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    So it's Christmas!

      So it's Christmas!So it's Christmas!

      by Camila Porto | Dec 23, 2010 | Facebook | 8

      Christmas is full of clichés isn't it? The same Simone music, the same messages of peace, happiness, hope and of course, a basic Elf Yourself for the most geeks. As clichés are the most, I would like to use this space to do all this (except Simone's music, ok?) to thank all the people who accessed the .com/teúdo and that somehow contribute to keeping me motivated to produce more and more interesting articles (assuming they are interesting).

      After less than two months, my simple blog had almost 2 thousand visits. Although it seems little, every week more and more people get to know my work and this is very gratifying.

      So I would like to thank everyone for the strength, for the RTs, for the “Likes” and everything else. Every message of acknowledgment helps me to always want to go further. I wish you all a merry Christmas, many joys, achievements, a lot of study, wisdom, peace and that Twitter doesn't go down, Skype never goes offline for two days, Facebook stops making changes without warning and that Our Lady of Good Briefing bless us all!

      Ending with another cliché: “Seek knowledge” and a message from a very smart child:

      Merry Christmas everyone and thanks again!

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