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    The best content tips for Instagram

    The best content tips for Instagram

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 21, 2022 | Instagram | 1 comment

    If you work with Instagram or are starting to use the social network and aim to grow more and more, you need to know how to produce more content and what makes your profile more noticed and more hits. In order to help you with this, we have separated The best content tips for Instagram that will help you grow and have more post ideas for the social network. You can develop more and more post ideas just with planning. 

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    The best content tips for Instagram

    Utilize o repost

    Also called a Regram, the repost is nothing more, nothing less than sharing a post from other profiles on your feed, with due credit, of course. This content option could end up allowing you to reach more and more users and increase your views and interactions. What's more, this type of content will need less time to be posted to your feed. 

    But make no mistake, using this option can always end up harming rather than helping, an Instagram account should be focused on the user's own publications and not on other profiles. So use the repost wisely and only when necessary. Instagram does not have a tool that allows you to repost, but there are apps and programs that can help you with that and they are quite simple and easy to use. 

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    Post about your services and work done

    Instagram can be a work tool depending on how it is used. If you have other ways of working, such as recording a podcast or video for YouTube, if you work in a company, if you do manual work, if you sell a product, etc., it is always important to show this on Instagram.

    Show your followers that you too have a life and other ways to work outside of social media. And a tip is to try to be as natural as possible in the video or photo that you will make showing this, be spontaneous so that the content does not look like an advertisement, but something natural.

    show behind the scenes

    There is a whole process of recording stories and videos, time and preparation for taking a photo, setting up a timeline, researching, editing and many other things that need to be done before posting something on Instagram. So why not show it to your followers? Take a simpler photo, without much editing, show that you are producing something for your audience, increase interaction and proximity with followers.

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    If recording a video, show camera placement or open editing program, show the scene or person who is helping you. Showing the day-to-day is always something that fits very well on Instagram, and it also shows your followers that you are there working for them. 

    celebrate moments

    Even if you use Instagram as a work tool, it remains a photo and video sharing social network, so share moments too. If you're celebrating something, whether it's a birthday, an achievement, show it to your followers. This is especially true if it's work-related, if it's your Instagram profile's birthday, if you've accomplished a goal you set at the beginning of work, and the like. Be sure to celebrate, followers may like to see.


    Be creative, try to differentiate yourself from what other accounts on the platform do. Of course, this is easier said than done, but whenever possible try to be unique in your profile. This does not mean that you are prohibited from posting like everyone else on the social network or from posting more simplified, quite the opposite. The act of innovating does not have to be constant, it can be something periodic. It is important to have this mix between the new and unique and what already works in normal posts, know how to balance, but remember, also know how to be creative. 

    share your knowledge

    If you have knowledge of a certain area, if you have training, courses, try to pass the knowledge on to your followers, as this can be an attraction for them to continue following you and interacting in your publications. You can use carousel posts to explain something, give tips. Or use stories and IGTV tools to post videos explaining how to do something. It is worth remembering that it can be anything, from a recipe that you make well or something related to your work and / or training. 

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    Talk about current affairs in your niche

    If your profile has a target audience and is niche to talk about a specific topic, it's always good to bring current information about it and keep your audience updated. You can do this through a feed post and talk about it in the description, you can use the stories tool or even record a video for IGTV. For example, if your profile is focused on talking about cinema, always try to bring the news of the productions that will be released, trailers, premiere dates, recently released information, etc. 

    Don't just stick to photos and stories – post videos

    The best content tips for Instagram

    Remember, Instagram is a photo and video tool, don't just get stuck on picture posts in feed and stories. While producing a video to post on IGTV, for example, can be more labor-intensive and time-consuming, it can turn out to be well worth it.

    What's more, it doesn't have to be a very complex video, you can make short videos through the Reels tool, giving your quick opinion on something, showing something interesting, sharing information and other things. More and more people spend their time on the internet watching videos, so if you don't know that, you're wasting this chance. 

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    post polls

    The best content tips for Instagram

    It's always good to stay close and interact with the public, and polls can be a really fun way to do that. You can also use this Instagram tool to ask your audience what type of content they most want to see on your profile and ask questions about a certain topic to get the opinion of your followers, for example. In addition, people usually love to answer polls, so this can bring profile and follower closer and make them feel heard.

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    do lives

    The best content tips for Instagram

    With lives you can end up generating greater engagement between your profile and the public, and consequently greater interaction. You can have a productive chat to talk about a certain subject, inform, give your testimony, debate with a guest.

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    But nothing prevents you from creating a freer live, without having a specific subject, just staying there having fun and talking to your followers. It's always good to have lives, but it's also always good to have this kind of variation so they don't be "heavy" and serious lives at all times.  

    Crie hashtags

    Using more popular hashtags can end up increasing the competition that your posts will have with other profiles that also used the same hashtags. So the tip to get around this is to create your own hashtags and ask your followers to also upload it in their posts and in the social network search.

    You can dedicate a post to it and ask for it in the caption or even in your stories. Another solution is to use hashtags that are not used much.

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    Assemble albums

    The best content tips for Instagram

    Instagram also has a carousel post option, which is a post that allows many more images, up to 10 in the same post. In addition to preventing your feed from being overloaded with a series of posts on the same topic, you can use this tool to create albums.

    It is possible to share the photos of those moments of celebration that we mentioned before, or create images talking about a certain topic, or being creative to talk about what you think is best in the way you think is best. But be sure to use the albums, in addition to retaining the follower, you also maintain a certain organization in the profile. 

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    make mosaics

    Another interesting publication format that can give your feed a different look are mosaic posts. If you have an interesting image you don't need to post it all at once, you can cut it into several pieces and post it as separate images. That way, when someone opens your feed, they'll see several posts that together make up a single image. Doing this yourself can be a bit of a pain, but if you do your research you can find tools that do it for you.

    create highlights

    The best content tips for Instagram

    On your Instagram profile there is also the possibility to create the famous highlights, and this can be a great tool. You can create stories and leave them in these highlights, so they won't disappear after 24 hours.

    If you are taking a trip, participating in an event, promoting your product, explaining something, highlights can leave stories organized by category. Furthermore, the follower will be able to have access to the content whenever they want. 

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    Use the Boomerang Tool

    With the boomerang tool you can turn a dull moment of your day into something super fun for the public to watch and thus, consequently, content for your profile. If you're just having a meal, going to a movie or series to relax, reading a report, writing a script or some other such activity, create these little looping videos as you do the activity. Furthermore, it will take very little time to do this. 

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    Instagram posting tips

    If you want to grow on Instagram, you need engagement, to have engagement you need to have content and to have content you need to have an organization to create posts for your profile on the social network. To help you, we've separated some content tips for Instagram and how to put together a strategy, just follow the step-by-step guide below and you'll get content ideas per month.

    Step 1. Decide the number of postings per month

    First of all, you must know how many posts you want to make per month. This will depend on the reach of your profile, you need to know how many publications per week the reach will be greater. The tip is to start with three posts and follow Instagram data to see your numbers.

    With that, you can adjust and know if you should post more or less during the week. By doing this, you will also be able to gather information about the best times and days to post. And remember, you should consider the quality of the posts and not the quantity.

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    Step 2. Define the categories you will post in

    This is nothing more than the topics that have some relation to your profile and that you will work on. To assemble the topics, just answer the following questions:

    • What will your target audience be?
    • What are the main content that this audience likes to see?
    • What are your expertise to produce content for your target audience?
    • What do you intend to achieve with your profile? (Goal)

    By answering all the questions, you will get the ability to create content useful to your target audience and a purpose to work with your profile. 

    Step 3. Research and think of new ideas

    Once you've defined the categories you'll cover on your profile, it's time to come up with ideas to start producing content. You can use some platforms for this, such as searching Google, Pinterest, Facebook groups and pages, Twitter, Instagram itself and social networks. 

    An example of how to use Google to get ideas is when searching on your categories and observing the main results that appear on Google, you can know what else is searched by the public on that particular subject. After that, just start producing content based on the main results that appeared. What's more, Google is also a great place to find Instagram content tips.

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    One tool you can also use to get ideas is Ubersuggest. All you need to do is type in the keyword on the subject you want and the platform will generate several keyword suggestions. Then just adapt to content ideas, as they are words related to a certain subject.

    If you are having difficulty posting, a suggestion is to start posting the famous motivational phrases and quotes, which generate a lot of engagement and can work until you come up with a new idea.

    Step 4. Produce the content

    After solving all the issues mentioned above, it's time to take care of content production. If you want to share information, assemble graphics and images, some tools that can help you are PowerPoint and Canva, which are focused precisely on the production of graphic elements. If you already have more knowledge, you can also use PhotoShop, which tends to be more complicated. Another option if you are looking to make simple edits or simple montages is PhotoScape.

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    Step 5. Set the publishing order

    After finishing the creation process, it's time to organize the order in which you will make the posts. It is important to organize in a more varied way, but also complementary. The tip is for you to assemble a board that uses colors as a way of maintaining order, or in a way that is easier for you to understand the order of posting the contents. Don't forget, it's always important to rotate between the categories you cover in your profile.

    Step 6. Plan dates and captions

    Once you have the order you want to publish, it's time to get the subtitles ready and organize the best posting dates. To do this, you can use apps and other tools as a form of organization, such as setting up a spreadsheet, putting a reminder on your cell phone's own calendar or using some tool that schedules posts.

    Do not forget to also leave, in advance, the captions of each of the images ready. The caption is what will arouse the desire of the follower to share, like or comment, it will be the main reason for the engagement to occur.

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    Step 7. Choose hashtags carefully

    What will increase the reach of your post are hashtags, making your post reach people who do not follow you, for example, thus resulting in the growth of your profile. In addition, the more reactions and interactions a photo has, the more it will be among the top posts on the platform, gaining more exposure. 

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    But remember what we said above, don't use tags that were used a lot by other profiles, this increases competition. Try to create your own hashtags or make use of the least used ones on Instagram, this is always a good thing. 

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