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    Without Internet? Check out the best free offline games for Android!

    Who said that to have fun you need the internet? Several free games for Android are available on Google Play to play offline that leave nothing to be desired for those who require network usage.

    There are options for action games, strategy, adventure, puzzle, racing, RPG and much more. has selected the 17 best free offline games of 2022 to spend time on mobile without spending money or internet. Check out!

    1. Alto's Odyssey

    Without Internet? Check out the best free offline games for Android!

    Sequel to the game Alto's Adventure, the Alto's Odyssey is an endless runner game. On a sandboard, it is possible to explore a series of challenges in scenarios such as dunes, canyons and temple cities.

    In all, there are 180 goals to be achieved. For that, you have to face sandstorms, wind vortices, run away from lemurs, climb rock walls and much more.

    Despite having to collect points, escape obstacles and perform maneuvers to obtain bonuses, the experience can be considered relaxing. The original soundtrack and beautiful graphics alone explain why.

    2. Badlands

    BADLAND - Google Play Trailer

    Set in a forest full of mysterious beings, B is an action-adventure game with over 100 levels available. The player controls one of the inhabitants and needs to overcome obstacles and challenges to find out what is happening in that place.

    Your goal is to survive each stage, through immersive graphics and audio that only add to the tension. After all, unexpectedly, you have to face liquids, flamethrowers, ice, magma and water.

    A multiplayer mode is also available, which allows up to 4 players on the same device. In this category, there are more than 30 levels in the best style save yourself if you can.

    3Subway Surfers

    Without Internet? Check out the best free offline games for Android!

    O Subway Surfers It's an infinite runner-style arcade game. To escape from the police, you'll have to jump over train cars, surf on a flying skateboard, jump wires or run on the tracks.

    As you try to escape as quickly as possible, you can collect coins to accumulate points and collect tokens to earn rewards. It is also necessary to dodge obstacles, such as oncoming trains, barriers, pilasters, etc.

    To move the characters, just drag your fingers across the screen in the desired direction.

    4. Plague Inc.

    Without Internet? Check out the best free offline games for Android!

    Plague Inc. is a simulation game in which a lethal disease that has just been identified is spreading across the world. You can choose to help end humanity by spreading evil or fight the problem and save lives.

    If you choose to spread the disease, you can decide the type of transmitting agent, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, among others. Each has a specific lethality level, transmission capability and severity. Which means that for each of them it is necessary to assume a different strategy.

    But if you want to be the savior of the planet, you will have to mount strategies to isolate the disease and prevent it from spreading across continents. For this, it will have to send teams, finance campaigns and educate the local populations.

    5. Eternium

    Without Internet? Check out the best free offline games for Android!

    Eternium is an action RPG game that, despite referring to the classics, is fully optimized for mobile. In it, it is possible to live in the skin of a mage, warrior or mercenary and fight scary creatures such as zombies and aliens.

    Explore caves, dungeons and forests, haunted castles and even craters on the moon. Along the way, don't forget to collect items that can help you on the journey, or cast spells to destroy your enemies.

    The game is one of the few RPG games that does not require an internet connection. However, to have access to offline resources, you must download the contents in advance.

    6. Sand Balls

    Without Internet? Check out the best free offline games for Android!

    Simple and addictive. Perhaps this is the best way to define Sand balls. The unpretentious look and intuitive gameplay make the title so popular. Your objective is to drag your finger across the screen and trace paths for the balls to slide through the sandbox.

    It is necessary to avoid obstacles to complete each level with the most marbles inside the truck. The challenge progressively increases with each step. The only problem with playing offline is the impossibility of exchanging diamonds earned for your performance for prizes.

    7. Johnny Trigger

    Without Internet? Check out the best free offline games for Android!

    The secret to Johnny Trigger's success is perhaps the simple gameplay with doses of emotion. His only mission is to pull the trigger at the right time to kill the bad guys that appear along the way.

    If you miss the aim, you're the one who dies. You also need to know how to manage the amount of ammunition available, so the shot needs to be accurate. The stages are short and, as you pass them, you earn virtual money to buy new clothes and weapons.

    8.Crossy Road

    Crossy Road - Arctic&Dinosaur update

    Crossy Road is a game with a retro look, in the 8-bit style, which has a simple objective: to cross streets, rivers and tracks. There are over 150 fun bouncy characters to choose from, such as a chicken, unicorn, polar bear and robot.

    Although it looks easy, you have to escape from speeding cars, jump wooden logs and dodge unexpected obstacles. There is still a threat in the skies: an eagle on the prowl, eager for its next meal.

    In addition to the offline mode, the title has multiplayer mode on the same device, allowing you to compete with another person using a single cell phone.

    9.Fun Race 3D

    Without Internet? Check out the best free offline games for Android!

    O Fun Race 3D he virtually fulfills his dream of participating in the classic TV show competitions in the 1990s. His character competes against opponents on completely crazy circuits. You have to dodge boxing gloves, giant hammers and roulette wheels, evade pendulums and much more.

    The developers' idea is to offer players the experience offered by the practice of parkour, a method of training to overcome physical obstacles with only the strength of the body. Ideal for those who don't have the patience for long games, each step can last a few seconds. It all depends on your performance.

    The title has quite simple graphics and gameplay, but nothing that diminishes the addictive footprint of this game.

    10. I Love Hue

    Without Internet? Check out the best free offline games for Android!

    O I Love Hue is a game for those who want to relax and unwind. The modern jigsaw puzzle has pieces in pastel tones, which must be combined harmoniously - not logically. In other words, in this title, good aesthetic sense is what matters most.

    It takes keen perception to find the slightest difference between very similar colors. With each stage, the difficulty level increases. But there is no race against time or opponents in the more than 900 levels available.

    11. Adventure Llama

    Adventure Call

    Meet Pablo the llama as he explores ruins built by his Inca ancestors. Adventure Call is a game of the endless runner genre, with horizontal orientation and retro look.

    To pass levels, you have to help the protagonist to jump obstacles and solve puzzles. Collecting coins and scoring points along the way is key to conquering new worlds.

    Coins also help you buy accessories or unlock some disguised llamas. There are zebra, tourist, skull and much more costumes.

    12. Major Mayhem

    Without Internet? Check out the best free offline games for Android!

    Another infinite runner game, Major Mayhem features 3D graphics. The visuals make the mission of helping the protagonist to save his girlfriend from the army of evil even more immersive.

    To do so, you have to dodge obstacles, shoot attacks and face enemies with your arsenal of more than 20 different weapons. The challenge has more than 45 stages and 150 mini-missions.

    13. Sniper 3D Assassin

    Without Internet? Check out the best free offline games for Android!

    O Sniper 3D Assassin is a first person shooter game. The game has hundreds of missions, many weapons and easy and intuitive commands.

    Produced with realistic 3D graphics, your goal is to become the best sniper in the world. For that, you need to save hostages, shoot down helicopters, be agile, and, of course, have a very good aim. Do you accept the challenge?

    It is worth noting that the game contains adult content and its developers warn that it should not be downloaded by children and teenagers.

    14. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

    Without Internet? Check out the best free offline games for Android!

    Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is a gory and fun horror game, which we don't recommend for kids. In the title, the player assumes the persona of Jason Vorhees, the serial killer from the Friday the 13th movie sequel.

    Your mission is to terrorize and stalk people all over the world, from camps, resorts, skyscrapers, prisons and more. All this while escaping traps, the police, landmines and even the killer's mother.

    In all, there are more than 100 mind-blowing challenges to play offline.

    15.Shadow Fight 3

    Shadow Fight 3: Gameplay Trailer

    O Shadow Fight 3 It is the third in the fighting game franchise. In this sequel, you'll need to choose your side in the fight between the shadow world and a military tribe called The Legion. For this, it is possible to select one of three different combat modes.

    The clashes between the pairs, produced in rich 3D graphics, can last 2 or 3 rounds. Through the available commands it is possible to attack the opponent with punches, kicks and throwing spells and objects.

    Throughout the conquests, the warrior can collect various weapons and equipment. Among them are helmets, armor and even special powers.

    16. Space Marshals 2

    Without Internet? Check out the best free offline games for Android!

    Continuation of the eponymous game, Space Marshals 2 is a shooting game that mixes science fiction and western. With a superior version of the scenario, it is possible to accompany the protagonist in the 20 available missions.

    The objective is to kill enemies and collect rewards received based on your performance. There are more than 70 weapons and equipment to face your opponents.

    Your strategy can include the use of bombs to distract enemies, arm locks to immobilize rivals and, of course, use firearms. The important thing is to diversify and surprise to win the game.

    17. Soul Knight

    Soul Knight

    O Soul Knight is an action game with retro style graphics and soundtrack. Your mission is simply to save the world by recovering a magic stone, which maintains the balance of the planet. The item was stolen by aliens.

    For that, you need to face enemy armies and explore dungeons, with the help of heroes with unique skills and more than 170 crazy weapons available. He has no mystery: shoot alien monsters and evade shots to win.


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