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    Which is better to buy: Shopee or Aliexpress?

    Which is better to buy: Shopee or Aliexpress?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 29, 2022 | Shopping |

    E-commerce has been expanding a lot and we have several options of stores and online platforms where the public can make their digital purchases quickly and conveniently. Two of the most used and well-known options on the market will be compared today, so we will be able to know which is the best option to buy, Shopee or Aliexpress.

    But what is Shopee or Aliexpress? Aliexpress is a company from China that has been in the e-commerce market since 2022, and stands out for its international stores on its platform, although it also has several national options. Shopee, on the other hand, is a more recent platform that, although it also has its international stores in the system, works and stands out more with the options of national sellers.

    Many may have doubts about which is the best platform to buy from, so let's make a comparison to define which is the best ecommerce platform, Shopee or Aliexpress, check it out below and make your decision. It is worth mentioning that both platforms have applications and are available on the Play Store and App Store, for Android and iOS devices.

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    What are the best shopping sites between Shopee or Aliexpress?

    Some of the questions that we will compare to know if Shopee or Aliexpress are really good and which is the best option are the products sold, the promotions available and payment methods, in addition to the interface of each one, delivery time and security. So, without further ado, let's check which is the best option to buy, Shopee or Aliexpress.

    the products sold

    Which is better to buy: Shopee or Aliexpress?

    Both platforms organize their product and merchandise catalogs by categories, having a wide variety of products. However, they have their differences in this regard. While Aliexpress follows a more generic category structure pattern, and each one can cover a wider variety of products, Shopee follows a similar pattern, but with more separate categories, where product varieties are better divided.

    But which has the best categories, Shopee or Aliexpress? Both have practically the same catalog of products, with materials that range from everyday use, such as decoration items, kitchen and other utensils, to health, beauty, clothing products, and you can even have access to electronic items. of the most varied types.

    Shopee has a slight advantage in this regard, as it has its own category for books, which AliExpress does not have so much. The platform offers several options for reading materials, ranging from works in Portuguese, to works in English, while Aliexpress has a few options, but they are quite limited, to the point of not even worth checking out. 

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    Promotions and offers available

    Which is better to buy: Shopee or Aliexpress?

    Offers, promotions and discount coupons are a point that both platforms have in common, with a high frequency of offers, in addition to having the habit of putting several products on sale for a certain period of hours. The apps of both services often send alerts about promotions and notifications with shipping discounts and low prices that are available. If you have registered, you can also receive emails informing you.

    But the benefits in this regard do not stop there, as the retailers who sell on both platforms can place their own discounts on the products sold. So, in addition to the discounts on the platform, you can also have a discount from shopkeepers with cheaper prices for your purchases.

    But who gets the upper hand when it comes to promotions and offers, Shopee or Aliexpress?

    Shopee usually has a wider and more frequent variety of discount coupons and free shipping, however, on Aliexpress seasonal promotional offers are more frequent, and in them several products have their price, in addition to the company also guaranteeing a faster delivery to the customer. our country. 

    Another point that the two companies have in common is the engagement offers, where the buyer can receive points for performing some simple tasks and making purchases, and these points can be used as discounts on future products that they want to buy.

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    What forms of payments are available?

    Which is better to buy: Shopee or Aliexpress?

    When it comes to payment variety, Aliexpress takes the lead over Shopee, as on the platform the user can choose between paying by credit card and bank slip, including paying in installments. Depending on which product you are purchasing, you will still have the option to pay digitally, such as bank transfer and PayPal.

    At Shopee, you can also pay by credit card and bank slip, however installments tend to be available only on the card, and there is no possibility of splitting with the bank slip. You also have the possibility to use a virtual debit card, issued by Caixa Econômica to make your payment. 

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    Which has a better interface, Shopee or Aliexpress?

    Which is better to buy: Shopee or Aliexpress?

    Which of the two services has the better interface to use, Shopee or Aliexpress? Both in the app and on the website, the platform of both is not very different, but let's see how each one works.

    On the website and in the application, the user first has access to the main offers and products available at that moment. In the Aliexpress app, at the bottom is the shortcut bar to check your account, news feed, messages and your shopping cart. Shopee follows a similar pattern, and in the bar located at the bottom, the user can access purchases, rewards, notifications and their account.

    Product screens offer images of the product you want to buy, product description and name. Soon after, the value of the products, store information and data on the possibility of discounts and shipping are available. The information available on both platforms is the same, only the form of organization changes.

    At the top of the home screen, whether from Shopee or Aliexpress, is a search bar to search for the product you want. On Shopee, next to this bar is the shopping cart and chat icon, on Aliexpress you will find the camera icon.

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    Who else stands out in terms of deliveries and deadlines?

    Shopee, in terms of logistics, delivers products from national sellers who have stock in our country quickly. If this is the case, a carrier in our country will deliver the product, depending on the distance, delivery may take a few business days or a little more than a week.

    But another possibility is to purchase a product from a store abroad on Shopee. While shipping may end up being free, the delay can be much longer. It is normal for the average term to be from 14 to 31 days, but it can even arrive after that.

    Aliexpress, on the other hand, has warehouses located in the national territory with products in greater demand, so delivery happens faster. In this case, delivery may take a few working days, but it will also depend on where you live and the distance from the product distribution centers. 

    When it comes to international purchases, Aliexpress guarantees delivery within 30 days, however, freight paid. Depending on customs clearance, this period may be shorter, both on Shopee and Aliexpress.  

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    Are Shoppe or Aliexpress reliable?

    Which is the most trusted platform, Shopee or Aliexpress? Both guarantee the delivery of the product purchased by the customer, however, if this does not happen, the companies also guarantee the return of the total amount spent on the purchase, so the customer is not harmed. 

    Although it has this security system, it is important to always remember that Shopee and Aliexpress are marketplaces where independent sellers and stores sell their products, similar to Mercado Livre. Due to this, the quality of the service will depend on the precedence of the store you are buying from, and not on the platform, whether it is Shopee or Aliexpress. 

    That is, we can conclude that older stores within the platform and that have a considerable evaluation and history, will probably deliver products and perform better service and work in general better than a newer store on the platforms. 

    In Reclame Aqui, for example, both companies have a similar assessment, showing the level of equality between them. Aliexpress has a rating of 6,4/10, resolving 61,8% of reported issues. Shopee has a rating of 6,2/10 and resolves 60,8% of complaints made.

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    But after all, which is better: Shopee or Aliexpress?

    But after checking out the main points of both platforms, which is better, Shopee or Aliexpress? We can conclude that both are quite equivalent and reliable, so it all depends on what you want to buy and which platform you prefer to use.

    Our tip is to search for the product you want on both platforms to compare the price and freight purchased, also check the coupons and promotions available, since in matters of safety and product delivery, Shopee and Aliexpress do not differ. very generally.

    The interface of both services is also not very different, as are the benefits and problems presented. So we can answer the question “which is better, Shopee or Aliexpress?” saying that if you feel safe shopping on Shopee, then you can shop on Aliexpress with the same security, or vice versa.

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