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    Thank You Messages: where to find the most beautiful ones?

    Thank You Messages: where to find the most beautiful ones?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 20, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Having a feeling of gratitude in any area of ​​life makes everyday life more pleasurable and gives you more courage to face daily challenges.

    In addition, knowing how to say thank you gives a feeling of lightness not only for the person who thanks you.

    In this way, even if you have certain difficulties in expressing your gratitude, there are websites and applications with thank you messages ready that can inspire you and you can download and send.

    In this post, we are going to indicate websites and apps with thank you messages that you can use to send that dear person.

    At the end of the content, you will be able to check the benefits of being a grateful person.

    It is also worth mentioning that the list will be separated into two parts: the first with sites with messages of gratitude; and the second with apps that will help you be even more grateful.

    The best sites with thank you messages

    Who never received that cute good morning, birthday, gratitude message on WhatsApp?

    It may sound cliché, but it doesn't hurt to answer, right?

    If the person forwarded you this kind of message, it's because they like you in some way.

    Nothing fairer than giving reciprocity treatment.

    So, check out the best sites to view and download thank you messages.

    1. Thinker

    We opened the list with one of the most famous sites in our country when it comes to phrases and that is always worth mentioning at every possible opportunity due to its great quality.

    In Pensador, Internet users can see the most diverse messages.

    The site even has its own tab just for thanks.

    To improve navigation between pages, people can choose which type of thanks to use, as there is a separation of types of gratitude messages, such as: birthday thanks, for the boss, graduation, gratitude to God, for achievements, among others.

    It is also worth noting that the phrases are from famous and anonymous people.

    The site has the possibility for anyone to send their own phrases to the site.

    2. World of Messages

    The World of Messages is yet another great alternative for people who are looking for thank you messages.

    The cool thing about this site is that in addition to the ready-made phrases, in some cases the messages come with an image, which can be even nicer to send to your loved one.

    It is important to point out the good organization of the categories of phrases that this site has.

    In addition to its wide variety, it has beautiful phrases for all kinds of situations.

    Another aspect that is also worth attention is that the World of Messages also has some really cool videos, in case you want to send them to someone you like.

    In this way, you can copy the phrases, download the photos or share them on your social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest and even by email.

    3. Messages that touch the heart

    It is worth mentioning that this site does not have so much variety of categories of phrases and not a large number of messages.

    But this is not necessarily a bad thing.

    If you're the type of person who doesn't have much patience or even little time to spend looking for a nice message, you can visit Messages that touch the heart.

    Thus, you can search more succinctly, without having to go through thousands of alternative phrases.

    Here it is also possible to copy the phrases when downloading the images with backgrounds of animals, vegetation, landscapes, among others.

    And it's all just on one page, with no need to skip to the next.

    4. Message Magic

    With a beautiful and simple design, in Magic of Messages you can find dozens of phrases with thanks for the most varied situations.

    In addition, you can see birthday, friendship, love, dating and religious messages.

    Despite being a good alternative, a negative point is that messages can only be shared directly with Facebook and Pinterest, but nothing that harms your experience on the site.

    It's worth taking a look.

    5. Beautiful Messages

    To finish the list of this topic, the indicated site has a self-explanatory name, since it is possible to find beautiful messages, which anyone would love to receive.

    On the Belas Mensagem website, you can download the images with the phrases, copy and share on the social network.

    It is also worth mentioning the huge variety of sentence categories, which goes far beyond thanks.

    You will find messages for golden anniversary, weekend, travel, parties, passionate heart, love life, birthday and many others.

    See below mobile apps for you to have the best thank you messages.

    Apps for Thank You Messages

    The listed apps will be for Android phones.

    These are apps that are a kind of thank you journal. Did not understand?

    Calm! Everything will be explained throughout each of the applications.

    So, see the best apps to see and send thank you messages.

    1. Gratitude: Journal, Affirmations & Vision Board

    The list in this topic opens with the Gratitude: Journal, Affirmations & Vision Board app, which is only available in English.

    But don't worry: if you master the basics of this language, you'll be able to use this tool with ease.

    The application has the following features:

    1. Write positive messages and share with friends, family and acquaintances;
    2. Make a vision and goal board of your goals;
    3. Set reminders to write in your journal;
    4. Place background images;
    5. Configure the app to receive motivation messages throughout the day, among other features.

    It is worth mentioning that it is possible to put a lock with a numeric code password or use your fingerprint, if your device has this technology.

    The app can be used free of charge for seven days.

    After this period, you need to pay a plan if you want to continue using it.

    Subscription costs R$25,99 per month or R$154,99 annually.

    Thank You Messages: where to find the most beautiful ones? Photo: Disclosure / Pritesh Sankhe (

    2. Custom Journal – Question Journal, Gratitude

    Custom Journal is yet another journaling app that you can write thank you and motivation messages for others and even yourself.

    In the app, you will find questions that will make you focus your thoughts, which will help you face the challenges of everyday life.

    That way, you can create templates with journal questions any way you want.

    With the features of this app, you can do the following activities:

    • Make bookmarks for plans, reminders, to-do lists and thought organizers;
    • Provides users with speed and agility in navigating the app;
    • Create gratitude messages to reflect on throughout the day.

    It is still allowed to save reminders with images and share with others, backup using your system memory or Google Drive and use widgets.

    The app can be used offline.

    The application can be used for free. It is also possible to subscribe to a paid plan, which will free up even more features.

    The annual fee is R$29,13 or R$62,11, paying only once for the “Life Time” package.

    Thank You Messages: where to find the most beautiful ones?Photo: Publicity/Journal & Daily Diary App

    3. Presently: A Gratitude Journal

    Presently is the simplest app on the list, but don't take that as a negative.

    This means that it is very easy to use.

    With this app, you can write gratitude messages, make reminders for situations you are grateful for, read motivational phrases and set reminders to continue your gratitude activities.

    Remembering that this app is completely free, without ads, and has several themes, which makes the application's interface very beautiful.

    In addition, you can still share your messages with whoever you want and you can import and export your notes.

    Thank You Messages: where to find the most beautiful ones?Photo: Publicity/Presently

    4. 365 Gratitude Journal – Self-Care App

    This is yet another app that is only available in English, and you need to have knowledge of that foreign language to be able to understand 100% of the features of this app.

    So, according to the developers, 365 Gratitude is a gratitude journal that uses scientific basis in its features to offer users self-care.

    In this way, the app sends you personal gratitude reminders at certain times of the day, with stories that teach you lessons to help you with everyday tasks.

    In addition, another goal of the app is to increase your positivity, self-love, happiness, among other feelings.

    So 365 Gratitude defines itself as a happiness coach, which monitors your mood to try to help you focus on the crucial points in your life.

    The app can be used free of charge for seven days.

    After this period, you must purchase a package to continue using it.

    The monthly package costs $2,99 ​​and $34,99 per year.

    Thank You Messages: where to find the most beautiful ones?Photo: Disclosure/UofHappy, LLC

    5. Stickers of Gratitude

    And to finish this list, the application indicated is different from all the others mentioned, it is the Figurinhas de Gratidão.

    It is very light and very useful for people who like practicality, without having to look for messages, just send a sticker.

    This app offers users sticker packs for WhatsApp and Telegram with messages of faith and gratitude.

    So, even with short messages that are on the stickers, the person who receives it can be happy to know that you are grateful to them, which can change their day for the better.

    Therefore, the packages available in the app are as follows:

    • Gratitude breeds gratitude;
    • Gratitude for everything;
    • Gratitude every day;
    • Faith and Gratitude;
    • Gratitude changes everything;
    • Gratitude my God;
    • Gratitude Phrases;
    • Gratitude with Flowers.

    Thank You Messages: where to find the most beautiful ones?Photo: Publicity/Applications and Games

    It is important to be clear that being grateful to other people is essential. But never forget to be grateful to yourself and know how to value yourself.

    Now that you've seen how to get the most beautiful thank you messages, it's also important to know the benefits of carrying gratitude throughout your life.

    Check out why to be grateful below.

    Why be nice?

    The feeling of gratitude makes the individual feel good about himself.

    When a person realizes that there are thousands of reasons to be grateful not only in favorable situations, but also in unfavorable ones, self-esteem, willpower, persistence are high.

    In this way, when you are happy with yourself, happy for everything you have conquered, happy for having the strength to continue each of your battles, these accumulations of good feelings make your worldview improve.

    Gratitude creates positive feelings like joy, love and empathy, which can be a strong ally against all negative emotions like depression and anxiety.

    And you being happy, with thoughts loaded with gratitude, know that the people around you will also be happy to see you this way.

    Also, with a grateful heart, it is possible to help others.

    Of course, carrying this feeling of gratitude is a complicated task, even more so if the person faces terrible situations, such as abusive relationships, financial crisis, sadness, trauma, acute depression, anxiety and having the misfortune of meeting certain wrong people at some point in life. .

    But it is in this scenario of adversity that it is necessary to show gratitude, go to battle and emerge victorious.

    Remembering that you don't have to face all problems alone.

    You can seek professional help and also do tasks that can help you.

    So, a good way to face these struggles is to have a gratitude journal and practice positive tasks, as explained in this content.

    In this way, check out a summary of the benefits of being grateful in all moments of life, even in the most complicated ones:

    • Your happiness increases;
    • You develop your mental health more;
    • You make the most of your positive experiences;
    • You face the main challenges that life imposes on you;
    • Increases your resilience;
    • Increases your self-esteem;
    • Increases your empathy;
    • It strengthens relationships.

    Learn More: The Importance of Gratitude: 3 Reasons to Be Grateful

    With all that has been shown, we hope that some website or application indicated will help you in some way.

    In addition, may the feeling of gratitude increase in your life and also in all those around you, providing a better quality of life in your daily life.

    Remember: good things happen with positive thoughts.

    So, giving thanks needs to become a natural habit with positive thoughts so that good things happen more constantly.

    In this way, give thanks for life and opportunities.

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