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    Netflix Christmas Movie: The 21 Most Recommended

    Netflix Christmas Movie: The 21 Most Recommended

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 29, 2022 | News |

    The end of the year period puts virtually everyone in a Christmas mood. And to make your audience even happier, watching a Netflix Christmas movie is an excellent program, as the streaming platform makes more and more themed productions available in its catalog.

    The options are diverse, from series to movies. To make your life easier when choosing a Netflix Christmas movie to watch, we've separated some of the main productions available.

    You will find various Christmas movies and also some works that were released just for Christmas 2022.

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    Best Christmas Movies to Watch on Netflix

    For starters, let's list some more varied Netflix Christmas movie options for you to watch.

    Check out our list of 13 great options for the Christmas season:

    1. The Noel Family

    Netflix Christmas Movie: The 21 Most Recommended

    First on our list is the movie The Noel Family. Released in Christmas 2022, the Netflix Christmas movie follows the life of Jules, who hates the holiday season and the holiday season.

    Your grandfather ends up getting sick just at that time. Thus, Jules discovers the mysterious secrets surrounding his family and realizes that he is the only one who can save Christmas.

    O longa é estrelado por Jan Decleir, Bracha van Doesburgh, Josje Huisman, Pommelien Thijs e Mo Bakker no papel principal.

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    2. The Grinch

    The Grinch is a 2000s classic, pretty much a must-watch Netflix Christmas movie this time of year, especially for those who had their childhood at the time of release.

    Starring Jim Carrey, the film was nominated for an Oscar that year.

    The plot follows the life of the grumpy Grinch, who, due to his hatred for Christmas, does everything to spoil the season and the celebrations of the residents of the city of Wholand.

    As the 24th of December arrives, the Grinch begins to steal all items from the citizens that have any connection with Christmas, thus ensuring that the celebration does not take place.

    A little girl named Cindy Lou Who ends up befriending the Grinch, which could change her perception of Christmas.

    3. The Christmas Prince

    Released in early 2022, The Christmas Prince is a Netflix Christmas movie starring Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Sarah Douglas, Daniel Fathers, Theo Devaney and Tahirah Sharif.

    In the story, a reporter named Amber ends up going undercover as a tutor to get scoops to do a special feature on a playboy prince and his life. 

    During her investigations, she ends up living a great passion and getting involved in royal intrigues about royalty.

    Totally involved with the case and her passion, it's up to Amber to see if she can go through with her plan.

    4. A Christmas of Discoveries

    The plot of the Netflix Christmas movie called "A Christmas of Discoveries" has as its protagonist an ambitious doctor who ends up starting and living a great romance and discovers that the small town she lives in, which she has just moved to Alaska, has a big secret. for the Christmas season.

    The film starring Candace Cameron was released in 2022 and is a great choice for Christmas.

    5. Christmas Gift Mission

    Netflix Christmas Movie: The 21 Most Recommended

    A Netflix Christmas movie with a well-known cast released in 2022 is Mission Christmas Gift.

    Starring Kat Graham and Alexander Ludwig, the film has as its protagonist Erica Miller, who works as a parliamentary assistant and needs to travel to an air base located in the Pacific, at the behest of her boss.

    With that, she has to miss the Christmas she had promised to spend with her father, in search of a job promotion and also to avoid celebrations, after the loss of her mother.  

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    6. Cinderella's Christmas

    For romance/musical lovers, the best Netflix Christmas movie we can recommend is Cinderella's Christmas, released in 2022 and starring Gregg Sulkin, Laura Marano, Isabella Gomez and Lillian Doucet-Roche.

    The plot begins with Kat Decker, an aspiring singer.

    She has to deal with the fact that her career is stagnant due to her vain stepmother and her ego-inflated stepsisters. 

    When she least realizes it, she ends up taking a singing elf job during the Christmas break. In this job, she also meets Nick, who acts as Santa Claus in this same service, and thus ends up falling in love.

    7. Present Operation

    When we talk about Netflix Christmas movie, we can't leave comedy/children's animation off the list.

    One of our nominations is Operation Present, a 2022 film that has a strong voice cast. Starring in the feature, we have names like James McAvoy, Bill Nighy, Hugh Laurie and Jim Broadbent.

    The story starts from the premise that Santa Claus always delivers Christmas gifts to all the children in the world.

    On this particular Christmas in which the film takes place, a little girl runs the risk of running out of her gift. The film shows the journey of Arthur, the son of Santa Claus, who will try to deliver the little girl's gift as quickly as possible. 

    8. A Past of Present

    A Past of Present is a very interesting 2022 Netflix Christmas movie. The film tells how a sorceress ends up sending a medieval knight, named Cole, played by Josh Whitehouse, to present times, more specifically to Ohio. 

    During the holidays, Cole befriends Brooke, Vanessa Hudgens' character, who works as a smart science teacher.

    Brooke is also disillusioned with love, but that could change because of Cole.

    9. Rescue of the Heart

    Another Netflix Christmas movie released in 2022, the feature stars Kate, who has to deal with the fact that her marriage has suddenly ended.

    When trying to overcome the situation, she decides to take a trip to Africa and ends up finding her life purpose, and possibly a new love.

    The feature starring Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe addresses issues of self-knowledge and love during the Christmas season. 

    10. Christmas is in the Air

    Netflix Christmas Movie: The 21 Most Recommended

    In the journey of the 2022 Netflix Christmas movie “Christmas Is in the Air”, a loving father tries to reconnect with his children, and the story also seeks to show that the true joy of life is in those you have with you rather than what you have. you have. 

    To help Rush achieve his goal, his aunt and producer try to help him buy another station, with the main objective of cutting down on the Williams family's expenses.

    Starring Romany Malco, Darlene Love and Sonequa Martin-Green, the film is a great choice to watch as a family.

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    11. A Christmas Invention

    Forest Whitaker, Madalen Mills, Keegan-Michael Key, Ricky Martin and others star in A Christmas Invention, a Netflix Christmas movie that was released in 2022.

    The story follows Jeronicus Jangle, who works as a toy maker known for his amazing creations.

    One day, his closest helper ends up stealing one of his most precious creations, and now Jangle will need his granddaughter's help to awaken his magic.

    12. All the best for Christmas to come

    A national production could not be left out is Tudo Bem no Natal que Vem, a Netflix Christmas movie that was highly praised on its release at the end of the year 2022.

    Starring Leandro Hassum, the story follows Jorge, who hates Christmas more than anything.

    In one of the Christmas celebrations, he ends up having a serious accident and wakes up only a year later, not knowing what happened during that time.

    So every Christmas he wakes up with no memory of what happened in the space of a year that he doesn't remember.

    13. A Toast to Christmas

    Netflix Christmas Movie: The 21 Most Recommended

    Released in Christmas 2022 and starring Lauren Swickard, Josh Swickard and Ali Afshar, A Toast to Christmas is one of the top Netflix Christmas movie requests to watch.

    The film follows the life of a wealthy man whose carefree lifestyle is put at stake.

    So, he has to pretend to be a farmhand to convince a worker and farmer to sell his land to his family, before the Christmas season is over. 

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    Netflix Christmas Movie: New Releases 2022

    Now that we have seen more general Netflix Christmas movie options, we have separated for you some alternatives that will arrive on the streaming service for the 2022 celebrations.

    It is worth mentioning that some of these Christmas movies are already available, check out our indications below:

    14. A Surprise Match

    Netflix Christmas Movie: The 21 Most Recommended

    One of the most popular of this wave of Netflix Christmas movies that will be available for 2022, A Match Surprise was released on November 5, 2022 and stars the likes of Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O Yang, Harry Shum Jr and Darren Barnet. 

    The story shows Natalie, who finds the perfect match on a dating app and decides to cross the country to meet him and meet him in person, making a big surprise.

    However, not everything goes as Natalie planned, but there are still chances that this story will end with a happy ending. 

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    15. The Princess and the Commoner: Villains Love Too

    Featuring Vanessa Hudgens in three different roles, The Princess and the Commoner: Villains Love Too, is a Netflix Christmas movie that has been available on the streaming platform since November 18, 2022.

    This is the third film in Netflix's Christmas movie franchise of the same name, which all stars Hudgens.

    In this third feature, the story revolves around Queen Margareth's need to recover a valuable Christmas relic.

    So, along with Princess Stacy, they ask Fiona for help, but the lookalike of both shows up with a charming ex shoulder to solve the mystery.

    16. A Boy Called Christmas

    Based on the Christmas book of the same name, the Netflix Christmas movie “A Boy Named Christmas” will be available on the streaming platform on November 25, 2022, starring Maggie Smith, Isabella O'Sullivan, Joel Fry, Eden Lawrence and others.

    The story is carried out by a boy named Nikolas, who decides to find his father at any cost. Then go on an unforgettable adventure. His father is after the famous and legendary Goblin Village and Nikolas needs to follow the same path.

    Accompanied by Blitzen, a stubborn reindeer and his pet mouse, the boy sets out in search of his destiny. 

    17. The Sabiá Sabiazinha

    Coming to streaming on November 24, 2022, the Netflix Christmas movie called A Sabiá Sabiazinha is an animation that follows a little Sabiá, who, due to life's circumstances, was raised by a family of mice.

    Thus, she ends up not feeling part of the community. At Christmas time, she tries to discover who she really is in a beautiful message for the end of the year. 

    18. A Castle for Christmas

    Netflix Christmas Movie: The 21 Most Recommended

    The story of A Castle for Christmas follows the journey of a writer who travels to Scotland, seeking to escape a scandal she has gotten herself into.

    In this new place, she ends up falling in love with a castle. However, in order to have it, she has to deal with a rather surly duke, the owner of the place.

    This Netflix Christmas movie will be available on November 26, 2022 starring Danica McKellar, Rupert Penry-Jones, Ellie Botterill, Cristian Bota and a few other names.

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    19. A Crush for Christmas

    The story of A Crush for Christmas will show Peter, who convinces his best friend Nick to come home for the Christmas holidays, in addition to getting a fake date so he can try to keep the peace with his family, who keep asking. for him to have someone. 

    The Netflix Christmas movie stars Michael Urie, Luke MacFarlane, Kathy Najimy and Philemon Chambers, as well as other supporting cast members.

    The film will be available to watch on the platform on December 02, 2022.

    20. A Toast to Christmas: City Lights

    Direct continuation of the Netflix Christmas movie, A Toast to Christmas: City Lights has Lauren Swickard, Josh Swickard and Ali Afshar return to star in the feature, which can be watched from December 14, 2022.

    In the plot, we have Joseph and Callie, who fell in love last Christmas while working together on a farm.

    Now, they own their own dairy and wine business, both in and out of town. Dealing with business and family matters, Joseph must return to town for Christmas time.

    21. Everything But Christmas

    Last but not least as a Netflix Christmas movie nomination, we have the feature Everything But Christmas, which features Andrea Ros, Peter Vives, Fermí Reixach, Tamar Novas and Verónica Forqué in the main cast.

    The Spanish film is scheduled to premiere on streaming on December 24, 2022, right on Christmas Eve. 

    In the story, we follow a man in his early thirties who hates the Christmas season.

    However, just at that time, he ends up living a great Christmas tale, with the right even to romance. So he decides to give in and get carried away by the Christmas spirit.

    But how will this tale end?

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