a track or list, the user needs to position the needle on the record. Depending on where you place it, playback will start from a different point in the album.

    • Vinylage Music Player (free, with in-app purchases): Android

    Where to download music for free?

    At a time when streaming services dominate the market, finding options on the internet to download music can be tricky. However, there are some sites that offer free and legal download of songs of different genres.

    These include YouTube Audio Library, SoundCloud, and Amazon Music. our list of sites to download music free of all styles legally details what these and other options count in their catalogs.


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