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    Views in Stories: 5 tips to increase yours

    Views in Stories: 5 tips to increase yours

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 4, 2022 | Instagram | 1 comment

    With over 500 million users a day, Instagram Stories has long been considered one of the most important channels for anyone looking to sell online. Short videos, which only last 24 hours, have become popular with the public and are now an important part of companies' content strategy. Therefore, many businesses are looking for ideas to increase their views on Stories.

    However, with so many people using this tool, not always guaranteeing a good number of views and positive results with your Stories will be easy. The large number of content being produced and the ease with which the user has to skip their publications is often a reason for a headache for some. 

    There are, however, some strategies you can use to increase your views on Stories. They are simple practices that do not require much effort, but when used, they can guarantee great results.

    To help you, we've separated 5 tips that you can start applying right now to increase your Stories views. 

    5 tips to increase your views on Stories 

    1. Use new features 

    Note that Instagram often highlights publications that use its new features. So stay tuned for new platform releases. 

    Whenever a new feature is released for Stories, look to use it. Remember, of course, to only use the ones that suit your business. If your business is a clothing store, for example, it doesn't make sense for you to want to use the meal ordering sticker. 

    2. Don't post everything at once 

    If in your planning you planned to address 3 different topics in your Stories in one day, try not to post everything at once. Share posts at different times. 

    This will make your Stories stay longer and more often among the first ones that appear to your followers. That way, the chance of them skipping all your content at once decreases and your views increase. 

    Also, this is a way to stay present on your followers' Instagram, so they don't "forget you". 

    Views in Stories: 5 tips to increase yours

    Views in Stories

    3. Activate reciprocity 

    When you post something of value in your Stories, ask your audience to share that content. This, for sure, will make your Stories reach more people. 

    When you deliver something that adds value to your audience, they feel grateful for it, and by asking them to share, you activate the trigger of reciprocity. In short, with this, he has the feeling that he needs to repay you for what you just taught him. 

    4. Use hashtags and tag your location

    Using hashtags and the location sticker in your Stories is an efficient way to increase your reach. If someone searches for the tag or location, your post will appear. This is a great feature especially for local businesses as it makes it easier for them to be found by new audiences.

    Remember to choose the best hashtags for your Story. Use the ones that really have to do with his content. To find out which ones are most relevant to the topic you are posting, use apps like Leetags or sites like All Hashtag.

    5. Make room for your audience 

    Share the Stories your followers tag you in. Whenever someone posts content related to your business, it's important to make room for that person.

    This generates a feeling of recognition and also of belonging to your audience. The chances of the person reposting your share are great and you end up gaining more visibility with their followers. It's almost like an exchange between you. 

    Also, when you share the story of someone who is using a product of yours or who received a delivery from your store, for example, this ends up becoming social proof for your business.

    Around here, we usually repost when a student tags us in a post where they are watching our classes or praising our course.

    These are seemingly simple tips, but when combined with good and consistent content, they can guarantee a significant increase in your Stories views. In addition, several of them are valid not only for Stories, but for feed content as well. 

    Tell me here in the comments if you already applied these tips to your posts. 

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