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    What is beauty chip? What are the benefits and risks?

    What is beauty chip? What are the benefits and risks?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 13, 2022 | News |

    You are familiar and you know what is beauty chip? This is a hormonal implant, whose main objective is to help the user in gaining muscle mass and losing fat.

    The chip is made, especially, of the hormone gestrinone, which, in the human body, is precisely responsible for fat loss and gain.

    Although it seems like a dream, you need to know more details about what the beauty chip is, as it can cause some side effects.

    It is worth mentioning that it was not created just for aesthetic purposes and below we will talk more about what a beauty chip is.

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    What is a beauty chip and how does it work?

    What is beauty chip? What are the benefits and risks?

    Image: Health Magazine

    Now that you know what the beauty chip is, you need to know how it works. With about 3 cm, the chip is made of silicone and is placed under the skin of the buttocks or abdomen of the person, through a local anesthesia to avoid pain.

    The chip releases the same amount of hormone combination daily into the bloodstream. 

    This combination helps the person using it to lose fat, gain muscle mass and eliminate cellulite. But the person also needs to have an exercise routine and a healthy and balanced diet.

    Although not the focus of the beauty chip, the released hormonal combination also brings other benefits, such as:

    • It has contraceptive effects;
    • Causes an increase in libido;
    • Relieves PMS symptoms;
    • Stops menstruation;
    • Regulates post-menopausal hormone levels.

    In addition to all these advantages, the chip is also very suitable in cases and in the treatment of endometriosis, where it is most used.

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    Why was the beauty chip created?

    As stated above, the beauty chip is most used in cases of endometriosis, because it was created precisely to assist in the treatment.

    It has the ability to interrupt the menstrual cycle and relieve symptoms with treatment. The hormone gestrinone was already widely used by doctors in the treatment of this and other diseases, such as adenomyosis and fibroids. However, the hormone was ingested orally. 

    This hormone ends up acting as an estrogen inhibitor, stimulating the production of testosterone while limiting the action of estrogen.

    The use of the hormone orally was decreasing more and more, as other drugs with the same effect were discovered over time. But with the adaptation of using the hormone in chip format, some doctors still use gestrinone to treat endometriosis and for other reasons.

    Why does he have that name?

    Knowing what a beauty chip is also means understanding that it does not have the function of improving anyone's appearance.

    This nickname became popular precisely for the benefits of muscle mass gain, increased libido and the disposition of those who use it, other than the main focuses of the hormones used. 

    But you have to keep in mind that not all women who use the chip will have these symptoms. Some studies show that they are more likely to occur when patients are young, thin, and physically active women.

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    Is there a medical recommendation for the chip?

    What is beauty chip? What are the benefits and risks?

    Image: Option Journal

    Our country's Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics Associations (Febrasgo) states that there is no medical recommendation on the use of the beauty chip, precisely due to the lack of scientific evidence.

    Regardless of whether the chip is used for hormonal therapy or as a contraceptive, there is not enough data to show the safety of its use, especially in long-term cases, including for the diseases mentioned above.

    The safety issue is linked to the inaccuracy in the amount of hormone that is absorbed in the doses delivered daily by the chip. This all gets even higher when we see that the last study was carried out in 2008 and most of the tests were done on animals.

    When is the beauty chip not indicated?

    People who have some kind of heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, liver and kidney changes or obesity should not use the beauty chip, precisely because the chip is a hormonal implant.

    These hormones when released into the user's bloodstream can cause health damage due to the excessive amount of hormones for a person.

    It is worth mentioning that lactating or pregnant women should not use the beauty chip.

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    Does the beauty chip have any side effects?

    If the person does not have an indication for the use of the beauty chip, adverse effects will be more likely to happen in their body, precisely due to the imbalance in hormone levels.

    Among the negative effects, the main ones that we can mention are:

    • Increase in hair on the body and face;
    • Loss of hair;
    • Increased oiliness of the skin, which causes the increase in acne;
    • clitoris enlargement,
    • Change in voice;
    • Increase in cholesterol levels;
    • Bleeding outside the menstrual period;
    • Insulin resistance as they are also used as contraceptives.

    Men are not left out either. When using the beauty chip, there may be irreversible and reversible side effects, which pass after removing the implant.

    Among the reversible male hormones, we can highlight hair loss, increase in body hair and acne and swelling. Among the irreversible effects, we have the possible deepening of the voice.

    How long does the beauty chip last in the body?

    Before answering this question, you need to know that there are two different types of beauty chips, non-absorbable and absorbable.

    The first type lasts about a year, as they are made of silicone and are lodged in the body. After this period the implants need to be removed or replaced to continue their use.

    The absorbable ones last about four to six months.

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    Where can I buy the beauty chip?

    You won't find any hormonal implants available for sale in regular pharmacies.

    To get your gestrinone hormones beauty chip, you will need to buy it at your own compounding pharmacies.

    How much does this implant cost?

    We can assure you that beauty chip hormonal implants are not cheap and prices can vary greatly.

    We cannot state a value, since the client himself will have to pay the costs for the manipulation of the beauty chip and also its insertion in the body, in addition to paying for the anesthesia and the doctor's service.

    Is the use of the beauty chip prohibited?

    The beauty chip is not forbidden. It is just not recommended for lack of scientific information that guarantees safety.

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