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    The 22 best video ideas for Tik Tok

    The 22 best video ideas for Tik Tok

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 21, 2022 | Social Networks | two

    Do you want to have a large audience on social media? See below for some video ideas for Tik Tok. This is one of the main video sharing social networks available for Android and iOS devices. The range of recorded content categories is huge, ranging from challenges to voiceovers and tutorials, for example.

    If you want to become a digital influencer, it's important to know what videos can provide and facilitate growth on Tik Tok.  

    Seeking to help you in the production of content for this platform, we have separated some video ideas for Tik Tok. Just check out each one and see which best fits your content type and account niche. 

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    Video ideas for Tik Tok

    1. Do social media challenges

    One of the main videos on the social network Tik Tok can be the challenges, which usually yield a lot of views.

    The 22 best video ideas for Tik Tok

    Some examples we have are the Ice Bucket Challenge and Flip the Switch. This is one of several video ideas for Tik Tok that tend to go viral easily not only on this social network, but on others like Instagram and Twitter. If you want to gain more and more followers, then being informed of which challenges are on the rise and reproducing them on your profile can be a good way to go. 

    What's more, you can create your own challenge and launch a new fashion on the internet. Just record the video performing the challenge and post with your own hashtag to apply for the most popular ones. The chances of it succeeding and spreading can be great.

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    2. Use hashtags and trends

    This is one more tip for searching content. Keep an eye out for trending hashtags on Tik Tok and see what kind of video has gone viral right now. By playing these most popular content, you will be able to reach more people and, consequently, more engagement and followers.

    This strategy can work because you already know that this particular type of content goes viral easily. In this case, you will only be playing and “catching the wave” of success. This is a great way to get video ideas for Tik Tok. 

    3. Do dances

    One of the biggest successes on the video platform is the dance productions. It's pretty hard to run your FYP and not come across a video of someone dancing to some viral song.

    Many content creators post these types of videos not only to showcase their dancing talent, but also because they are easy and almost sure to be successful on the social network. So if you are looking for followers and have some talent for dancing, playing this kind of content can be one of the best video ideas for Tik Tok.

    4. Imitation of songs

    If you're the type who likes to sing in the shower or lip-sync songs, this is one of the best video ideas for Tik Tok you could play.

    This type of content basically consists of you lip syncing with some music and recording a video, and you can even simulate a scene that references the lyrics, for example.

    This type of video usually attracts a lot of views on the platform as the audience likes it a lot.

    5. Reconstitute dialogues

    Reconstituting dialogue is basically the same as the imitations of songs mentioned above. However, instead of narrating songs, you will narrate famous dialogues.

    The 22 best video ideas for Tik Tok

    They can be dialogues from movies and series, recreating certain scenes or they can also be interviews, WhatsApp audios or several other types.

    The important thing is that this content is very present and it is one of the best video ideas for Tik Tok. The best thing about this type of video is that you can record it alone or with your friends and family, being able to dub not only an audio, but an entire conversation. 

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    6. Make animal videos

    If you have a pet, then it will probably be a hit on the social network, after all, who doesn't like to see videos of cute animals, right? Success is even more guaranteed if your pet knows how to do something unique.

    We have several examples of pets that were and are still very successful on Tik Tok, such as Gudan the Gray Husky and his sister Blant the Duchess. We also have the cockatiel Marcelinho and the duo Bica and Mada.

    That is, having an animal-focused profile can be one of the best video ideas for Tik Tok as it is almost a guarantee of success.

    7. Teach some kind of art

    This is one of the video ideas for Tik Tok aimed at artists. If you have some talent like painting, drawing, sculpting, ceramics, etc., you can attract a large audience, especially if you are in a specific niche.

    All you need to do is record a video performing your art and post it on Tik Tok. But don't worry if it gets big. You just speed up the speed and if it's still a long content, you can split it into several videos and name it as part 1, part 2 and so on.

    8. Answering questions

    If you already have a substantial following, then why not give them a voice? You can ask them to post questions in the comments of a video and you will answer some.

    A good way to do this is with your still photos in the background and a written question or, as most people prefer to engage the audience more, answer the questions on video.

    Another way to answer is to use a specific scene from a movie, series or song, for example, to simulate your reaction or answer depending on the question.

    9. Make satisfying videos

    This is content that is difficult to find someone who doesn't like it, after all, in addition to being satisfying, it also helps a lot to relax and calm down.

    The 22 best video ideas for Tik Tok

    Some video ideas for Tik Tok with this theme are cutting soap, making honeycomb videos, coloring some drawing, object and other similar materials. This type of content works so well that it is not only successful on Tik Tok, but also on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

    Your satisfying videos will not only be successful with the audience, but you can't help but have fun when it comes to producing the material. 

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    10. Cut fruit

    Believe it or not, cutting out fruits and vegetables can end up earning you some excellent number of views and followers. But we are not talking about peeling or cutting normally. You need to use your creativity to attract your audience with this material.

    The secret is to cut in a way that the fruit or vegetable draws or forms something interesting.

    For example, you can cut an apple in the shape of a diamond. What's more, this is one of those video ideas for Tik Tok that will not only be interesting and satisfying for your audience to watch, but also teach them how to cut a fruit or vegetable differently.  

    11. Make narrations

    Tik Tok has a function where the user can record videos and then add comments or narrations to it.

    This is a great way to explain some situation that happened and you filmed or even joked about funny cases that you captured on camera. The range of content you can produce with this style of video is quite extensive.

    If you are creative and know how to capture the right moments on camera, not only videos with funny comments can emerge, but also reflective content that serves to attract and retain other users on your profile. 

    12. Making videos at home 

    If you spend a lot of time at home or can't go out for some reason, it will be one of the best video ideas for Tik Tok to turn your routine into content.

    You can for example prank your family and friends, trend, challenge or record literally anything you do at home. This type of video can be a great way to appeal to your audience who are also “more homely” or who can't leave the house for a specific reason.

    In addition, you will be able to use your creativity for content production. 

    13. Doing scientific experiments

    If you know how to play some science stuff and perform some experiments, then put it on camera, because believe me, this is quite interesting content.

    The 22 best video ideas for Tik Tok

    What's more, you'll be able to hold your audience's attention, as you'll make the audience curious to know what will happen at the end of the experiment.

    It is worth noting that it does not have to be any complex experiment. You can do simpler things, with materials found at home or easily accessible and that the public of all ages can do, whether children, teenagers or adults.

    This type of video often generates thousands of views on Tik Tok.

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    14. Make reforms

    Make no mistake, the type of renovation we are talking about as one of the video ideas for Tik Tok is not just home or business renovations, but in the broadest sense of the word.

    If you are changing your hairstyle, changing your wardrobe, changing your makeup, or buying new furniture, this can also be considered a type of makeover. 

    One way to record this material is to start the video messy with homemade clothes, messy hair and the like. By using the platform's “beauty” filter, and preferably with background music, you make a transition where it appears tidy, that is, “reworked”.

    This type of video has been very successful on the platform, especially with the audience that works with fashion and makeup.

    15. Make decorations

    This is a way to record videos where you are decorating something. It can be painting a shirt, decorating some furniture, changing the wallpaper in the room, mounting a mosaic on a wall with photos or creating any other type of decoration.

    The public tends to find this type of video quite interesting and it can also serve to give content tips and how to make some decorations for your followers. 

    16. Make “collabs”

    This term is an abbreviation of the English word “Collaboration”, which means, in Portuguese, “Collaboration”. This type of video basically consists of recording a video together with other users in order to please the followers of both profiles, in addition to inviting them to follow your own profile. 

    The best thing is that the social network itself facilitates this type of video, because in addition to allowing the realization of lives with more than one person, it also has the duet tool, which allows the other person to record a video interacting with another publication of yours. .

    So just you and your guest combine a duet video type and record in separate places if you can't record together. This can definitely be one of the video ideas for Tik Tok that generate great results. 

    17. Make tutorials

    You may have already come across this type of video on Tik Tok and other social networks.

    Because it only allows for shorter videos, material shared on Tik Tok typically needs to be summarized, accelerated, or broken into parts. But it still yields good engagement and number of followers. 

    The 22 best video ideas for Tik Tok

    This type of video, as its name suggests, consists of explaining to followers how to do something: teaching a recipe, trick, tips for studying, recording some style of video, and so on.

    Videos usually don't have speech, just background music and the teaching process step-by-step with the accelerated video. 

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    18. Share exercise workouts

    This is one of the video ideas for Tik Tok that tend to attract a lot of people.

    Exercise content serves many things, such as teaching followers how to perform certain physical activities at home or at the gym, but it also serves as a form of inspiration to encourage the public to exercise.

    This type of content can work a lot if you usually have a physical activity routine. 

    19. Making videos in the kitchen

    You can post videos in the kitchen teaching recipes and giving cooking tips. You can also give healthy food suggestions and even teach ways to organize and clean your kitchen in the best possible way.

    However, these video templates are also very difficult to fit in the short time that Tik Tok has available. So you will probably have to speed up the videos or split them into parts. 

    20. Freeze frames

    With Tik Tok's freeze frame filter, this type of video has gone viral across the platform. You can pretend to be recording a video and suddenly freeze the frame, basically forming a photo in the middle of recording.

    What's more, you can freeze video background frames and continue recording over them, which is a very interesting filter not only to watch, but also to record, and which can yield very fun content.

    What's more, it can be one of the perfect Tik Tok video ideas to record with guests.

    21. Making videos of your daily life

    Videos about your daily life can bring you closer to your audience, making them identify with you. You can make edits about your day by doing some activity or just chatting with your followers. 

    You can also end up talking about a specific topic, share and celebrate your happiness when you have a good day, vent when you have a bad day, ask for opinions and the like.

    If you get creative, you can end up with tons of video ideas for Tik Tok that are just themed around your everyday life.

    22. Make lives

    Like most social networks, Tik Tok also offers the option to perform lives, either alone or with guests.

    The 22 best video ideas for Tik Tok

    You can do this periodically to show your followers that you care about them and enjoy their company, as well as promoting chats or other types of interactions. This is a way for your followers to get to know you better and become loyal members of your Tik Tok profile. 

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