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    uTorrent Downloads: How to Download and Use Without Errors

    uTorrent Downloads: How to Download and Use Without Errors

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 9, 2022 | Technology |

    You've probably heard of the uTorrent Downloads, right?

    In case you don't know what it is or how it works, we'll bring you the main information about this program, which is the most popular BitTorrent client on the market.

    Initially, uTorrent Downloads had several defects, which alienated many users.

    But over time, it was perfected and today it is used by many people.

    The program became so popular that several versions were created and new features began to be incorporated into the system.

    In this post we brought the main information and explanations of uTorrent Downloads, including how you can install, use this system and the different versions available.

    So, if you're not that familiar, don't know or want to learn more about it, check out the main points of uTorrent Downloads below.

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    What is uTorrent Downloads?

    As we said above, uTorrent is a BitTorrent client system.

    In case you don't know what it is, it's a system that serves P2P file sharing (peer-to-peer or peer-to-peer).

    In it, all network users can act as clients and servers, distributing different fragments of files. Typically, this is done with media.

    uTorrent Downloads is a program that hit the market in the early 2000s, more specifically in 2001.

    Although it has several features (some even very advanced), it stands out for its simple operation.

    Before, most of the program's problems had to do with security, like computers or devices used being vulnerable to malware and cryptocurrency miners.

    Now these problems are completely solved and the program itself guarantees user safety.

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    What is the difference between uTorrent Web, Classic, Remote and Mobile?

    There are currently four versions of uTorrent Downloads on the market.

    Check out each of them and their differences:

    • uTorrent Web: As its name suggests, this is the uTorrent version created specifically for internet browsers. It is compatible with Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Its operation depends a lot on the installation and permission on computers with Windows system. 
    • uTorrent Classic: We can say that this is the original version of the program, which can be accessed by compatible browsers on the computer. They are: Windows, Linux and MacOS.
    • uTorrent Remote: This option allows the user to remotely control the uTorrent program that is installed on his computer. Thus, it is possible to add new files to the desktop and download them to the cell phone.
    • uTorrent Mobile: This option is only available for Android devices in the Play Store. With it, you can download files directly to your phone or tablets.

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    How to use uTorrent Downloads completely legally?

    Many may come to the conclusion that uTorrent Downloads can only be used illegally. However, the reality is not quite like that.

    There are several ways to use this program completely within the law:

    • Internal file transfers: using uTorrent in a professional way, the user can make use of the program as a tool to share internal files in a company, for example. Big names in the market like Facebook and Twitter intensively use BitTorrent to transfer files. 
    • Download government files: Several countries and nations have the custom of making files available so that there is transparency in the government. These files can typically contain government spending. Several countries use BitTorrent to make these files available for download to the public, as the UK did in 2010. This allows the nation to save on bandwidth and servers.
    • Download historical files: uTorrent Downloads can also be used as a memory preservation service on the internet. The Internet Archive, for example, often makes a large part of its data available for download through BitTorrent. Thus, these same files end up being copyright free.
    • Download Linux distribution: Several Linux developers often make use of torrent files to make downloadable .ISO files available to users. This ends up giving the option to resume the download whenever it stops or the user decides to pause. This also allows people who have slower internet access to files.

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    uTorrent Downloads para PC

    Now that you know more about uTorrent Downloads, we are going to teach you how to install the program on your computer and start using it as you see fit.

    Below we will explain how to install the Web version and the Classic version of uTorrent Downloads.

    Our tip is to use the Classic version, which is the simplest and most used.

    So let's also show how to use this version:

    uTorrent Downloads Web Version

    To install the web version of uTorrent Downloads, just follow the steps described below:

    Step 1. Go to the uTorrent website and go to the “Free Download” option in µtorrent web;

    uTorrent Downloads: How to Download and Use Without Errors

    Step 2. You will be forwarded to the plans available in the web version. They are: Pro+VPN, worth $69,95; Pro, worth $19,95; AD-Free, worth $4,95. Each has its benefits and functions. Once you choose what you want, click on “Buy Now”. In addition, another option is to use the “Free” version, which only allows you to download files. For this option, click “Download Now”.

    uTorrent Downloads: How to Download and Use Without Errors

    Step 3. You will be forwarded to another page and the uTorrent Downloads program download file will be downloaded to your computer at the same time;

    uTorrent Downloads: How to Download and Use Without Errors

    Step 4. Go to the “Downloads” folder on your computer and double-click the file. Then give permission for him to have access to your machine. The program will be installed automatically. Just agree to the terms and finish the download and you can start enjoying uTorrent Web. 

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    uTorrent Downloads Classic Version

    Now you will check the step-by-step instructions on how to download uTorrent Classic. We will also teach you how to use this option.

    Step 1. Go to the uTorrent Downloads website and tap on “Download Now”, only in the uTorrent Classic option, not on the web;

    uTorrent Downloads: How to Download and Use Without Errors

    Step 2. As with the web version, you will be taken to the plans page. The free option of uTorrent Classic also only allows file downloads. If you want to skip this page and go directly to download the free desktop version, just click on the link

    uTorrent Downloads: How to Download and Use Without Errors

    Step 3. On the next page, the uTorrent Classic file download will start automatically;

    uTorrent Downloads: How to Download and Use Without Errors

    Step 4. As in the version explained above, you need to go to your computer's downloads folder, double-click on the installation file, allow access to your machine and agree to the terms of use to complete the process. After that, the program will be ready to use.

    uTorrent Downloads: How to Download and Use Without Errors

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    How to use the classic version of uTorrent Downloads

    To make use of the functionality available in the free version, which is basically file downloads, just follow the step-by-step instructions that we will explain below:

    Step 1. Download the Torrent file you want to download on your computer. After. double click on it to open it directly in the program;

    Step 2. In case you have copied the Magnet link, you need to open uTorrent and follow the following path: Files, Add uTorrent from the URL, paste the copied address and, to finish, click “OK”.

    Step 3. Another possible way to do this with Magnet link is: when you are going to download the uTorrent file for download in the program. Some sites usually give the option of Magnet link to open directly in uTorrent. By clicking on it, you will be forwarded directly without having to copy the link.

    Step 4. In the window that will open in the program, choose the folder you want to save on your machine and click “OK” again. In case you downloaded it through the copied link, the file will be saved directly in the folder defined in the settings.

    Step 5. With that, your uTorrent downloads will begin. After it is finished, just right-click on it and then on the “Remove” option, when checking the folder on your computer, you will see that the file is saved and ready to use.

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