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    10 best free sites for transferring large files

    You no longer have to suffer to send a large attachment via email or chat app, which tend to limit file size. There are transfer sites that allow you to send even huge files in a few clicks. And the best: free of charge and without registration.

    has gathered the best services to transfer files online, which allow you to send from 2GB to content of unlimited size. Check it out and choose the one that best suits your needs!

    1. Transfernow

    Transfernow guarantees the sending of up to 4GB for free by email or personalized link. The service supports up to 250 files, which can be shared with 20 people simultaneously. No registration is required.

    The user can make up to 5 transfers per day and schedule both the sending and expiry days (maximum 7 days). As long as the URL is valid, recipients can download as many times as they like.

    There is also the possibility to protect the content with a password and be notified when people receive it.

    2. Smash

    Smash is a free service ideal to send giant files, because it does not establish a size restriction. The contents remain available for up to 14 days and there is no need to register.

    There are two transfer options: via email or link generation. Before concluding, the website allows you to change the file expiration period and password protect it.

    Smash also promises to alert the sender when someone downloads the material. Recipients can preview the content before downloading.

    3. WeTransfer

    One of the best-known services of its kind, WeTransfer allows the transfer of files from up to 2GB, as many times as you want. It is not necessary to register to use the platform, which offers sharing via email or creating a link.

    In both cases, it is possible to include a message for the recipient. The main difference is that the link must be shared by the user, while in the email, the service itself takes care of sending the material to the recipients.

    The content is available for seven days.

    4 Google Drive

    Famous for its cloud storage service, Google Drive can also be used to share large files and even entire folders easily. To use it, you need a Google account.

    Just upload the content in New → File Upload. When the process is complete, click on the file and then on the chain link icon (something like 🔗) in the top menu. A link will be generated, which can be shared in two ways.

    In Restricted mode, you must add the email address of the person who will receive the material to authorize access. In Anyone with the link, just copy the URL and send, without restriction of access.

    5. TransferXL

    TransferXL combines security with the need to share really large files. Free, offers transfer of up to 5 GB at once, in as many files as you want, through an end-to-end encryption system.

    The limit is 10 GB daily. The service allows you to send content via email, Facebook, Twitter or by creating a link. The file stays on the air for 6 days, until it expires.

    6. Send Anywhere

    Send Anywhere is also a great option for those who need to share large files. After all, the service guarantees the transfer of up to 10 GB at once, free of charge.

    If you want to send by email or link, you need to login with your Google or Facebook account. If you choose to send directly, a QR code is generated plus a six-digit key, which must be read by the device that receives the content.

    In either case, the download is available for 48 hours.

    7. Filemail

    Filemail lets you send files and entire folders from up to 5 GB free. The service is a good option for those who value security.

    All content is scanned for viruses and malware. In addition, the file is protected by end-to-end encryption.

    The process can be done via email or link generation. In either case, you can create a custom message to explain to recipients what it's all about. Content expires after one week.

    8. WeSendit

    Despite the somewhat old-fashioned look, WeSentit is quite functional. The service allows you to transfer up to 2 GB, including multiple files. You can send it by email or by generating a link.

    According to the developers, encrypted connection is used during uploads, transfers and downloads. That is, only those who sent and those who download have access to the information. is ideal for anyone who needs to transfer large files, supporting single files from up to 20 GB. Content can be sent by email or by generating a link, which expires after 3 days.

    The service limits free downloads to 100 GB per month.

    10. MailBig File

    Another good option, MailBig File allows the transfer of up to 2GB, with up to 5 files each. The content is sent by email to only one recipient and lasts for 10 days.

    If you want, you can include a message for who will receive the content. The service allows the file to be downloaded up to 10 times.

    File size limit on major messengers and emails

    As we have already said, the main messengers and email services allow the transfer of files with limited size. We list below the maximum supported by each of them.

    • Telegram: 2 GB
    • WhatsApp: up to 16 MB (100 MB if document)
    • Facebook Messenger: up to 30 MB
    • gmail: up to 25 MB (larger files are turned into Google Drive link)
    • Outlook: 20 MB


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