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    Netflix Party: how to watch series together with friends even from a distance

    Watching Netflix with friends, even from a distance, is possible thanks to the Netflix Party extension. Available for Google Chrome, the plugin allows you to synchronize participants' players, so that everyone can watch a movie or series at the same time.

    In the right corner of the screen, a chat is available, through which it is possible to chat via text. Even far from each other, they can comment at the time, about the best scenes or performances.

    explains how to use Netflix Party to watch Netflix with friends in real time. Also get to know the Rave app, an alternative for those who want to socialize while watching their favorite shows on Android or iOS.

    How to use Netflix Party

    1. Open Google Chrome and go to the Netflix Party extension page on the Chrome Web Store. click in Use in Chrome and, in the window that opens, confirm the download in Add extension;

    2. Now, access the Netflix website from Chrome. If you are not logged in, log into your account. Then open the movie or series you want to watch with your friends and play the video;

    3. Then, tap on the extension icon, a red NP next to the address bar. Then click the button Start the party;

    Netflix Party: how to watch series together with friends even from a distance

    • If you check the box Only I have control, will prevent other meeting participants from being able to control actions on the video, such as pausing, playing, fast forwarding, etc.

    4. A link will be generated. Copy and share with your friends with whom you want to watch Netflix together;

    • Note that, on the right side of the screen, a chat will appear, through which you can comment on the movie or episode;

    5. Upon opening the link, your friends need to log into their own Netflix accounts if they are not logged in. To access the room to which they were invited, they must also click on the Netflix Party icon, next to the address bar.

    Netflix Party: how to watch series together with friends even from a distance

    Ready, video control is now integrated. If one person pauses, the player will stop for all participants. If a chat member advances or rewinds the progress bar, the same will happen for all users in the room at the same time.

    On the right side of the screen, chat is available, where you can comment on the movie or series by text message. All in real time, while watching together, even from a distance.

    Netflix Party no Android ou iOS?

    Netflix Party is only available for Google Chrome and does not have a mobile version. However, those who want to watch videos and series and comment with friends via their cell phone can opt for the app Rave.

    Free and available for Android and iOS, the program allows you to participate in public or private sessions. The user can watch not only Netflix videos accompanied virtually, but also YouTube, Vimeo, among other services.

    As with Netflix Party, all users watch the movie or series at the same time, with the content synchronized. See how to create your own chat room.

    1. Download the Rave app for Android and iOS;

    2. Open the app and choose if you want to connect with your user data from Facebook, Twitter ou gmail. The service will search for your friends in the selected service;

    3. On the home page are the public chat rooms (called raves) that are currently active. In them, you can watch and comment on movies, series, clips and more with strangers. To create your own room, however, tap on the +, located at the bottom right of the screen;

    Netflix Party: how to watch series together with friends even from a distance

    4. Follow your body, you Netflix. You will have to login to your service account and, if you have different profiles, choose the one you want to enter;

    5. Open the series or movie you want to watch by tapping on its image. If it's a series, select the episode you want to watch with your friends. There, your own rave is created;

    6. Now it's time to decide who will participate. Just below the screen is the item Who can join this rave?. By default it is open to everyone. tap on Public to view the other options,

    Netflix Party: how to watch series together with friends even from a distance

    • You can choose to keep it public, leave it open to people nearby, allow friends only on social media, or invite only.

    7. If you choose By invitation only, a link will be generated that must be shared with whoever wants to call. There is no need to exit the app. Below, in the section Invite friends to watch with you! are shortcuts for messengers. Tap on the one you want to use and select friends;

    8. At the bottom of the screen is the chat, where you can send text and audio messages to comment on the episodes with the participants.

    Free alternatives to Netflix

    Those who do not subscribe to Netflix, but want to spend time watching movies and series online, have some free alternatives. Check out!


    Netflix Party: how to watch series together with friends even from a distance

    YouTube has a dozen series and documentaries of its own production, called YouTube Originals. Initially, this content was only shown to YouTube Premium subscribers.

    However, since September 2022, it has made some of these titles available for free to all users of the platform. The downside to paid version subscribers is that episodes or movies are released a little later. In other words, avoid spoilers.

    In addition, you have to deal with the usual interruptions from advertising. There is also the risk of not having all the chapters available without explanation from YouTube.

    To discover content available for free, visit the YouTube Originals page.


    Netflix Party: how to watch series together with friends even from a distance

    Tubi is a free video streaming service, which promises a catalog three times larger than that offered by Netflix. Its creators promise that they will never charge you anything.

    On the other hand, users have to watch some ads during the shows. Nothing that those who watch free-to-air TV are not used to.

    All content is legally available, provided by more than 200 platform partners. Don't go to the service expecting blockbusters and well-known titles. But go with an open mind to appreciate works and directors you don't know.

    • Tubes (free): Web | Android | iOS

    Old Movies

    Netflix Party: how to watch series together with friends even from a distance

    Fans of classic movies from the 1910s to 1960s will probably love this app. It gathers hundreds of titles for free and legally. And the best part: there is no need to register. Just download and explore the service.

    The application allows you to view movies by category or year of release or search by the name of the one you are looking for. The program actually works as an aggregator of links that are already available on YouTube.

    Therefore, the videos will not always have subtitles in Portuguese, which can be a good alternative to practice other languages.


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