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    Minecraft house building guide – 5 ideas for epic houses

    Minecraft house building guide – 5 ideas for epic houses

    If you don't have an eye for architecture or a good spatial awareness, building a Minecraft house that isn't just a cobblestone cube can be intimidating. Fortunately, the internet is full of Minecraft builders who should be considering a future in real-world building design. Here are five killer examples of ways to build houses in Minecraft that put form at the top of the list as function.

    Finding House Ideas

    Before getting into the five examples, it's important to understand where to find ideas. Of course, this all starts with a Google search. “Cool Minecraft House Ideas” isn't a bad way to start, but you'll get even better results if you have something more specific in mind.

    “Minecraft Modern House”, “Minecraft Cabin” and “Minecraft Treehouse” will provide a lot of ideas. Search for images of famous houses and buildings or well-known or unique architects and designers, and then search for articles or discussions about those buildings. This might lead you to look for cantilevered houses, A-shaped houses, Japanese castles or Swiss chalets, each offering their own unique ideas and suggestions.

    From there, it's up to you to decide how much guidance you want. A good YouTube tutorial can walk you through the block-by-block process. Using Google Image Search or Pinterest, meanwhile, will bring up image galleries that you can use as more general inspiration if you want to create something more personalized.

    example houses

    Get out of the ground with a tree house

    When I was a kid, my fantasies were simple: I wanted a tree house. Not just a wooden platform in the middle of a tree – that's very reasonable. No, it had trapdoors, ladders, rope bridges and more.

    A treehouse is a great option to build something fantastical enough to feel unique but still somewhat grounded. Since Minecraft procedurally generates its default trees, you might want to start by building the tree itself. A wood ax and scissors will help you get started; make Zelda's Great Deku tree, Norse world tree Yggdrasil, moon sequoia-style forest Return of the Jedi's Endor or – if you're nasty – make chicken leg house that witch from Russian mythology, Baba Yaga, resides in.

    Once you have the trees ready, you can start building. Build big, build vertically. Trapdoors and fences are great for rustic floors and rope bridges, and liberal use of steps and slabs will allow you to build a wide variety of shapes.

    Blend in with your environment

    If going far above the tree line doesn't seem appealing, you might want to blend in. Be careful though – if you get lost easily, your home can be hard to find!

    Instead of building, build down.

    This underground home, for example, is still stylish and well-lit, allowing it to feel homey and cozy, but it's easy to miss unless you're looking for it. It evokes hobbit holes and environmentally conscious houses that try to blend in and use their surroundings.

    cantilever? More like Can-iliver

    If you want to be more realistic, it's time to start making concrete or terracotta. These are some of the few solid Minecraft blocks that offer a wide range of colors depending on what paint you have on hand, and are great for building more modern looking structures. A cantilevered house is a great way to build something that looks magical and modern at the same time. Cantilevered structures feature a part that extends out of a hill, appearing to float in the air thanks to their structure. Of course, you don't need an engineering degree to build this because Minecraft, unlike reality, doesn't inflict gravity on most blocks.

    Determined and ambitious lifestyles

    If you want to be really big, there are countless floor plans to start with. A build like this can take weeks or months rather than hours and will require a variety of materials – even if you start early, it's not something you'll finish right away. At the same time, the end product can be surprising if you plan ahead and stick to that plan.

    Keeping it simple with an A-frame house

    However, you don't have to start with a 10, 50, or 100 hour build. You can make a beautiful place in just a few minutes that would make anyone in House Hunters cry with joy.

    This example in particular uses some of the more exotic materials found in places like Ocean Monuments and The End. However, you can use other materials like brick and wood and still get a great looking result.

    Make history with traditional designs

    Looking to the real world for inspiration is a great option, but figuring out how to make Minecraft's somewhat limited blocks do what you want can be difficult. That said, where there's a will, there's a way, and even the curved corners of a traditional Japanese castle are possible.

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