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    WhatsApp Pay: how to send and receive money via WhatsApp?

    WhatsApp Pay: how to send and receive money via WhatsApp?

    by Camila Porto | May 7, 2022 | WhatsApp |

    Finally, WhatsApp Pay was released in our country. After being barred by the Central Bank in 2022, Facebook obtained authorization to release payments via WhatsApp to its users. Now WhatsApp users can send and receive money directly from the app. Find out how to activate the feature and how to receive and send money via WhatsApp Pay.

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    WhatsApp Pay in our country

    In 2022 Facebook launched the feature in our country. But, as it was not approved by the Central Bank, it ended up having to go back until obtaining the necessary releases. After getting the release of Facebook Pay here, payments via WhatsApp were released. Not all banks are part of the system, but if the model succeeds, certainly more and more institutions will want to be part of it. 

    How does WhatsApp Pay work?

    The main function of WhatsApp Pay is to facilitate the exchange of money between your contacts. You can make money transfers as well as send a photo to a friend. Currently, to use the feature you need to meet the following requirements:

    • Be over 18 years old
    • have a CPF

    In addition, you need to have a debit or credit card from one of the participating banks which are:

    • Bank of Our Country (Visa flag)
    • Banco Itaú (Mastercard flag)
    • Banco Inter (Mastercard flag)
    • Banco Bradesco (Visa flag)
    • Next (Visa flag)
    • Sicredi (Mastercard and Visa flag)
    • Mercado Pago (Visa flag)
    • Nubank (Mastercard flag)
    • Woop (Visa flag)

    Payments will be processed by Cielo and made through the Facebook Pay system. To make or receive payments, you must have the feature enabled on WhatsApp, a Facebook account and register your payment methods. 

    WhatsApp Pay: how to send and receive money via WhatsApp?

    How to activate WhatsApp Pay?

    The feature is not yet available for everyone, if it is for you, follow these steps to start registering your payment method to carry out transactions:

    Step 1. Open a conversation with the person you want to send the transfer and click on the attach option and then “Payment”

    Step 2. Click “Continue” on the Facebook Pay screen

    Step 3. Click “Continue” to accept the terms of use and other system terms. 

    Step 4. Create a 6-digit password.

    Step 5. Confirm your 6-digit password and click “Next”

    Step 6. Enter your full name and CPF number.

    Step 7. Add your card information: number, expiration date and security code.

    Check out the video below for a complete step-by-step guide on how to activate WhatsApp Pay on your phone. 

    Remembering that WhatsApp Pay is not available on WhatsApp Web. 

    How to send money via WhatsApp Pay?

    After activating the feature and registering your payment methods, you can start sending money via WhatsApp. Check out how to do it below:

    Step 1. Open a conversation with the person who will receive the money for the new role.

    Step 2. Enter the amount you want to transfer

    Step 3. If your payment method is registered and confirmed, click on “Pay”

    Step 4. Enter your 6-digit PIN and confirm the transaction. 

    Check out in the video below how to make a payment via WhatsApp Pay

    Important to know that the payment receipt is optional and will not appear on your balance, according to WhatsApp. 

    Also, to check the transaction details, just tap the chat bubble. Also according to WhatsApp, you can receive a confirmation SMS from your bank after the payment is completed. 

    How to receive money by WhatsApp Pay?

    Receiving money through WhatsApp Pay is simple. You need to have your Facebook Pay account and just accept the receipt. Now, if you do not accept payment within 2 days, the amounts will be returned to the sender's balance. 

    What are the payment limits for WhatsApp Pay?

    According to WhatsApp, there are limits on the amounts you can send and receive. To send, the limit is R$1.000. You can receive up to 20 transactions per day or R$5.000 per month. Once you reach the limits, you will be unable to send or receive amounts until the deadline. 

    Remembering that your bank may have or stipulate limits as well. It is worth checking your transfer limits with your institution. 

    How to avoid hair blows WhatsApp Pay?

    This is one of the biggest concerns of users. WhatsApp scams are already frequent. With this shortest path to money, you can't be too careful. A few simple tips can help you feel safer using the payment service. 

    Set a strong lock

    If your phone has the fingerprint, Face ID or other form of lock option, turn it on to prevent anyone from accessing your WhatsApp.

    Access password 

    If you don't have any of these features, use a password to unlock your device that is difficult to guess. Avoid using birthdays, strings (like 123…), names that might be easy to figure out. 

    Enable two-factor authentication 

    This is a common alert, but many people don't follow it. Enable two-factor authentication on your WhatsApp. This prevents your app from being hacked and misused. 

    Do not share your PIN

    Even with authentication enabled, many people fall for scams when providing their PIN. So know that no one will ask for this number. So don't provide it if someone calls you or sends you a message. 

    Is that you? Have you ever used WhatsApp Pay? Tell us in the comments how your experience was.

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