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    Phrases for photo with friend: the 214 most perfect to use

    Phrases for photo with friend: the 214 most perfect to usePhrases for photo with friend: the 214 most perfect to use

    by Equipe AllYourVideogames | Jan 11, 2022 | Social Networks |

    If you're looking for the best phrases for photo with friend, you've come to the right place! Here, you will have several options to post a photo on social networks with your best friend, with that special caption.

    Showing your affection for a best friend, one who is like a sister friend, through words, can be one of the best ways to validate your feeling.

    So, check out some phrases below for you to use in your photos with your friend and feel free to copy or get inspired to make your own phrase.

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    Captions for photo with best friend: Short phrases

    “Life is better with true friends.” - Unknown author

    “A friend called me to help take care of his pain. I kept mine in my pocket…and went…” – Clarice Lispector

    "A friendship doesn't have to be perfect, but true." - Unknown author

    “Our friendship is a good and long story!” - Unknown author

    “All photos are special, but the ones we are together are the best ever!” - Unknown author

    “The best I could have.” - Unknown author

    "No one in this world takes your place." - Unknown author

    “How beautiful life is when you have special friends to share it with.” - Unknown author

    “Always her! In good times and bad.” - Unknown author

    “What we have lived together is indescribable, I will keep it forever in my fondest memories.” - Unknown author

    “Best friends never lose touch… It's like a bow when it's tied: hard to undo.” – Marta Felipe

    “Blessed are the friends who believe in your truth or point you to reality.” - Unknown author

    “Love is beautiful, friendship is even better.” - Unknown author

    "I'm here for you, whatever it is." - Unknown author

    “Photos and friends is the perfect combination for the end of a magical day!” - Unknown author

    “I always want you in my heart.” - Unknown author

    “I love being your friend and having you in my life.” - Unknown author

    “Separated in motherhood, but together for life.” - Unknown author

    “Forever, forever and beyond.” - Unknown author

    " Friend, I chose you to share all the good I have kept in me!" - Unknown author

    "Who said that to be a sister you have to be blood?" - Unknown author

    "The best of all! I want to always be close to you.” - Unknown author

    “Guaranteed tuning!” - Unknown author

    “I don't need quantity but quality. I love you, my best friend.” - Unknown author

    "I couldn't trade you for the world." - Unknown author

    “Everything changes but a true friendship!” - Unknown author

    “Things only a sister friend understands.” - Unknown author

    “More than friends, sisters together forever.” - Unknown author

    "Friend is the base when lack the floor." - Unknown author

    "I don't know what I did to have a best friend like you." - Unknown author

    "He who has friends doesn't need heroes." - Unknown author

    “It's friends that make life wonderful.” - Unknown author

    “She's my little box of secrets. She is my best friend!" - Unknown author

    “We will be together until the eternity of infinity.” - Unknown author

    “Without my friends, life wouldn't make any sense. " - Unknown author

    "I'm nothing without her by my side." - Unknown author

    “A friend at all times and at all times. You are everything." - Unknown author

    “It's friends that make life wonderful.” - Unknown author

    "My best laughs are with you." - Unknown author

    "No need to ask, I'm here for you!" - Unknown author

    “If one falls, both get hurt. This is friendship." - Unknown author

    “With you wherever, whenever, wherever.” - Unknown author

    “You are my person!” – Grey's Anatomy

    "You brighten my darkest days." - Unknown author

    “Sincere, perfect and forever friendship.” - Unknown author

    “A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.” - Unknown author

    “Our smiles light up like the sun.” - Unknown author

    “Always building moments of happiness.” - Unknown author

    “True friend doesn't let go in the face of difficulty” – Unknown Author

    "Whenever I'm with you, I'm happy." - Unknown author

    "Crying rivers and smiling seas is just for you, friend." - Unknown author

    “Luck of life: a friend for all hours.” - Unknown author

    “Individually we are drops, together an ocean.” - Unknown author

    “Years of friendship, a thousand stories shared.” - Unknown author

    “Best conversations, best hug, best friend.” - Unknown author

    “Having friends like you is one of the most precious things in life.” - Unknown author

    "It's so nice to know that you're a part of my life." - Unknown author

    “The ones I keep on the left side of my chest.” - Unknown author

    "How can I not smile when I'm by your side?" - Unknown author

    “Always building moments of happiness.” - Unknown author

    “Friends become our chosen family.” - Unknown author

    “From school to the world, true friendship.” - Unknown author

    “Friends from another life.” - Unknown author

    "I'm really grateful to have you." - Unknown author

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    "A real friend is not the one who says "go ahead", but the one who says "I'll go along". - Unknown author

    “It's so good to be around those who love us, to laugh and forget about our problems.” - Unknown author

    “Friendships that come out of nowhere end up being everything!” - Unknown author

    “You are my best version and I am yours.” - Unknown author

    “They are few, but there are still people who are worth it.” - Unknown author

    “That's the secret of true friendships: they steal a smile, but give you back two.” - Unknown author

    “Special friends are rare and sometimes take a while to come, but when they blossom in our lives, they make us forget all the lonely moments.” - Unknown author

    “Life was made for Best Friends and Happy Adventures!” - Unknown author

    "There's nothing I wouldn't do for those who are truly my friends." – Jane Austen
    “Our friendship is a good and long story.” - Unknown author

    “There are things in life that don't pass, there are moments that are not forgotten and people that are not replaced.” - Unknown author

    “The best friends are not the ones who are always close, but the ones who cry and laugh with you even when they are far away.” - Unknown author

    “Accomplices and eternal confidants, you and I will always be the best of friends.” - Unknown author

    “You brighten my darkest days!” - Unknown author

    “A sister friend is the one who is always by our side, in the best and worst moments of our life.” - Unknown author

    “For our friendship there is only one thing, the end.” - Unknown author

    “You are my ray of sunshine on a rainy day.” - Unknown author

    “There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends who become family.” - Unknown author

    “Our friendship is as wonderful as sunny days.” - Unknown author

    "If I can do for you what no one has ever done for me, I will." - Unknown author

    “The best thing in life is knowing that someone likes and rooting for my happiness.” - Unknown author

    “In life everything changes, but we will be best friends forever.” - Unknown author

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    "You are my best friend. If you die before me, ask for a double room in heaven, so we can share.” – Eliezer Alves da Costa

    “I would rather walk with a friend in the dark than alone in the light.” - Unknown author

    "May every day be sunny inside us!" - Unknown author

    “When we're together time runs faster and I just wish it would stop. " - Unknown author

    “When we have best friends by our side, we can only hope for the best in life.” - Unknown author

    “What does best friends mean? It means that if one falls, they both get hurt.” - Unknown author

    “If the world turns against you, it will be you and me against the world.” - Unknown author

    “Only those who have friends like mine can feel as happy as I do.” - Unknown author

    “Having a best friend sister is a way for God to take care of us with a special angel.” – NilzaB

    “It is not from today, nor from yesterday. It is forever and ever.” - Unknown author

    “I came to take care of you. Protect you, make you smile. understand you, listen to you.” - Unknown author

    “She is not the best friend in the world, she is my world for being my best friend!” - Unknown author

    “You know, it's nice to have someone to trust, to tell everything. Like a best friend, a sister… Like you!” - Unknown author

    "I'm not afraid to fall because you will always be there to support me." - Unknown author

    “The best I have! Having you around is always what I want.” - Unknown author

    “There is one thing that nothing and no one can erase: we are the best of friends.” - Unknown author

    “Even when I'm wrong, you're the first to defend me. Thanks for everything!" - Unknown author

    “Friendships come and go, but yours I know is forever.” - Unknown author

    “The good thing about life is when we find people who know how to make small moments become great moments.” - Unknown author

    “God made us best friends because he knew our mothers couldn't treat us like sisters.” - Unknown author

    “When we have best friends by our side, we can only hope for the best in life.” - Unknown author

    “With us whoever wants, against us whoever can.” - Unknown author

    “With you I collect the craziest, most beautiful and best memories. We have a lot of story to tell. Thank you for everything, friend.” – Mayara Benatti

    “To have the title of a true friend, it is necessary to be much more than a pleasant company, it is essential to have a compatible personality and to value loyalty above all.” - Unknown author

    “Nothing shakes us, nothing separates us! We are eternal friends and this affection is infinite.” - Unknown author

    "I don't have everything I want, but I want to have you forever." - Unknown author

    “Our friendship is strong as the waves of the sea.” - Unknown author

    “Friendship is a love that simply has no end or limits, for a friend we can go to the end of the world.” – NilzaB

    "Our friendship is as big as the universe, that's why God made it infinite." - Unknown author

    "Friendship isn't a big deal, it's a million little things." - Unknown author

    “Our friendship is strong as the waves of the sea.” - Unknown author

    “Better than having a friend like you, is knowing that our friendship is eternal and that I can count on her at all times.” - Unknown author

    “Our connection is something from another world, nobody understands. A friend like you is rare and I will take care of this friendship with affection” – Unknown Author

    "I don't need much to be happy, but I can't give up on your friendship." - Unknown author

    “Better conversations, better advice, better memories. All along with you, my best friend.” – Mayara Benatti

    “In addition to knowing all my crazy things, he lives them by my side.” - Unknown author

    “The best friends are not the ones who are always close, but the ones who cry and laugh with you even when they are far away.” - Unknown author

    "And if the world turns against you, I will do everything to defend you, always." - Unknown author

    “The biggest emotion in your life deserves to be lived with your best friends.” - Unknown author

    “Only those who walk with the crazy ones keep in their memory the good times, countless adventures and unforgettable madness.” - Unknown author

    “You are a friend for all hours. You're the one who showed me what true friendship was. You are the friend that completes me.” - Unknown author

    “We are soulmate friends and sisters united by mind and heart.” - Unknown author

    “Coming back with friends, the same way, it's shorter.” - Unknown author

    “The good thing about life is finding friends who make a small moment into great moments.” - Unknown author

    “Friendship exists because God knew that it alone would cure the pain of love.” - Unknown author

    “With you, the walk was much more fun and full of stories to tell.” - Unknown author

    “We were cultivating this friendship little by little. We had ups and downs, but everything served to strengthen us and create the strongest relationship in the world. I love you forever, friend.” - Unknown author

    “Sitting quietly next to a friend who is hurting can be the best gift we can give.” - Unknown author

    “You are my best friend, your joys are mine, but also your problems and sorrows are mine. Love you!" - Unknown author

    “A good friend is the one who cries together and then helps to dry the tears.” - Unknown author

    “Partnership is partnership, in any situation, anywhere, anytime.” - Unknown author

    "Friend, in the biggest madness and in the best moments you were there." - Unknown author

    “Like hot coffee in winter or juice in summer, you're the best of life all year round. I love you friend." - Unknown author

    “Absolute trust and lots of laughter: this is the secret of our friendship.” - Unknown author

    “I never imagined I would make it this far, but I knew you would be with me.” - Unknown author

    “Time passes, circumstances change and we all change, but a true friendship always remains the same, even in the face of all these scenarios.” - Unknown author

    “The best friends are not the ones who are always close, but the ones who cry and laugh with you even when they are far away.” - Unknown author

    “Of all the people in the world, I would never give up on you, sister friend.” - Unknown author

    “Life can take a thousand twists and turns and the world can even change color, but with true friends, friendship remains eternal.” - Unknown author

    “The world may be at war and by your side I only know peace and happiness.” - Unknown author

    “I would cross seas and fly through the sky to find you if one day this friendship went away.” - Unknown author

    “Sometimes being with your best friend is all the therapy you need!” - Unknown author

    “Our connection is something from another world, nobody understands.” - Unknown author

    “The years go by, the stories increase and we are always together.” - Unknown author

    “You are a friend for all hours. You're the one who showed me what true friendship was. You are the friend that completes me.” - Unknown author

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    funny friendship quotes

    “Friends are like bras – close to your heart and there to support you!” - Unknown author

    "One day we come to our senses, but that day doesn't have to be today." - Unknown author

    “We even have control of the situation, but we are out of battery.” - Unknown author

    "She is my best friend. You break her heart and I will break her face.” - Unknown author

    "You just can't do epic things with boring people." - Unknown author

    “Crazy friends: who doesn’t have to fix it fast, because everything is better with them around!” - Unknown author

    “They say 'don't try this at home'. So I went to my friend's house!” - Unknown author

    "She always embarrasses me, but I can't live without it." - Unknown author

    “The partnership is strong, the fun is crazy and the friendship is eternal.” - Unknown author

    "Best friends are like sisters who aren't forced to stay in the same house when they fight." - Unknown author

    “Real friends are our therapists who instead of paying us to listen to us, sometimes they even buy us a drink.” - Unknown author

    “My favorite pain is from laughing so hard with my best friend” – Unknown Author

    "Laughs are inevitable when I'm with you." - Unknown author

    "When we don't need to say anything because a simple look speaks for itself." - Unknown author

    “We are friends in this life because no mother would put up with us as sisters.” - Unknown author

    "What the eyes don't see, friends tell." - Unknown author

    "Remember, if we get caught, you're deaf and I don't speak Portuguese." - Unknown author

    "Without crazy friends, we wouldn't have crazy moments." - Unknown author

    "Far be it from me to be jealous, but I'm already warning you that she's just mine." - Unknown author

    "She doesn't dry my tears, she tells me to stop fretting." - Unknown author

    "You can't do too much bullshit with normal people." - Unknown author

    “We all have that one friend who never learned to whisper.” - Unknown author

    “If love between friends had that kind of money, we would have been billionaires many years ago.” - Unknown author

    “If you're funny, you're automatically 75% more likely to be friends. You know, a lot of things change and disappear, but sarcasm is forever.” - Unknown author

    “Good times + crazy friends = great memories.” - Unknown author

    “Partners in Crime and Sharers of Secrets.” - Unknown author

    "Miga, have a paracetaloka here!" - Unknown author

    "Laughs are inevitable when I'm with you." - Unknown author

    "That friend, who if she's not going to be the craziest at the party, she won't even go." - Unknown author

    “Finding friends with the same mental disorder: priceless!” - Unknown author

    “When these two come together, there are no stones left over stones.” - Unknown author

    “True friendship is posting the picture where you look good and I look bad.” - Unknown author

    “The one that makes me laugh at the most inappropriate moments.” - Unknown author

    “Friend, if life is made of photographs that are engraved in memory, ours will make a wonderful album.” - Unknown author

    “No one needs to like us. We like us.” - Unknown author

    Phrases for photo with sister friend: Songs

    "Not only do you know your crazy things, but live them with you." – Mc Pikeno and Minor

    “And you are someone who has always done me good.” – Mc Pikeno and Minor

    “An angel from heaven who brought you to me is the most beautiful, the perfect jewel, which I have to take care of, which I have to love.” – Maskavo

    “It was God who chose the best friend I could ever have.” – Rescue Angels

    “Happiness in the eyes of those who see our friendship, feel the respect, taste the truth, the union.” – Moleque way

    "Always remember that, even modest, my house will always be yours, friend." – Renato Teixeira

    "I'm the one who will listen to you when the world can't understand you." – Rescue Angels

    “I want to cry your cry, I want to smile your smile. Thanks for existing, friend.” – Moleque way

    “A friend is a treasure kept in the soul of someone who knows how to love.” - Chitãozinho and Xororó

    “It's giving without expecting anything in exchange for this union. It’s having someone to count on in indecision.” – Moleque way

    “Look around you, those who have friends are not alone.” – Melim

    “Your heart is an open-door house. Friend, you are the most certain of uncertain times.” - Roberto Carlos

    “If everyone were like you, how wonderful to live.” – Tom Jobim

    “To make life have another meaning, it is necessary to try to find and conquer a great friend.” – Elaine de Jesus

    “I always live in memory, it is part of my history. Nothing will separate us, friendship is everything.” – Moleque way

    “Friendship is the seed I water, the amulet I carry and it feeds my belief.” - Gabriel the thinker

    “I want to cry your cry, I want to smile your smile.” – Thiaguinho

    “True friendship we feel, I can stay three lives without bumping that we are friends forever” – Emicida

    “When the road ahead seems rough and you're miles and miles from your nice warm bed, just remember what your old friend said: Girl, you've got a friend in me.” -Randy Newman

    "And I just want to thank you for having you guys to accompany my crazy things, make me much safer of what I can be." – Ana Vilela

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    Phrases to be inspired

    On Pinterest, we also find several affectionate messages to post and dedicate to your best friend. See some of them:

    “Tem people who return people for people.”

    “Best friend is where I hide my secrets; she is a partner in laughter as well as in crying; she is the one who is allowed to piss me off; she is a piece of my life in person form.”

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