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    Tattoo App – 9 Best to Simulate! (Updated)

    Using a tattoo app you can choose different designs, phrases, letters and even the best part of the body to get your tattoo! The different tattoo apps simulate a tattoo on a photo of you before you go to the needle and the tattoo becomes permanent, being of great value to avoid any regrets.

    To take your test, just choose one of the tattoo apps from the list below and have fun testing designs and locations for your newest doodle!


    • Inked: Tattoo My Photo
    • 3D Tattoo Design App
    • Tattoo My Photo 2.0
    • Tattoo You
    • Tattoo Me Camera
    • Photo Tattoo Simulator
    • Tattoodo – Find your next tattoo
    • tattoo maker


    This application is the most popular and used tattoo simulator today, with the possibility to choose from the numerous designs available in the application, or even upload your own image. The app makes the necessary 3D adjustments so you can see your future tattoo from all angles. Best of all, it's completely free!


    Inked: Tattoo My Photo

    Novo 05/08/2022

    Use this app even before you actually get a tattoo on your body. With this simulator you will know which design is best, the place that suits you best, etc.

    Inked: Tattoo My Photo is available for:

    3D Tattoo Design App

    Novo 05/08/2022

    This app has various types of tattoo designs for men and women such as: cool 3d tattoo design, best tribal photo editor and more. It's really worth a look!

    3D Tattoo Design App is available for:

    Tattoo My Photo 2.0

    Tattoo my photo 2.0 follows the same principles as the previous application, but still allows the user to create their own designs, or edit existing designs, simulating a virtual tattoo studio.


    Tattoo You

    Tatoo You also has options for editing tattoos for free, however, most of the designs available in the app are paid, which limits the possibilities of using the app a little.


    Tattoo Me Camera

    This is one of the few applications in the segment that is completely free, including all its tools, and allows the editing of images from the application itself or from the cell phone's photo gallery.


    Photo Tattoo Simulator

    This app allows the user to add, edit and create tattoos to be applied to selected photos in the gallery easily and quickly, allowing to save the result on the phone. It's great if you want to share the photo with your friends to ask their opinion about your future tattoo.


    Tattoodo – Find your next tattoo

    With this app you are sure to find your next tattoo! For those who are in doubt which design to choose, the application has thousands of designs as options for the user to find that tattoo that has their face. You can even test the chosen tattoo on a photo, check if it really suits you and how the final result would look.


    tattoo maker

    This application allows the user to choose from numerous ready-made designs available, edit the images found in the application or loaded from your gallery, or even create your own design from scratch, turning the user into a true virtual tattoo artist. It's a good app to develop creativity and for those who want to tattoo a more personalized and different design!


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