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    10 Apps to Sharpen and Shrink Nose (Updated)

    Check out nose sharpening apps that will make your selfie even better! Many photo apps have a nose reshaping feature: thin, change height and resize the nostrils. So you don't have to worry about positioning yourself at the best angle in the selfie to make your nose look smaller, as the app solves the problem for you.

    In most applications you can make the nose the desired shape with a simple drag of your finger. The automatic beautification features on selfie cameras with filters will also surprise you.

    Check out our selection and take the test!



    10 Apps to Sharpen and Shrink Nose (Updated)

    Facetune2 is already a well-known application, especially by iPhone users. It is a reference in the editing of selfies with the very sweet feature of tuning the nose. The best thing is the ease of use: in just a few clicks your selfie is totally different, but with the necessary discretion and smoothness so that no one notices the changes. Amazing, huh?

    The app's selfie camera is practically flawless and it also has real-time harmonization features. The effects on the skin, then, are incredible. It is really worth installing and adopting the app as your favorite when editing your selfies and every detail of them, such as eyebrows, eyes and cheekbones.

    facetune2 is available for:

    Android iOS

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    Pixl – edit and tune face photo editor

    Novo 06/08/2022
    10 Apps to Sharpen and Shrink Nose (Updated)
    Adjust, Reshape and Resize, your way! In a simple and fast way you will be able to leave not only your nose, but any part of your body exactly as you want.

    Pixl – edit and tune face photo editor is available for:



    10 Apps to Sharpen and Shrink Nose (Updated)

    FaceU is famous for its unique filters and stands out for bringing oriental beauty standards as a basis for editing.

    The user can use the app's camera to take a selfie with automatic facial harmonization in real time or with each feature manually defined, such as choosing the type of face, more elongated and thin or rounded, skin whitening, size and angle of the eyes and, of course, total modification of the nose in every detail: width, height and definition of the nostrils.

    You can make your nose smaller, give your chin another contour, smooth your skin, apply super cute 3D filters of rabbit ears and other animals. In addition, you can make videos with stickers and put instrumental music in the background.

    FaceU – Inspire your Beauty is available for:

    Android iOS


    10 Apps to Sharpen and Shrink Nose (Updated)

    On the face of it, Ulike is practically identical to FaceU, but the selfie camera with beautification it's even better. The nose-tuning features are the same as FaceU, but not together in the bottom menu. In addition, the application does not allow the user to use photos from the gallery, it is mandatory to use the platform's camera to use the editing features.

    Photos taken on the camera are not automatically saved: you have to download them and they also come with the water mark of the app. Therefore, the lack of practicality in these aspects becomes a negative point of the app. But it delivers very well what it promises when it comes to photo editing! The finish on the skin, nose, eyes and mouth gives a more youthful and beautiful look and the virtual makeup it's super natural!

    Different is available for:

    Android iOS

    Photo and selfie editor

    10 Apps to Sharpen and Shrink Nose (Updated)

    With an uncreative name, the Photo and Selfie Editor features promote a complete face makeover, but the tools are not so practical to use. As you can see in the photo, you can redefine the nose with the Reduce tool. Just fit the magnifying glass to the nose and then select the option.

    The focus of the photo editor is not just face retouching! You can enjoy stickers, text, filters, frames and other features easily found in the menu.

    Photo and selfie editor is available for:



    10 Apps to Sharpen and Shrink Nose (Updated)

    WutaCam promises to be a real-time plastic surgeon with its tools for beautifying and modifying facial features manually. Initially, its interface is quite simple compared to FaceU and Ulike, but it allows the user to use photos from the gallery to edit with filters.

    The nose-tune features can only be utilized in real-time with the app's own selfie camera that reveals all the powerful features behind your simplest home screen. It has its own beautifying tools for the nose, eyes and other areas that you want to retouch. You can also add stickers, 2D filters and make GIFs and videos from your selfies.

    The amount of filters available is another strong point of the app, although many users complain that the photo loses a little quality after being captured.

    FireCam is available for:

    Android iOS

    AirBrush – Photo Editor

    10 Apps to Sharpen and Shrink Nose (Updated)

    AirBrush is one of the apps that bloggers use the most because it's more professional. It brings all the features of a more robust full-featured photo editing program like photoshop. And to help you sharpen your nose he provides 4 dimension adjustments.

    There are many free tools that impress. Easy to understand why the app is everyone's favorite! In addition, the user takes advantage of the bokeh effect (blur the background of the photo) and filters to edit their photos with even more practicality.

    Airbrush is available for:

    Android iOS

    Beauty Selfie

    10 Apps to Sharpen and Shrink Nose (Updated)

    Beauty Selfie also offers a nose-tune feature, but we have to admit that the application is not practical: the user may have trouble finding the feature and applying it, since the face must be framed in a certain place in the photo so that the effect really works. Maybe with time this problem will be solved.

    You can see, however, that it is quite complete in terms of remodeling and beautification features. And finally, you can apply filters that make the colors of the photo even more beautiful.

    Beauty Selfie is available for:


    Retouch Me

    10 Apps to Sharpen and Shrink Nose (Updated)

    RetouchMe's features leave nothing to be desired to redefine every detail of the body and face. The biggest downside is the need to spend coins to use each feature.

    In the body edition, he earns points even with the need to use the coins, as it is possible to remodel each part of the body separately, from the calves to the shoulders, part by part!

    Retouch Me is available for:

    Android iOS

    Perfect me

    10 Apps to Sharpen and Shrink Nose (Updated)

    Perfect Me is another face and body retouching app that has nose thinning and reshaping tool. Some tools on the platform are paid, but optionally, as those available for free are quite complete in terms of editing.

    Perfect me is available for:


    Download as many apps as you want to test, take a selfie or choose a photo from your gallery and edit it right now! Check out more photo editing apps to make your selfie perfect below.

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