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    10 Apps to Download Funk Music (Updated)

    Check out the best apps to download funk music and listen to one of the most listened to rhythms offline on your Android or iOS! You can download funk songs in completely free applications, developed especially for this musical segment or not.

    Funk music apps will save you the trouble of searching the internet for songs to download, creating accounts on music streaming services to listen with ads or putting up with YouTube ads to listen there.

    They are intuitive and easy to use platforms, with music players that work offline and other features that add to the service delivered to the user. Check it out and take the test on your smartphone!


    • 4shared
    • Funk Most Played Songs 2022
    • Funk music eiro 2022
    • Most Played Funk Music mp3
    • BL Download free music
    • Mega Funk
    • PalcoMP3
    • Your music
    • AUP
    • IAIO


    The so popular 4shared is renewed and with a great version for download funk songs! The collection is assembled by the users themselves — so expect only quality music! Even without internet you can also listen to the songs, in a player with a super elegant look. Browse categories and find your favorite hits more easily.

    4shared is available for:

    Android iOS

    Funk Most Played Songs 2022

    Novo 13/08/2022

    Wonderful app to listen to funk hits. Have the most played songs in a simple way on your smartphone!

    Funk Most Played Songs 2022 is available for:

    Funk music eiro 2022

    Novo 13/08/2022

    Find all the most played top funk songs, in mp3 format, through this application. Check out!

    Funk music eiro 2022 is available for:

    Most Played Funk Music mp3

    Novo 13/08/2022

    Ideal for those who want to listen to music even when offline. Download this app now and stay on top of the funk world in no time!

    Most Played Funk Music mp3 is available for:

    BL Download free music

    Novo 13/08/2022

    Discover the news and download them for free through BL. There's nothing better than being able to listen to that funk song that is quickly becoming successful!

    BL Download free music is available for:

    Mega Funk

    Mega Funk already shows on its home screen several hits of current funk. You can listen directly in the app or download the song to your phone. You can find MC G7, MC WM and songs by many other artists! Mega Funk shows the release date of hits, it's super fast and doesn't take up as much space on your phone.

    Mega Funk is available for:

    Android iOS


    PalcoMP3 is one of the few music streamers that allows you to download free music. Therefore, you can search for funk songs to download freely on your cell phone. The app works well and has a good collection, but some songs may not be in the app.

    PalcoMP3 is available for:

    Android iOS

    Your music

    This application is an excellent platform for national music, with several funk hits (as well as sertanejo, forró, axé and MPB). With Sua Música you can listen to the sounds even without internet, check out the hottest hits and listen to Kondzilla playlists, exclusively! It also has tools to access the most downloaded songs and the possibility to follow your favorite artist.

    Your music is available for:

    Android iOS


    AUP is a great service to browse and find free funk music to download! And it doesn't stop there: you can also download videos and photos without any problem! Directly from it you can listen to the songs, all quickly and safely due to its new connection protocol. The AUP still consumes little battery and the ads are well moderated so as not to disturb the user experience so much.

    AUP is available for:



    It is a very good browser to find funk music. IAIO is super agile and efficient to find the hits (or videos), just access it through Facebook and Twitter normally to hear any desired sound directly in the application. One point that could improve on IAIO is that it still doesn't allow downloading the full album.

    IAIO is available for:


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