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    The 18 best video ideas for YouTube

    The 18 best video ideas for YouTube

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 23, 2022 | Youtube |

    If you are a content creator for YouTube, it is normal that at some point you have experienced a creative block. So here we select some video ideas for youtube that can help you design content strategies.

    These solutions are applicable in all segments and niches, including those who are still starting or intend to start a career as social media on Google's platform or others.

    Video ideas for YouTube: tips for beginners

    YouTube is the biggest video platform. With more than a billion users, it dominates about a third of internet users worldwide.

    It also has the biggest search engine in the world, meaning producing videos for YouTube means boosting your SEO and increasing your engagement. Of course this is the desire of all social media.

    Choosing the channel theme is a very important point, as it will be the basis for starting to plan content strategies. Just in the Games segment, for example, there are several different formats such as gameplays, analyses, lists and several other content formats that will depend only on your creativity and audience you want to conquer.

    So the recommended thing would be to follow the line that you feel most comfortable with.

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    After deciding on the topic and the type of content related to it that you intend to cover, make a good presentation of the channel. Creating a description and creative cover photo that represent you and the face of your channel is a good way to get your audience's attention.

    Most videographers usually appear in their productions, involving a slightly greater exposure. There are also creators who opt for anonymity, choose a pseudonym and do not show their faces in their videos. This production style is known as "Canal Dark".

    This modality has been widely explored because it is easier to produce content, in addition to contributing to the increase in the frequency of videos.

    Video ideas for YouTube

    1. Recipe Videos

    Let's start our list by talking about a topic that everyone loves: food. It is very normal for people to look for recipes on the internet. If you have talent in the kitchen, it might be a great option to explore it by creating tutorials of some dishes and tips to help those who are still starting.

    Of course, there are several other formats related to cooking that can be explored. If you are a person who travels a lot, for example, it would be interesting to show typical dishes from certain regions of the country and the world, enjoy and also comment on the local culture and how it impacts gastronomy.

    That way, in addition to cooking lovers, you will diversify your audience and gain even more engagement.

    2. Travel Videos

    Taking advantage of what we talked about travel in the previous topic, let's expand this topic. Travel is a pretty broad idea too, as you can focus on many other aspects of a region. In general, everything is geared towards tourism: getting to know the place, a different culture, the quality of life of the inhabitants, among other things.

    You can also record videos about tips on places to spend your holidays, accommodation and activities that are very successful in the region, and also present tourist attractions commenting a little on the history and curiosities.

    Another interesting aspect would be the economy and quality of life of the place, which is very relevant information among digital nomads, people who work with the internet and live in different places from time to time.

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    3. Vlog

    The vlog is a video format that can be created regardless of the theme of your channel.

    This type of video gets its name because it is a blog in video format and works both in solo format, as an isolated video talking something about itself, as well as in the form of several videos in a row and divided into daily topics, popularly known as Daily Vlogs.

    These are videos where the creator appears showing a little about his routine and sometimes relating his personal and professional life. Channels focused on personal development usually make this type of content to be able to better connect with their audience, as they broadcast their experiences and comment on events of their day to day.

    4. Opinion Videos

    Opinion channels have become very popular in recent years, as it is a relatively easy format to do and is quite comprehensive. You can create opinion content on various topics, be it: cinema, games, subjects of great repercussion in the media, politics and among many other topics.

    While it does not require you to be a great expert in the field, it is important that you have some knowledge of the subject in order to share a well-founded opinion.

    The way you will approach the video is also essential, as it needs to be educational and not offensive, as there will be people who disagree with your point of view. Of course, not every topic is passive of mere opinion, and when it is, try to distinguish facts from personal opinion as best as possible so there is no risk of fake news.

    5. Reactions Videos

    As its name suggests, it is a type of content that consists of reacting to other videos, events and even movie clips and content never before seen by those who are making React.

    As you can imagine, it's a very simple format to do, but it requires a little wit on the part of the author to create interesting and funny comments and arouse the interest of your audience. There are channels focused on Reacts, such as the Reagindo channel, which currently has more than 480 subscribers.

    The 18 best video ideas for YouTube

    6. Product Review

    Buying products online is very common these days. But how can you be sure of the quality of the product you want to purchase? An interesting way is to search for review videos. In them the creator will explain the specifications of the product, do some tests and share his first impressions about it.

    This is a very popular video format among game and technology channels, as it is something that requires more care at the time of purchase.

    The review does not have to be just about products, you can also record service reviews and compare prices and benefits with others in the same field.

    For example, Disney's streaming service, Disney+, has recently arrived in our country. Naturally, many people will want to know if it is worth subscribing and what is the best thing about it compared to its competitors Netflix, Prime Video or GloboPlay.

    Review is a very popular and comprehensive type of content, just choose something that is being well-received, and of course, get to know the product or service you want to present.

    7. Unboxing videos

    Unboxing is very similar to a review, but in a much less technical way. Youtubers usually show their audience the "Received of the Week" that can be gifts from fans or even companies in order to promote their brand.

    It's also a pretty easy type of content to make, as it just records you opening the package the same way it arrived, showing you how it was packaged and, most importantly, what's inside. But make no mistake: despite the simplicity of this format, it is also successful and generates a lot of views.

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    8. Tutorial Videos

    Tutorial videos tend to be a little more work, because depending on the subject, it will need to be explained in a very detailed or simplified way so that people with less in-depth knowledge can understand.

    Like other topics on this list, tutorial video is a very comprehensive and sought after content format, as it ranges from the simplest everyday things to more complex subjects that can yield a series of videos, for example.

    9. Study Videos

    In addition to entertainment, the internet is also a good place to acquire knowledge. There are several study channels with tips for vestibular and complete and free video classes on YouTube. It is a video theme that can be explored in many ways. It will depend on your mastery of the subject and also your creativity.

    You can create a playlist with just tips on how to perform well in the Enem tests and better absorb the content. Due to the importance and difficulty of many in the exam, this type of video ends up being very requested.

    However, nothing prevents you from mixing knowledge and entertainment, as is the example of the Impérios AD channel, which addresses history themes in an animated format with humor.

    The 18 best video ideas for YouTube
    10. Trivia Videos

    Trivia videos are also great entertainment, but require some editing skills to be more dynamic and engaging. You can talk about celebrities and topics related to pop culture, or even deal with topics of general knowledge such as the environment and other topics of everyday life.

    If you are an expert in some area (a doctor or nutritionist, for example), you can make videos in the “myths and truths” format, demystifying some popularly accepted concepts and giving some tips. This type of content is usually 10 minutes long, on average, or a little longer if it is compiled.

    11. Game Videos

    Now let's talk about one of the very successful topics on the platform and with a great possibility of videos that can be created from it: electronic games. With an audience of all ages, games have a range of possibilities for quite diverse content.

    You can make analysis videos, lists with the best games, Gameplays and among others.

    In addition, with a little sense of humor and editing knowledge, you can also make montages of your Gameplays, which is the case with channels like Games EduUu and Player 94.

    With the growth of the mobile games market, several channels began to produce related content. In these cases, it's not just the Gameplays, but also emulator tutorials and tips on how to properly configure your setup.

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    12. List Videos

    Certainly, list videos are a format that the vast majority of people inexplicably love, which can be a good alternative to being able to move the channel in the absence of ideas. As mentioned earlier, you can create playlists with game content. But it's far from stopping there: the topic can be explored in several ways regardless of what your channel is about.

    For example, a movie channel can create an infinity of lists with varied themes such as “10 best movies in the Netflix catalog”, “7 best movies of 2022”, “5 best horror movies of all time” and among many others. .

    In addition to the possibility of exploring different topics, the list format can also be something about yourself telling about the best moments of your life, like a TOP 5 things you don't like (or the opposite), something very common in Vlogs. It may sound silly, but there are a lot of people who appreciate this type of content especially coming from influencers they like and admire.

    13. Lives

    Live streams, in addition to being great for increasing your channel's organic reach, can also be turned into evergreen content and made available in the channel's videos tab. It's also a way to directly interact with your followers and allow them to ask questions. Another idea is to create a live just to interact with the audience.

    In general, the content of the lives is something related to the channel, and it is highly recommended to cover events, video classes, Gameplay challenges, podcasts, among others.

    This will vary depending on your audience profile. The coverage of events like the Oscars, for example, is very successful among movie channels, and similarly, game events like E3 also generate a lot of engagement among video game enthusiasts.

    The 18 best video ideas for YouTube

    14. DIY – Do it Yourself

    Do it Yourself is an English term that means “Do it Yourself”, and as the name suggests, they are videos teaching people how to do something by themselves with their own hands. This style of content is very successful not only on YouTube, but also on other social networks.

    Overall, the videos teach basic and useful things in our daily lives, such as cooking, making and repairing furniture, creating decorations and even crafts.

    The videos don't need to be very long and don't require much editing, just that it's a clear explanation of what and how you're doing it. And depending on the content taught, it is important to pass on all safety information to avoid any type of accident.

    15. Podcast

    Podcast videos are very successful around the world and there are several channels focused exclusively on this format. It's similar to an interview, but in a more informal and relaxed way like a chat with friends.

    Presenters invite people known among the audience for a conversation, address issues that are in evidence and interact with their audience allowing them to send questions.

    One of the most famous channels to produce content of this type is the Flow Podcast. In addition to them, other channels started to introduce the format in a way related to the channel's theme, such as the Z-Cast of the Zangado game channel.

    16. Informational Content Videos

    It is very common nowadays for people to update themselves on the news of our country and the world through the internet. Even some major newspapers already have YouTube channels. Unlike opinion videos, informative content needs to be based on facts and approach the news as impartially as possible, otherwise it could damage your channel's credibility.

    This informational video format is most suitable for young journalists who want to develop their work independently.

    17. Parody Videos

    Parodies are a fun way to explore a hot topic and create funny versions of it. As a result, its content is very perennial, as it loses strength when the theme of parody goes out of fashion.

    Because it's a comic retelling of a hit hit, you need to compose a song based on the lyrics of the original song so that it's funny and your audience recognizes the reference.

    In addition to parodies, there are many ways to create humorous content on YouTube.

    A great example is the famous pranks. This style of content was actually inspired by auditorium programs such as Silvio Santos, which has been very successful in the past. However, it is necessary to be very careful with the tone of the jokes to avoid problems, as the reaction of those who are involuntarily participating may not be the best.

    18. Review Videos

    Reviews are a way of expressing your opinion about content such as a book or movie. It is very similar to opinion videos, but with more entertainment-oriented content, promoting a debate on important points highlighted in the product.

    Channels about cinema and literature make a lot of content in this format. The duration time will vary depending on the work that will be studied, so it is important to go deep so that your video has content rich in information, in addition to observing details often left out by other content creators.

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    We know how difficult it is sometimes to come up with good content ideas for YouTube. Certainly, one of the most important factors that can help you in these moments is to know your audience well and try to diversify the content according to your market niche.

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