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    Mother's Day: Where to find the best messages and phrases

    Mother's Day: Where to find the best messages and phrases

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 9, 2022 | News | 0

    Even with the Covid-19 pandemic plaguing all Brazilians, there's no way to ignore the arrival of Mother's Day, a date that deserves to be celebrated. After all, who doesn't want to honor one of the most important people in our lives, right? So this is definitely a date not to be ignored.

    Although many children are distant from their mothers and family members, they can still honor them by wishing them a happy Mother's Day, even though they are not physically present. One way to do this is through messages that show your feelings. With that in mind, we have separated the main sites for you to find phrases or text for Mother's Day and celebrate with her on this special date. See below:

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    The best Mother's Day messages and phrases

    World of Messages 

    Mother's Day: Where to find the best messages and phrases

    When it comes to the variety of messages, the World of Messages has a great base. You can find texts and phrases with themes of reflection, love, friendship, happiness, dating and many others. In addition, the site has its own category for Mother's Day. Want to access these phrases? Just click on the link:

    In addition to the phrases, you can also find images with some of these quotes, which can be used as a card. In this way, this becomes an excellent option for you who are distant from your mother and cannot congratulate her in person, so why not do it through social networks with these images? After all, a mother deserves it, right?


    Mother's Day: Where to find the best messages and phrases

    It is very likely that you have already accessed, at least once, the Pensador. The site has been available for a long time and on it you can find several types of messages, whether separated by categories such as phrases of love, beautiful, friendship, reflection and many others. Or even separated by authors, such as Clarice Lispector, Oscar Wilde, Carlos Drummond de Andrade and so on.

    Pensador, as well as the World of Messages, also has a specific category for Mother's Day, which can make your life a lot easier with phrases and texts that you can use to show your love. If you want to check it out, just access the website or click on the link: 


    Mother's Day: Where to find the best messages and phrases

    At you can find news about BBB, health, culture and many others, as well as being able to check your horoscope, information about fashion and beauty and tips for home. The site brings a little bit of everything, with news and tips that can improve and help your day-to-day a lot.

    In addition, Claudia also brought a somewhat different post for Mother's Day. At you can find some messages to send to your mother on this day and show that you will always be there for her. The messages can serve as a tribute on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Whatsapp, for example. Perfect for those who can't be close to the loved one.

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    Online Messaging

    Mother's Day: Where to find the best messages and phrases

    As with the sites mentioned above, Online Messages will also provide you with very well divided messages. In it you will find texts and phrases separated by categories such as messages of love, birthday, friendship and even good morning, in addition to several others. Highlights, most popular and latest available phrases are also available.

    Searching for Mother's Day, you will also find several options to honor your mother on the upcoming date. Along with the phrases and texts on the subject, you will have some images with quotes that you can send, if you wish. To check these specific options, just go to:

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     42 sentences

    Mother's Day: Where to find the best messages and phrases

    The 42 Frases website has several options of texts and phrases for different dates and situations, being very useful for you. Right on the first page, you will find an option to “See phrase of the day”, where the portal itself will choose something for you to read specifically for the day you will be accessing the site.

    In addition, as in the options mentioned above, there is a content division by themes and authors, which will make your search a lot easier. You can also find an article entitled “60 Mother's Day phrases for the most important woman in your life”.

    In this post, you will have several options of phrases to dedicate to your mother during her day. In addition, there will also be some images with phrases that you can use to send and honor your mother. To check the post, just access:

    When will Mother's Day be?

    Mother's Day occurs annually to celebrate and honor the mother figure of the family. In our country, the date is celebrated every 2nd Sunday of May, when you can deliver gifts, messages or choose some other way to honor the mother figure in your life. Remembering that, for many, a mother doesn't have to be just that person who gave birth to you, so who said you can't honor someone else who had the same maternal importance in your life?

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