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    Tools to optimize Instagram: Meet our 5 favorites

    Tools to optimize Instagram: Meet our 5 favorites

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 22, 2022 | Instagram |

    With over 1 billion active users and more and more resources, Instagram is one of the most powerful social networks for anyone looking to sell on the Internet. To further harness the potential of this network, the key is to combine it with the use of the right tools. Tools to optimize Instagram are essential for any business.

    Here, we have already given several tips for applications that can be used to edit images, videos, choose hashtags and even schedule publications. Today, however, we bring you the 5 tools that, in our opinion, stand out the most when it comes to Instagram.

    Tools to optimize Instagram

    1. Can go 

    Canva is a powerful tool, especially for those who don't have a lot of knowledge in more robust editing programs. He allows create posts from ready-made templates, all in a simple, fast and intuitive way. 

    The tool has a desktop version and also an application, available for IOS and Android, so you can create directly from your cell phone. It's ideal for those who don't have a design team but want to create beautiful posts for Instagram. 

    2. Inshot 

    Videos are increasingly popular on Instagram, so having a good editor is super important. Inshot is a free tool that has several editing options.

    He allows edit posts for feed and stories. With it, you can add texts, emojis and music to your videos. Here, for example, many of my students choose this tool when they need to subtitle content. 

    The tool does not have a web version, but it is available for download on Android and IOS devices. 

    3. Linktree

    Linktree is the tool that will help you with the famous *link in bio*. He is what we call link bundler. With it, you configure a main link, which will direct you to a page with other addresses that you need to disclose. 

    I've been using Linktree for some time on my profile and it helps me a lot, since Instagram only allows you to post a link in the bio and doesn't let you add clickable links in the posts.

    With that, whoever accesses the link that is available in my profile, finds a series of buttons that direct to my site and my trainings. If you want to check out my Linktree, just click here. 

    Tools to optimize Instagram has a free plan as well as a paid option. All the configuration is done directly on the website, there is no need to download applications. 

     4. Leetags

    Leetags is an application, available for Android and IOS, that will help you to find the best hashtags for your publications. Just search for a topic, and the tool will tell you the best tags related to your search.  

    The 100 most used hashtags in the world: check out our list

    With this, you select the ones you want to use and you can copy them to include in your Instagram post. You can also save the list with the hashtags you've chosen so you can use them again in other posts. 

    5. MLabs

    In terms of scheduling posts, we have MLabs. This is a robust social media management tool that supports not only Instagram but other networks like LinkedIn and Youtube.

    With it, it is also possible to schedule posts in the Instagram feed and for IGTV. However, the highlight here is that MLabs allows scheduling of Stories, something we can't do directly through Creator Studio. 

    The nice thing is that, when schedule the stories, you can continue using the gif, sticker, questions, poll, mentions and link features. There is also an integration with Canva, which can further streamline your content production process.

    Mlabs is a paid tool, but it has a free trial period. 

    Tools to optimize Instagram: Meet our 5 favorites

    These are some of the main tools for Instagram that we use here in my business and that I recommend to my students. I believe that with them, you can optimize your time and create even better and richer content for your audience.  

    Do you have another Tools to optimize Instagram that you use and would like to recommend? Tell me which one it is in the comments.

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